Top 50 Funniest Wrestling Signs of All Time

When you sit down in front of the television and settle in for a few hours of professional wrestling, it only takes a few seconds to scan over the crowd and realize that the majority of signs brought

When you sit down in front of the television and settle in for a few hours of professional wrestling, it only takes a few seconds to scan over the crowd and realize that the majority of signs brought from home by paying fan are pretty terrible.

While most signs on taped shows act as a sea of colorful name tags for those at the show to race home and point out to their friends, sometimes you catch a glimpse of one of those signs and they genuinely make you chuckle.

Considering the tens of thousands of fans at each show, the hundreds of signs and the amount of WWE shows put on each year, you can really appreciate seeing a sign that gives you a wry smile before never caring about it again.

Then there are the signs that make it onto TV that become more of a highlight than the show itself.

While a lot of the creative signs put together by dedicated fans deserve to be applauded, the signs that can make you stop and laugh also deserve a whole lot of credit. Whether they are funny because the creator is witty or just plain idiotic is in the eye of the beholder.

After scouring the internet, here are history’s top 50 funniest wrestling signs.

49 Macaulay Culkin is my Homeboy 

A confusing sign that has no relevance to wrestling or anything that is even remotely relevant, but okay! While we're discussing the star of such films as Home Alone, Home Alone 2 and... uhm... - could you imagine if today's Macaulay Culkin participated in a match ala Stephen Amell? Now that would be funny.

48 Dankey Kang 

It's generally pretty humorous when pop culture makes its way into wrestling and this is no exception. During an old episode of Jeopardy! A contestant was asked to name the video game character that was described, which was Sonic the Hedgehog, and answered with "Who is Dankey Kang?" Seeing this reference show up on WWE programming is beautiful.

47 Chyna 

Welcome to the Attitude Era at its worst. The sign isn't funny because it's particularly creative, more so because it managed to get on TV. Oh 90s openly sexist mindsets, we're glad you're gone, along with the vast majority of the 90s WWE roster.

46 Chyna is Cartman's dad 

At least this Chyna sign is funny, though it's still particularly cringe-worthy. In 1998, when sexism was alive and well and South Park was all the rage, this sign just about sums up that year.

45 Pee Break 

Fun fact, Seth Rollins once admitted in an interview that he needed to go to the bathroom so badly during a match that he relieved himself under the ring. The logistics of making it happen are difficult to comprehend, but Rollins is hardly shy when it comes to getting his junk out.

44 Rest Hold 

The fact this was caught on camera, let alone during WrestleMania, is pure gold. We all know what the competitors in the ring are doing when they pause to perform a long-winded and overly dramatic submission, but having it pointed out on a sign isn't generally what wrestlers want.

43 Another Headlock, Randy? 

Ahh, the perfect segue into this brilliant sign. Randy Orton is especially prone to rest holds and it was even more evident in his earlier days in the WWE. Whatever you'd gotta do to prolong a match before the predictable RKO finish.

42 The Undertaker is Not a Homo

Just in case you needed it confirmed, this delightful person decided to make sure we all know The Undertaker's sexual preference in a, let's say 'colorful', manner on a sign. Good to know, I suppose?

41 Double J Jeff Jobber 

There are mixed opinions on whether or not Jeff Jarrett was any good in the ring during his WWE days, but this fan made his opinion pretty clear. Jarrett did a pretty good job in WCW for someone who is supposedly a jobber, but Billy Kidman was also main eventing by the time the company closed its doors.

40 Jobber Jobber Security 

For when you're unable to wrestle full-time but you're buddies with the head honchos in WWE, you have J&J Security. For jobbers, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble probably dealt with more real injuries than anyone on the roster, Daniel Bryan aside.

39 RAW is Taped 

It doesn't have to be creative to be funny; it just has to be honest. During the Monday Night Wars, WCW boasted about its live telecasts while WWE's product was pre-recorded, resulting in this. Now just don’t mention that WWE being taped led to one of the biggest turning points in the war, when Mick Foley won the then WWF Championship.

38 Belly Button Tatts 

There are a whole lot of reasons to dislike Batista and one of them is that he tries to act like a badass with a belly button tattoo. Come on, guy. It's about as intimidating as interpretive dance during a bar fight.

37 Barry Windham Thinks he's a Hunk 

NWA was at its peak when wrestling wasn't particularly creative, so maybe this sign can be excused. On the other hand, it's hard to admit that reading this makes you cringe so hard you can't help but laugh. Dear god.

36 Punk Punches Puppies 

It doesn't make any sense and it's incredibly dumb, but it's also funny. Another reminder that allowing wrestling fans to freely express their thoughts on a sign can lead to extreme confusion.

35 Shawn Michaels Can Die  

What is most concerning about this sign is how adamant the guy is about Shawn Michaels dying. One exclamation mark would have been enough, but this guy clearly needed three to get the point across. Furthermore, how was this even allowed on TV?

34 Who Wants Cake? 

This sign is just about as silly as Kane being used as comic relief. Oh wait. Still, points for creativity, though not sure a cake made by a supposed psychopathic burns victim in a mask and tights is going to have many people queuing up.

33 Bret Hart Humps Cows 

Although the comment expressed on this sign has never been confirmed, he still gets points for going through the effort of creating it. It's stupid and makes no sense, but points nonetheless, and it still beats the many “Butt the Sh*tman Fart” signs over the years.

32 Unleash the Furry 

Although this isn't the first misspelled sign ever, it's damn funny considering the mistake. If you're unsure what a 'furry' is, do a quick Google search and come back. I'll wait. Yeah, it's weird. Makes you feel better about being a wrestling fan, doesn’t it?

31 Undertaker is a Necrophile 

If WWE programming during 2002 suggests anything, it's that Kane is the company's resident necrophile. If only this poor man knew what WWE television would dish up in the years to come. Stay innocent, young man.

30 It Burns When I Pee 

Visit any doctor and they will tell you, the one thing you should do when dealing with some kind of likely urinary tract issue is write it on a sign and go take it to a wrestling event. This man now lives a life that features a happy, peaceful and painless urination routine.

29 Weewee Cwappy Weswing 

While WCW fans were coming up with some creative anti-WWE signs, this is what the other side brought to the table. It's so bad it's funny, the kind of funny that you feel like you need to take a shower to wash off how bad you feel for finding it humorous.

28 My Mom Makes a Great Lasagna 

To add to the list of wonderful wrestling signs that have no relevance to wrestling signs, we bring you this. Minus points for making a statement without being willing to back it up. Good lasagnas are hard to come by.

27 50 Shades of Cena 

While the horrible excuse for toilet paper that was 50 Shades of Grey was unfortunately relevant, this creative fan took his own twist and poked fun at John Cena's frequently-changing ring gear. Hustle. Loyalty. Respect. Merchandise sales.

26 Have You Seen This Person? 

In case you've been living under a rock, CM Punk decided to walk out of WWE and is currently pursuing a career as a UFC fighter. To have his face plastered on a milk carton is pretty much a good summary of how things have played out thus far.

25 Sir! 

As the intellectual savior of the masses, Damien Sandow would cut some of the greatest promos in wrestling history solely due to the impressive wordplay. This sign acts as one of the greatest possible retorts in history. Kudos.

24 Batista Likes Fishsticks

This was taken straight from the 'Fishsticks' episode of South Park, where Kanye West is the only person that doesn't understand Jimmy's pun. If you can't figure out the joke, you're either slow or Kanye West. In this instance, the joke has been applied to Batista and it works.

23 Bacon is my Passion

Many millions of people around the world can relate to the sentiments on this sign. 10/10 for creating a sign people can relate to, even if it has nothing to do with wrestling.

22 It Dose'nt Matter What My Sign Says 

A witty play on one of The Rock's 400 catchphrases "It doesn't matter"; if you can't laugh at this then you're clearly a robot. Double points for the horrible spelling and grammar, which makes the sign even funnier and arguably more relevant.

21 My Dog is Peeing on the Floor 

When someone takes a sign to a wrestling show that has no relevance to wrestling in the slightest, it had better be either creative or funny. This guy clearly wasn't content with the boring old 'NAME' sign.

20 Face F*** Me, Finn 

Does this really need an explanation? All I can say is if Finn Balor managed to keep his concentration solely on his in-ring work, he is certainly more mentally strong-willed than the majority of the male wrestling fan population.

19 My Newborn Looks Like Brock 

As funny and somewhat cute as this sign is, here's hoping that the kid doesn't grow up to look like Brock Lesnar. Between the cauliflower ear and him looking like he could probably murder everyone in the arena, Brock isn't exactly the most handsome guy.

18 Turn Heel Uou Douche 

This is one of those signs that make you extremely glad that RAW is live. Echoing the sentiments of those who are fed up with Super Cena, this well-positioned sign tells it like it is. Cena, turn heel you douche.

17 Derp 

Let's not try to explain this one, just enjoy it for what it is. Anyone who can somehow mix professional wrestling with enjoyable memes deserves some sort of credit for their wittiness.

16 HHH Fears Turkey J***

Yeah, I don't know either. Outlandish statements from wrestling fans aren’t exactly uncommon, but this might just take the cake. 1999 was a weird time, let's just leave it at that.

16. I'm Glad

One of the many things WWE fans have to put up with is Michael Cole as the voice of the WWE's product, and it's pretty painful at times. This fan decided to express their joy at not having to hear the word "vintage" 14 times every match, and why not?

15 Why is Your Hair so Wet?

The age-old question we all think that someone finally had the guts to ask. It gets incredibly hot while performing at a quick tempo in the ring under the lights, but it looks pretty ridiculous when every guy with long hair walks to the ring completely doused in water.

14 Ro-Ro-Roman Reigns 

It's so beautiful because of how stupid it is and continues to get stupider the more you laugh at it. Oh WWE fans, never change.

13 We Comin' for you, Ziggler 

If you're unaware of the infamous Booker T promo that featured a hilarious slip-up featuring the n-word, let's not elaborate any more than that and focus on this thing of beauty. "An instant classic."

12 I Juan't You Out 

Who says Zeb Coulter can't be included? While Coulter and Jack Swagger were campaigning against illegal immigrants - because that's a wonderful idea for a gimmick - Coulter brought this sign to the ring. If you can't appreciate a good pun then your life is not worth living.

11 T**** Master 

It's stupid, but it's wonderful. At a house show during his run with the US Championship, Dean Ambrose was snapped with the words 'T**** Master' on his wrist tape and thus the meme was born. It's already pretty obvious that Ambrose isn't a normal guy even off camera and this just adds to the list of his weird antics. Surely that's not PG.

10 Roman is a Wank Pheasant 

Scholars have tried to decipher this code, but have continued to be unsuccessful to this day. You can understand the wank part as far as insults go, but pheasant? WWE fans are some strange and unique kind of weird.

9 Randy Orton Orange-o-metre 

It's funny because it's perfect. It's no secret that wrestlers are big fans of the fake tan, but Randy Orton seems to take it to a new level. You can always tell just how good of a show Randy is going to put on by how tanned he is, which is unnecessary but appreciated. Thanks, Mr Orton.

8 Randy Kills Ovaries 

It's true. If men had ovaries, he'd probably kill those as well. Even if he is ridiculously orange, Randy Orton provides some serious eye candy as added entertainment. Bonus points to Orton for breaking kayfabe and acknowledging the sign, too.


Of all of Jim Ross's quotes, surely "BAH GAWD" is up there as the most recognized, followed closed by "slobberknocker." Every wrestling fan that sees this sign instantly reads it in Ross's voice in their head; admit it, you did it as well.

6 Welcome to Jurassic Park 

While WWE was developing new talent and slowly gaining control of the Monday Night War, WCW continued to push the superstars of yesteryear, resulting in fans like this guy voicing their displeasure.

5 How Much Does This Guy Weigh? 

Although the highlight of the 1994 King of the Ring should have been Owen Hart's triumph, this zinger quote from Art Donovan as Yokozuna entered the arena stole the show. If you can get your hands on a copy of the event, watch it and laugh at how hilariously bad the commentary is.

4 Face, Yay! Heel, Boo! 

You can just tell two guys decided an hour before the show to walk into a store, buy two sheets of paper and a Sharpie and create something to hold up at the show. This works. This works well.

3 Kim and Kanye's Naby 

WARNING: What has been seen cannot been unseen. Some could even argue that Big E is more musically talented than Kanye West - even if he isn't able to clap rhythmically - so maybe it's not the worst thing in the world. After all, the kid could turn out like Kim Kardashian instead.

2 Quit Adding Fake Crowd Noises to SmackDown 

Although it hasn't been confirmed, it doesn't take a lot of investigation to notice the clearly fake-sounding cheers during episodes of SmackDown. WWE can't control how the crowd acts during RAW, so maybe it's a way of evening the ledger with its pre-taped product.

1 If Cena Wins 

No sign has ever so accurately summed up WWE fans. If you frequent any type of WWE messaging boards or have even heard of social media, you're aware of the uproar created every time John Cena claims a victory. Why riot when you can write nasty things to your 49 Twitter followers?

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Top 50 Funniest Wrestling Signs of All Time