Triple Crown Champs: 15 Wrestlers Who Had Multiple Affairs

If someone is a professional athlete of any kind, fidelity isn’t exactly what is expected of them. In fact, it comes as more of a shock when athletes are faithful to their partners and spouses, painting a pretty bleak picture of what it can be like out while they’re on the road. Thanks to Tiger Woods, even golfers are now highly suspected of doing extra work on the side, putting them right up there with NBA players, NFL players, MLB players and NHL players. That isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

Wrestlers, however, spend even more time on the road than other athletes and can spend up to, or maybe even over, 300 days travelling and away from their families. That’s pretty much their entire lives while they’re on contract. They also don’t get an offseason. That’s huge chunk of time spent around temptation and a lot of time to revel in addictions. Some of which are sex.

Dating fellow wrestlers also doesn’t seem to remedy the situation very much, especially these days when the two could be part of the rosters for different brands. In cases like that, they would still only get to see each other for maybe two days a week. That leaves five days where Big Brother isn’t watching and they can get into any kind of trouble by themselves that they want. Some wrestlers have only gotten caught once, like Chris Jericho, but others have been at it a few times and probably shouldn’t be trusted in any other relationships.

People can change though, right? Only time will tell. Nikki Bella certainly hopes so. In this list, we will take a look at 15 wrestlers who had more than one affair.

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15 Bret Hart

via wmwrestling.com

The most infamous cheating rumour about him came from the mouth of Shawn Michaels, who accused him of being another notch on Sunny's very big bedpost. Surprisingly, he was one of the few who wasn't. That doesn't mean Hart wasn't a cheater. In fact, he was pretty serial when it came down to it. He revealed multiple, multiple affairs, while on the road, in his autobiography, along with a plethora of one-night stands. Hart said they were more than just one-night stands to him, regardless of the stigma attached to it.

He claimed to have valued each and every woman that he "spent time with" and he even referred to his escapades as an addiction to love. His wife didn’t enjoy Hart’s “love addiction” once she found out about it and called it quits, releasing The Hitman from his wedding vows. Ironically, his late brother Owen refused to do a racy affair storyline out of respect for his wife.

14 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan finally called it quits after 25 years of marriage when Linda broke down and filed for divorce. She cited abuse and affair after affair. Apparently endless, nameless women on the road for a quarter of a decade were OK, but their daughter Brooke's friend was where Linda drew the line. Or maybe Linda decided she wanted a young piece for herself, because she went on to date a 23-year-old before they eventually broke up.

Either way, Linda had to deal with Hogan having a king’s share of mistresses (even though Hogan tried to deny it) throughout their union and it got so bad, that Linda wouldn’t even touch her husband, according to the Hulk himself. The divorce was almost too much for Hogan, who apparently spent many a night with a gun in his hand, to handle. He overcame his post divorce demons and remarried in 2010.

13 Triple H

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It may just be a small blip on his radar now, but before he married the boss' daughter, Triple H was seriously involved with Chyna. They cohabitated and had been in a relationship for a few years. That all came to an abrupt and messy end when he got into Stephanie McMahon's bed while he was still with Chyna. The fallout was pretty chaotic, with Chyna calling them out for cheating and then receiving her pink slip soon after.

The two scandalous lovebirds got married and Stephanie popped a few kids out. All seemed well in the land of the Authority leaders until a certain Diva Search winner came along. Triple H seemed to have put his cheating ways behind him, or just got better at staying inconspicuous until the arrival of Christy Hemme. When her career came to a skidding halt after about a year after she debuted on the WWE, a popular theory was that Triple H was at it again and he and Hemme were too close for Stephanie's liking.

12 Ric Flair

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You don’t want to be driving slow around Ric Flair, that’s a given, but you probably don’t want to be married to him either. Unless you don’t mind a divorce and perhaps sizeable alimony payments. Flair has been around the block a time or two and maybe even the block adjacent to it. Especially when it comes to women and that probably wouldn't have been a problem if he wasn't married while he was exploring those two aforementioned blocks.

The Nature Boy has been married and divorced four times and infidelity was cited in more than one divorce. Oddly enough, or maybe not so odd given his affairs, each time he divorced, he remarried within the year. He did manage to maintain a 23-year marriage with his second wife Beth though. Despite his antics while on the road, it looks like Flair took his wrestling persona too far and lived the high and fast life outside of the ring as well.

11 Rocky Johnson

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Rocky Johnson, AKA the father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is also well-known for all of the affairs he had on his wife Ata Maivia while he was on the road. The worst of which was one that lasted for 25 years with Luan Crable. According to Crable, little Dwayne even called her up once and demanded that she stop seeing his father so that he could come back home.

It all came to a climax when The Rock was 15 and he had to pull his mother out of oncoming traffic on the I-65 after she willingly walked out there following an argument with his father. It goes without saying that The Rock and his father had a very troubled relationship, because Johnson was either on the road or off having affairs and didn’t seem to have much time to spend with his kids, but the two have patched things up now. As for Johnson and Ata, they called it quits in 2003. It's shocking that they lasted that long, all things considered.

10 Jake Roberts

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Jake The Snake Roberts could probably add “vice” to his name as well, because he’s had so many. Drugs, sex, booze, you name it, he had it. Roberts perpetually cheated on his wife, meaning a lot of women saw his snake, in between getting high and it was so bad that it severely fractured his relationship with his daughter, which is still in need of complete repair.

Roberts’ protégé, Diamond Dallas Page, hunted his former mentor down when he was at the brink of death and brought him back from the edge. Roberts says that if it wasn’t for Page and his yoga, he would probably be dead today.

9 John Cena

via comicbook.com

John Cena was no stranger to the female roster when he was married to Elizabeth Huberdeau from 2009-2012. While he was busted for his affair with Mickie James, he was apparently also with Maria and Victoria. So just to keep count, he was cheating on his wife with Mickie James, while cheating on his wife and James with Victoria and Maria. That's a lot to keep track of! And they're just the affairs we know about.

It's been rumoured that he had many, many more during his marriage. Other notable WWE Divas who had been thrown around as possible affairs are Kelly Kelly and AJ Lee. Some of the rumours came straight out of Huberdeau’s mouth, who claimed that Cena carried on with adult film star Kendra Lust for over a year during their marriage. Cena also admitted to once having a six-way with some of his female fans.

8 Mickie James

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Thanks to her ex, Kenny Dykstra, pretty much the whole world knows about the affair Mickie James had with John Cena while she was apparently engaged to Dykstra. Dykstra lashed out at the couple once he uncovered that James was being unfaithful and posted their infidelity on Twitter for the entire social media universe to see.

Although, if you dig deep enough, you would find that it was really the pot calling the kettle black. Before James was with Dykstra, she had been hooking up with Joey Mercury, but she dumped Mercury for Dykstra, who it's been rumoured that she was already seeing on the side. So, really, what comes around goes around.

7 Vince McMahon

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

Of course the self-proclaimed “genetic jackhammer” himself makes the list. Especially since he was once extremely open in an interview with Playboy and admitted to having several transgressions during his over 50-year marriage to wife Linda. That interview was all that was needed for the rumours of backstage affairs with the women of the WWE to become truth in the minds of most. It also didn’t help that McMahon had himself put into several affair storylines that showed how much of a dirty old man he could be.

It was proposed that some of those affairs (actually all of those affairs) were actually art imitating life and that the Divas were his real side pieces as well. Vince seems to have either cooled down in his old age, he turns 72 this year, or maybe he’s just gotten better at hiding them. Either way, Vince’s dirty laundry put a damper on Linda’s senate aspirations when she ran as a Republican in 2009 and 2012.

6 Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle is known for many things: his Olympic medals, his WWE championships, his fan favourite status, recently being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and his extra marital activities. The two most known affairs of Angle's are the ones he had with Jacqueline and Dawn Marie. The latter of which went on for at least a year. He and Jacqueline grew close during their time training in Memphis in the late 90s.

As for Marie, they hooked up from 2003-2004 and there was even a time where some people thought he fathered her son. A rumour that was swiftly shot down. Angle is currently on marriage number two. He and Giovanna were married back in 2012. Four years after his divorce from first wife Karen. He would also like to make a comeback to the WWE if he can pass one of their physicals.

5 Sunny

via wwe.com

Sunny would take the superfecta if this were a race. Luckily it isn’t, because she would probably be too worn out to compete after all that she was up to. While she was engaged to Chris Candido she was linked to several affairs with the likes of Shawn Michaels (probably the most famous of them all) while he was married, the British Bulldog (who happened to be married to Bret Hart's sister), Ahmed Johnson (there isn’t any solid evidence, but the urban legends are still kicking around so maybe there is some credence to them) and Vince McMahon. Just to name a few.

She was even accused of hooking up with Bret Hart, since the two were friends and she would often entertain his children when they were on the road with him, but both Sunny and Hart confirmed that there wasn’t any weight to the rumours and they really were just friends. It's hard to believe that she managed to have a wrestling career between all of them. These days, Sunny is trying her had at being an adult film star.

4 Sable

via talesfromtheturnbuckle.com

Before marrying Brock Lesnar, Sable was hitched to fellow wrestler Marc Mero for the better part of ten years. It's no secret that things weren't so great for them after Sable's career sky rocketed and she found herself to be on another plane altogether with Mero being on her back burner. Aside from engaging in an affair with Lesnar in 2003 when she was still married to Mero, she was also linked to Vince McMahon in the late 90s and the New Millennium after she made her comeback to the WWE.

According to Mero, he holds absolutely no animosity towards the Lesnars, but he doesn’t keep in touch with them either. He even said that he and Sable held hands when they walked into the courtroom to finalize their divorce. As for Brock and Sable, they are now living in Saskatchewan.

3 CM Punk

via hiddenremote.com

CM Punk was a bit of a player and has been romantically linked to pretty much every Diva and female wrestler who has crossed his path. A few of those relationships even overlapped and that's why Punk made this list. Back in his early days, Punk was dating Traci Brooks when she was with TNA. He also happened to be dating Daffney who is best known for her time in the WCW and being the on-screen love interest of Ric Flair’s son David.

Obviously that didn't end well when the two finally found out about each other, but Punk escaped unscathed. Fast forward several years and Punk would find himself in the middle of another love triangle between Lita, AJ Lee and himself. He and Lee started hooking up while he was still dating Lee's former idol Lita. We all know how that story ended: Punk and Lita called it quits and he and AJ Lee are currently married.

2 Melina

via sparxentertainment.com

Melina had been yo-yoing John Morrison throughout her time at the WWE . Not only was she dating him when she had an affair with Batista, but she also reportedly had an affair with Vince McMahon as well and those are just the ones who have been named. The latter of which was apparently to elevate her career, but as a result, Morrison’s career became collateral damage and die-hard fans of Morrison blame Melina for his failure to make an impact in the WWE.

Melina appears to have become the latest victim of online hacking and had some of her most personal pictures leaked on the internet. She joined the ranks of Paige, Maria, Kaitlyn and Victoria. Given Melina’s reputation, maybe the leak is a blessing in disguise for her since she has been out of action since 2011. Like the old saying goes, “ No publicity is bad publicity”.

1 Batista

via gbagam.com

Batista is a self-proclaimed sex addict and said that it is his preferred drug while out on the road, which is pretty much most of the year. Like CM Punk and John Cena, he has been rumoured to have slept with at least half of the female roster and carried on several affairs with them while he was married. His most infamous affair is the one he had with Melina, which proved to be the downfall of his marriage.

Melina claimed they weren’t having an affair, but Batista himself confirmed the rumours to be true. The two didn't last long after the divorce and Batista finally hit the market as a single man, but before that, he was also caught in Layla’s hotel room one night when The Miz and John Morrison decided to prank call her room while on the Tom Green Show and Batista picked up instead of Layla.

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