Top 50 Funniest Wrestling Signs of All Time

When you sit down in front of the television and settle in for a few hours of professional wrestling, it only takes a few seconds to scan over the crowd and realize that the majority of signs brought from home by paying fan are pretty terrible.

While most signs on taped shows act as a sea of colorful name tags for those at the show to race home and point out to their friends, sometimes you catch a glimpse of one of those signs and they genuinely make you chuckle.

Considering the tens of thousands of fans at each show, the hundreds of signs and the amount of WWE shows put on each year, you can really appreciate seeing a sign that gives you a wry smile before never caring about it again.

Then there are the signs that make it onto TV that become more of a highlight than the show itself.

While a lot of the creative signs put together by dedicated fans deserve to be applauded, the signs that can make you stop and laugh also deserve a whole lot of credit. Whether they are funny because the creator is witty or just plain idiotic is in the eye of the beholder.

After scouring the internet, here are history’s top 50 funniest wrestling signs.

49 Macaulay Culkin is my Homeboy 

48 Dankey Kang 

47 Chyna 

46 Chyna is Cartman's dad 

45 Pee Break 

44 Rest Hold 

43 Another Headlock, Randy? 

42 The Undertaker is Not a Homo

41 Double J Jeff Jobber 

40 Jobber Jobber Security 

39 RAW is Taped 

38 Belly Button Tatts 

37 Barry Windham Thinks he's a Hunk 

36 Punk Punches Puppies 

35 Shawn Michaels Can Die  

34 Who Wants Cake? 

33 Bret Hart Humps Cows 

32 Unleash the Furry 

31 Undertaker is a Necrophile 

30 It Burns When I Pee 

29 Weewee Cwappy Weswing 

28 My Mom Makes a Great Lasagna 

27 50 Shades of Cena 

26 Have You Seen This Person? 

25 Sir! 

24 Batista Likes Fishsticks

23 Bacon is my Passion

22 It Dose'nt Matter What My Sign Says 

21 My Dog is Peeing on the Floor 

20 Face F*** Me, Finn 

19 My Newborn Looks Like Brock 

18 Turn Heel Uou Douche 

17 Derp 

16 HHH Fears Turkey J***

15 Why is Your Hair so Wet?

14 Ro-Ro-Roman Reigns 

13 We Comin' for you, Ziggler 

12 I Juan't You Out 

11 T**** Master 

10 Roman is a Wank Pheasant 

9 Randy Orton Orange-o-metre 

8 Randy Kills Ovaries 


6 Welcome to Jurassic Park 

5 How Much Does This Guy Weigh? 

4 Face, Yay! Heel, Boo! 

3 Kim and Kanye's Naby 

2 Quit Adding Fake Crowd Noises to SmackDown 

1 If Cena Wins 

No sign has ever so accurately summed up WWE fans. If you frequent any type of WWE messaging boards or have even heard of social media, you're aware of the uproar created every time John Cena claims a victory. Why riot when you can write nasty things to your 49 Twitter followers?

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Top 50 Funniest Wrestling Signs of All Time