5 Wrestling Couples That Survived Total Divas (& 5 That Broke Up After Appearing On The Show)

The reality television series Total Divas created a new product where WWE fans watched the real-life relationships between wrestlers play out. WWE selected a handful of couples to follow at the start of the show with a few changes throughout the years. Total Divas has aired eight seasons on the E! Network with VOD on the WWE Network. The show received great success with a new demographic of fans that is valuable to WWE.

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Daniel Bryan has stated in interviews that he gets recognized for his appearances on Total Divas outside of just the WWE matches. The show looked at all these couples and how they navigated their relationships throughout the hectic lives of wrestlers. Not all relationships could survive the test of the Total Divas cameras following them. We will look at both sides, with five couples that stayed together through Total Divas along with five that broke up.

10 Together: Renee Young and Dean Ambrose

Renee Young joined the Total Divas cast a few seasons into the series. The relationship between Renee and Dean Ambrose became a strong part of the show. Fans tuned into episodes that revolved around them hanging out with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, among others.

Ambrose and Young were removed from the show after a couple of seasons. The show missed out on Renee’s story of transitioning into a broadcaster. It would be tricky to film them together now, after Ambrose left WWE for NJPW and AEW.

9 Broke up: Nikki Bella and John Cena

WWE re-hired the Bella Twins due to their real-life relationships having the potential to carry the first few seasons of Total Divas. It worked so well that E! Network even reached out to create the Total Bellas spin-off.

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Many fans of the reality series hoped to witness the wedding between Cena and Nikki after Cena proposed at WrestleMania 33. Unfortunately, it never came to pass, as the two broke up shortly after the engagement. Nikki is now dating dancer Artem Chigvintse after publicly confirming the romance.

8 Together: Lana and Rusev

Lana and Rusev were a couple on WWE television before their relationship became part of the Total Divas show. A few of the storylines on the show featured Lana having issues with fellow wrestlers Natalya and Carmella at different points.

The marriage between Rusev and Lana has seen their relationship become part of every WWE project they take part in. Despite the inconsistent use on WWE television and the addition of Total Divas cameras into their home, their bond is stronger than ever as a couple.

7 Broke up: Summer Rae and Fandango

It is unknown if Summer Rae and Fandango dated in real life, but there was a portrayal of an on-again-off-again relationship between them on Total Divas. Summer’s romantic life was part of her stories on the show with the reference to a fling with Fandango.

Both wrestlers worked together when Summer was the dance partner of Fandango for his entrances, along with general managerial work. Their relationship on-screen and off-screen would end during the era of Total Divas. The two struggled to find a relevant role on WWE television after they split.

6 Together: Natalya and Tyson Kidd

The relationship between Natalya and Tyson Kidd goes all the way back to their childhood days growing up in the Hart Dungeon. They naturally became close friends and eventually started dating while working together as an act in WWE.

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Kidd and Natalya would showcase their relationship on Total Divas from the start of the first season. There were storylines that teased their breaking up, but they remained married through it all. Kidd once again works with Natalya most weeks as a producer following his career-ending injury.

5 Broke up: Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy

Alexa Bliss joined the Total Divas cast last into the series after becoming a star on the main roster. The relationship between Bliss and then NXT talent Buddy Murphy was showcased on a few episodes. One memorable episode featured Nia Jax suggesting Bliss end the relationship.

Regardless of whether this was how she really felt or not, Jax’s wish came true when it was revealed the couple is no longer an item in 2019. Bliss is no longer on the series and Murphy is on the main roster with her, but the couple ended their relationship at some point after their season on Total Divas.

4 Together: Naomi and Jimmy Uso

The relationship between Naomi and Jimmy Uso was one of the most popular ones on Total Divas from the first to most recent seasons. They have worked together for many years now and their romance is quite endearing when portrayed on the reality show.

Total Divas looked at Naomi’s journey as a new stepmom trying to learn about her new responsibility after the two got married. Naomi is one of the few ladies that has not been involved in any of the wilder storylines on the show and it’s likely by design, due to her stable relationship with Jimmy.

3 Broke up: Paige and Alberto Del Rio

The short relationship between Paige and Alberto Del Rio was one of the most controversial ones in wrestling. Total Divas did not show most of the heavily-discussed moments, but there was an episode with Paige’s peers advising against the relationship with the older Del Rio.

Paige and Del Rio broke shortly before her return to WWE television following her injury recovery. There is a good chance fans would have disliked Del Rio more if Total Divas filmed them during Paige’s time away from WWE.

2 Together: Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

WWE invested in the relationship of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella being a fascinating one to help make Total Divas a success in the first season. It was the first time fans got a glimpse into their personal lives, due to Bryan's private nature before the series.

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Unlike the relationship between John Cena and Nikki Bella, Brie and Bryan’s episodes typically featured them enjoying less superficial things that often caused a clash between the two couples. Bryan and Brie lasted through the series and are still married today.

1 Broke up: Carmella and Big Cass

Carmella was one of the later additions to Total Divas after getting called up from NXT to the main roster. The relationship between Carmella and Big Cass was a part of the series for a few episodes when they were each new to the main roster.

Cass would eventually get released from WWE and Carmella did not remain on the Total Divas cast too long. Their relationship ended at some point after their episodes together. This wasn’t a romance meant to play out on reality television, and the time on camera may have played a role in the break up.

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