Top WWE Diva Leaving Soon?

According to Dave Meltzer of, Brie Bella is expected to leave WWE in the near future. It is unknown what that exact date is, but Brie is expected to leave the company to pursue another job, as a mother.

“It has nothing to do with Daniel Bryan, in the sense that she had made that decision that she was leaving early this year or mid this year, there’s a certain date that she’s gone,” Meltzer said. “That date was decided before Bryan Danielson decided to retire.”

Brie has made it no secret on Total Divas that she's had baby fever for a while and has been anxious to start a family with Daniel Bryan. At 32 years old, it's a case where they'd have to start soon.

If this report is true, we wish Brie and Bryan the best of luck in starting their family. I'm sure there will be more 'Yes!' chants in the near future, but we won't be hearing them.

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Top WWE Diva Leaving Soon?