Topps Trading Cards Mistakenly Labels Xavier Woods As Kofi Kingston

On a recent Topps trading card Xavier Woods has been mislabeled as Kofi Kingston and he doesn't get why this keeps happening.

In modern day WWE tag teams are lucky if Vince McMahon keeps them together for more than a couple of years. The only team on the roster right now that can consider themselves pretty safe when it comes to a potential break up are The Usos and that's only because they're twins. Another team that currently seem to be immune from splitting though is The New Day.

It has been almost four years since Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods joined forces and they arguably look stronger than ever. The trio put on a number of terrific matches with the aforementioned Usos last year and their merchandise sales still look pretty strong too. Perhaps the three of them have finally worked out the formula to sticking together in WWE.

Or perhaps there's another reason. Maybe Mr McMahon actually does think that Kingston and Woods are related. While most fans don't have an issue telling the two WWE Superstars apart clearly the people at Topps aren't so sure. The trading card company released a multitude of cards for WWE and Woods recently managed to get his hands on one featuring himself, except it has the wrong name on it.

Woods tweeted a photo of the card which has a photo of him jumping from the turnbuckle. Pretty cool, except the name at the bottom reads Kofi Kingston. Woods wrote along with the photo 'Do I look like Kofi Kingston and I just don't see it? Do I need to get my eyes checked??'. It isn't the first time this has happened either. In 2015 WWE themselves mixed up the two Superstars in a Twitter post that has obviously been deleted since.


This may be a stretch but perhaps WWE could turn this into something more. If and when The New Day does eventually break up Woods could turn heel and make people mistaking him for Kingston part of the reason why he turned on him. He is almost certainly the most overlooked member of the three man team so it could simply be an addition to him inevitably making that claim too.

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