Every Top Male WWE Superstar: Who Are They Dating?

In the era of social media and the internet, the private lives of WWE superstars have never been more exposed to the spotlight. Today, it is not just the in-ring and storyline aspects of their character which fascinate fans, but what happens behind the curtain too.

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Finding love and holding down a relationship and a family can be difficult for performers who are on the road for most of the year. While some get around this by dating – or marrying – someone with the same lifestyle and having their relationship woven into their work, others keep their private lives more private. Here is a look at the love lives of WWE’s top male stars.

16 John Cena Is Dating Shay Shariatzadeh

The leader of the Cenation was married from 2009 to 2012 and was then involved in a very high-profile relationship with Nikki Bella, which culminated in him proposing to her in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemania. But the pair went their separate ways in 2018, one month before they were due to marry.

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Cena then kept his love life quiet for a while, but has now gone public with his relationship with Shay Shariatzadeh, who works for Avigilon in Vancouver.

15 AJ Styles Is Married To Wendy

The Phenomenal One has been married to Wendy since 2000 and the pair have three sons and a daughter together.

Styles’ family have made appearances on WWE TV. In 2018 Styles was seen in a backstage segment apologizing to his wife after losing his cool during the show. But for the most part, AJ keeps his family life away from his WWE character.

14 Roman Reigns Is Married To Galina Becker

Galina Becker is a fitness model and former collegiate athlete who has been married to the scion of the Anoa’I family since 2014. The pair met at the Georgia Institute of Technology while they were both studying there and got engaged in 2012. They have one daughter.

13 Seth Rollins Is Dating Becky Lynch

The WWE’s top male and female champions revealed their relationship earlier this year after reportedly keeping it quiet for a while. After Lynch hinted at the pairing during a Twitter exchange with Beth Phoenix, Rollins posted a picture of them kissing on Instagram.

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It remains to be seen whether the WWE looks to cash in on the pairing, but considering the number of backstage photos which have surfaced recently, we could be looking at the company’s new power couple.

12 Kofi Kingston Is Married To Kori Campfield

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston married Kori Campfield in 2010. The pair have two sons, one born in 2013 and one in 2016.

11 Brock Lesnar Is Married To Sable

Lesnar and Sable met in WWE in 2003, while Sable was still married to former husband Marc Mero. The two went public with their relationship in 2004, following Sable and Mero’s divorce and now have two sons. They were married in 2006.

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Since Sable left the company in 2004, she has stayed out of the spotlight and the couple have kept their private lives away from the public.

10 Samoa Joe Is Married To Jessica

Samoa Joe reportedly met his future wife Jessica while he was in TNA. The couple married in 2007. Like many top WWE stars, Joe works hard to keep his family life away from the cameras. Jessica does not appear at her husband’s side on WWE TV very often and they rarely appear on social media.

9 Randy Orton Is Married To Kimberley Kessler

Orton was originally married to Samantha Speno from 2007 to 2013, and the couple have one daughter. He married Kimberley Kessler in 2015 and they have a daughter together too.

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Orton was previously linked to former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly during her time with the company.

8 Undertaker Is Married To Michelle McCool

The Undertaker had been married twice before he wed former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool in 2010.

McCool left WWE the year after the pair were married after saying people’s attitude towards her changed once their relationship went public. She has been seen at Undertaker’s side since, and he greeted her in the crowd after his loss to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33.

7 Triple H Is Married To Stephanie McMahon

Easily the most famous couple in WWE, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been married since 2003 having begun dating during their scripted romance in 2000. Triple H had previously dated WWE star Chyna.

Triple H and Stephanie couple have three daughters and have been seen on-screen together multiple times, most recently as The Authority.

6 Kevin Owens Is Married To Karina

The man once known as Kevin Steen married Karina Elias in 2007. The couple have one son together, named Owen.

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He was the inspiration for the new ring name Owens took when he joined WWE.

5 Braun Strowman Is Dating Kamilla Kaine

The Monster Among Men is currently going out with former independent wrestler Kamilla Kaine. She has wrestled for independent companies including IWR, USWA, and AWE and was a PPW Diamond Division Starlight Title holder.

More recently, Kaine has been seen on the NWA circuit appearing alongside NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis as he defended his title against Cody Rhodes.

4 Shinsuke Nakamura Is Married To Harumi Maekawa

Shinsuke Nakamura has talked about how he moved his family to the US to join WWE. He met his future wife at Aoyama Gakuin University in around the year 2000 and they were married in 2007, while The King of Strong Style was out of action with an injury.

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The pair were married in Tokyo but, as is often the case with Japanese celebrities, Nakamura keeps his wife and his family out of the spotlight to preserve their peace and privacy.

3 The Miz Is Married To Maryse

Another of WWE’s high-profile couples, The Miz and Maryse met while working for the company and were engaged in 2013 before getting married in The Bahamas the next year. They have one child and are expecting another later this year.

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The duo have become a pop culture item in their own right too, with the success of Miz & Mrs, which debuted on USA network last year.

2 Daniel Bryan Is Married To Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan married Brie Bella in 2014 after dating for about three years. Bella stepped away from the ring after Bryan’ forced retirement through injury in 2016, to start a family. The pair have one daughter.

1 Finn Balor Is Dating Veronica Rodriguez

Finn Balor was previously linked to WWE’s Cathy Kelly, but he recently revealed he is dating Fox Sports host Veronica Rodriguez. During an interview which Rodriguez was conducting with Balor at the recent UEFA Champions League Final, the Irishman turned the tables on the host asking: “The question on everyone’s lips is, Finn Balor and Vero Rockstar (Rodriguez’s social media handle) are actually dating for a long time, is it true?” She confirmed it is.

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