Top 8 Current WWE Stars Who Look Younger Than They Are And 8 Who Look Older

Wrestling is a cruel industry that takes a toll on the workers’ bodies. In the past, more often than not, we used to see youngsters look well beyond their age, courtesy of the plethora of illegal drugs and painkillers that came with being a wrestler. However, with the industry being more transparent than it ever was thanks to the curiosity of the fans and unrest among the veterans, drugs’ prominence has become almost negligible. The talents, accordingly, look much healthier and younger these days.

With that being said, only lifestyle and heredity often decide how the talents look, and the following article discusses talents who hardly look their age. The writer lists male and female wrestlers under two different categories: superstars who look older than they actually are and those who look younger.

In some cases, it is simply the wrestler's looks that make him or her appear older or younger. In other cases, it's the gimmick. Additionally, wrestlers who have only recently debuted and yet have achieved so much appear older given all of their accolades, while those who have been around for awhile and achieved very little seem younger because of their lack of accolades. The following wrestlers belong to any one of those categories.

Warning: Many readers should feel that Chris Jericho should make the list for being so full of joy and enthusiasm for someone who is edging toward half a century in age. However, despite his attempts to look younger by wearing skinny jeans, scarves, bedazzled jackets, and sparkle crotch trunks, he has been unable to hide his age. Does Y2J know what happens when he tries to look younger? He does not make our list.

Additionally, The Ascension also narrowly fails to make the list despite being fairly green – at least on the main roster – and nearly 40 in age. For those who wonder, Konnor is 37 while Viktor is just one year younger than he is.

As always, if you disagree with the writer’s choices or reckon he has failed to include someone who should be on this list, feel free to drop a comment here or on any of the website’s social media accounts.

16 16. Older: Sasha Banks (24)


Sasha Banks has had quite a year despite allegedly earning the wrath of Vince McMahon, winning the WWE RAW Women’s Championship twice and main-eventing numerous shows. She also recently married Mikaze, real name Sarath Ton, who works as a costume designer at the McMahon Empire.

15 15. Younger: Dolph Ziggler (36)


With talents such as John Cena, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, and The Undertaker being the main-event attractions in SmackDown Live, Dolph Ziggler still looks an up-and-coming star, especially given how the WWE has booked him since June 2013.

Despite The Showoff claiming to be too damn good, he only finds himself in the Intercontinental Championship scene, which is often deemed tailor-made for younger talents. However, he is already 36 years old and has only a bit of WWE-level wrestling ahead of him.

14 14. Older: Seth Rollins (30)


While Ziggler’s position at the WWE makes him strike as a younger prospect, Seth- freaking-Rollins’ position definitely makes him look older than he really is. Earning a huge fan base merely based off his work on the independent circuit with his old ring name Tyler Black, he was already a five-year veteran, who boasted one Ring of Honor World Championship reign under his belt, when he signed for the McMahons.

Moving to the big leagues in 2010, he has enjoyed a stellar run with the McMahon Empire, holding the Tag Team Championship, United States Championship and World Heavyweight Championship, besides being the 2016 draft’s number one pick.

13 13. Younger: Carmella (29)


Carmella signed for WWE only three years ago without much professional wrestling experience under her belt. Initially appearing as Enzo and Cass’ hairdresser, she soon evolved into a full-fledged wrestler; much to her delight, she even made her main roster debut just two years after her first NXT appearance when she was drafted to SmackDown Live on July 19.

12 12. Older: Paige (24)


Having entered the wrestling business at a tender age of 13, she is already a veteran having wrestled for almost every prominent independent promotion in the whole of Europe. Her parents being promoters themselves helped her earn a breakthrough in her early teens, and she has never looked back.

Surprisingly, she is the youngest female wrestler in the main roster, although she has accomplished much more than most other talents. Thanks to her accolades and prominence, she comes across as someone who should at least be nearing thirties, but she celebrated her 24th birthday only four months ago.

11 11. Younger: R-Truth (45)


Here is an entry that is based only off the wrestler in question’s look. R-Truth is a 19-year veteran, who has won many titles, including the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Hardcore Championship and WWE United States Championship, among other titles. Accordingly, the fact that he is 45 years old should not surprise anyone.

10 10. Older: Baron Corbin (32)


The WWE announcers often try convincing their fans Baron Corbin is a young man while he is already older than Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Aged 32, he is, in fact, a retired footballer, who played for Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals before electing to pursue professional wrestling. The wear and tear of being embroiled in an array of sports for a long time has definitely taken a toll on his body, as he looks older than he actually is.

9 9. Younger: Sheamus (38)


With Sheamus making his main roster WWE debut only in 2009, it is easy to put him in the same age category as the likes of Jack Swagger and Zack Ryder, who made their breakthroughs around the same period. With the WWE Universe accusing the company of handing him a Himalayan push early into his WWE career, it is easy to guess his age incorrectly.

8 8. Older: Rusev (30)


Rusev has been in the wrestling business for only eight years, but only a few fans know he had tried his hand at power lifting and a few other sports before finally moving to the United States to become a professional wrestler. Rusev, despite being only 30 years old, already looks older, with his face shape, beard, and physique making him look older. To put things into context, he is younger than his spouse Lana, who is 31 years old.

7 7. Younger: Eva Marie (32)


Eva Marie has so far been a throwback to the Attitude Era female wrestlers, with her poor in-ring prowess overlooked, courtesy of her stunning looks. She is unrivaled as far as the award for the average wrestler at WWE is concerned, as she can hardly work a match without botching a move or two. It should amuse no one that she is so green that the SmackDown writers decided to invent a gimmick that capitalizes on her appalling wrestling skills.

6 6. Older: Bray Wyatt (29)


Bray Wyatt has been in the business only since 2009, although wrestling has always been in his blood, thanks to his grandfather and father being well-known wrestlers themselves. While many allege that WWE is under-using him – he has never held any strap so far – he seems willing to put in the work hoping to be handed what he rightfully deserves one day. Should he keep up his level of performance, he can even proceed to fill the shoes of Kane and The Undertaker, although it looks highly unlikely at this point.

5 5. Younger: Becky Lynch (29)


The fact that Becky Lynch won her first WWE title only in September 2016 makes her seem young, but she had been touring Japan and Europe before moving to North America and signing for WWE. She is already 29 years old and comes under a list of wrestlers who managed to set foot in a WWE ring only after the company changed its trajectory completely.

Her 30th birthday is only two months away, and while she will likely not enjoy as decorated a career as the Boss or Bayley may, she will have achieved what she might have hoped during her performances in front of a small crowd in the nooks and corners of North America. Still, her minimal achievements surely make her seem younger.

4 4. Older: Luke Gallows (32)


Luke Gallows has already played three gimmicks in the WWE so far, besides featuring in most major wrestling promotions, including Total Nonstop Action and New Japan Pro Wrestling, among others. If his experience inside the squared circle does not make him appear old, his receding hairline and his decision to go fully bald definitely do. However, he is only 32 years old and is younger than Darren Young, Curtis Axel, Titus O’Neil, and many others who are not only below him in the pecking order, but look younger.

3 3. Younger: Finn Balor (35)


Finn Balor is 35 years old. He is older than most other main event wrestlers are, with only the part-timers/main-eventers being older than he is. However, he has managed to keep his shape, as he remains one of the very few wrestlers to still boast a wrestler-esque physique. The fact that he has as many female fans as male fans bears testimony to his impressive looks.

2 2. Older: James Ellsworth (31)


The final older category entry is the Man with Two Hands himself, James Ellsworth. No matter what his detractors, including John Layfield, say, he has proven to be a role model for the WWE Universe as he demonstrated that people can live their dreams if they do things right.

1 1. Younger: TJ Perkins (32)


TJ Perkins, much like most of those who have made the younger category, is a seasoned veteran in the independent circuit, having wrestled for NJPW, ROH, TNA and Pro Wrestling Guerilla, among other prominent independent promotions. Given his experience, the fact that he is already 32 years old should not surprise anyone, but not many would guess his age correctly upon looking at him and most importantly, his ring attire.

Booked as a character who caters to kids and video game lovers, his visage also conceals his age superbly. The fact that his current rival, Brian Kendrick, who is only five years older than him, is branded as a veteran also makes him seem a youngster, but he is already older than many talents, including Rusev, Big E, Bo Dallas, and Big Cass.

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Top 8 Current WWE Stars Who Look Younger Than They Are And 8 Who Look Older