14Terrible: Shawn Michaels and His Knights

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For the summer of 1993, Bret Hart had been in a feud with Jerry Lawler. The King played up the heel wonderfully as he attacked Bret and insulted his family. So it made sense that for the Survivor Series, Bret would get brothers Owen, Bruce and Keith to join him

fighting Lawler and three masked Knights. But a few weeks before the show, Lawler was arrested for charges of sex with a minor (they were later dropped) so Shawn Michaels was suddenly put into the role.

This sudden change marred the entire bout with the Knights (revealed since to be Jeff Gaylord, Barry Horowitz and, believe it or not, Greg Valentine) and Michaels not getting along well. It is ironic, given their later heat, for Michaels and Bret to be thrown against each other but that didn’t salvage the bout. Owen was the only Hart pinned to push his heel turn as Shawn decided to just walk out on his teammates and get counted out. Granted, a last minute substitution, but still a bad team with Michaels a rough fit with them.

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