Triple H: 10 Rivalries We'd Like to See Him Renew

In his long and storied career, Triple H has accomplished everything there is to accomplish several times over. Along the way, he has worked with all the top names in the business, both as partners and enemies.

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Nowadays, with his focus firmly on NXT and NXT UK, he only gets in the ring a few times a year for big shows. While most of his contemporaries from the attitude era have retired or moved on, some of his most famous opponents are still around. It would be great to see him use one of his rare matches to reignite his best feuds, so these are 10 rivalries we’d like to see Triple H renew.

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Triple H has feuded with Shane McMahon as both a disgruntled wrestler fighting the establishment and as his brother in law who wants more power. Considering Hunter’s status, that first one isn’t going to work anymore.

Lately, Shane has been locked in a rivalry with Kevin Owens, as Shane becomes more and more drunk with power, inserting himself in matches, taking away opportunities from others. With things getting stale, we’d like to see Triple H show up as Owens back up and put Shane in his place. This might be the only way we get Shane off TV.


Obviously we know Mick can’t get in the ring, but the battles all of his personalities have had with Triple H over the years means we want to see their chemistry fire up the crowd one more time. It’s no secret WWE loves bringing back legends.

On social media, Mick is very vocal about his support for many of the company’s young superstars, so why not have him mentor someone who ends up at odds with Hunter, which leads the two to a confrontation.


Whenever Kurt and Hunter get in the ring together, it’s great. The last time we saw them wrestle, it was more about Ronda Rousey than the two of them, so it would be nice to see them get a chance to really bring their rivalry to a proper end.

Since WWE has no problem bringing people out of retirement for their big overseas shows, why not give us Kurt Angle vs Triple H one more time? If they give this a real build and use their history, this is a match fans could get really excited for.

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Yes, we know these two fought recently, but let’s be honest, that match was a throwaway. It wasn’t given any sort of story, and only had one promo. Randy and Triple H had one of the most brutal rivalries we’ve ever seen. It would be a shame not to use it while they’re both still able to have a good match.

If given time to take advantage of everything they’ve been through, perhaps even telling a slow burn story over a few months, we could get interested in seeing them clash one more time. Anything will be better than what we got last time.


It’s no secret that WWE doesn’t quite know what to do with Roman Reigns right now. If they’re not ready to put him in the title picture, then feuding with Triple H again will surely be better than getting squashed by Rowan and Harper.

The first time around, Roman was fighting against the system that kept trying to screw with him. They’ve used that story a lot lately, so they’ll need to come up with something new, but one thing is certain, the match will be entertaining. Though it’s a little off topic, perhaps Roman needs a tag team partner to help him with Rowan and Harper.


The Yes Movement started when Daniel Bryan was fighting Stephanie McMahon and Triple H to get a title opportunity. Defeating Hunter at WrestleMania was one of the many obstacles he had to overcome. Obviously, there’s a new Daniel Bryan now, so why not flip things and have Triple H be the good guy this time?

With no clear enemy at the moment, Bryan needs something to freshen up his gimmick. Why reinvent the wheel, when you already know what works? We know how amazing their in ring chemistry is, and the promos would be so fun, making this the most realistic option on this list.

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Everyday there’s a new casting notice about John Cena, so we don’t when he’ll be back in a WWE ring. However, when he comes back, we wouldn’t mind seeing he and Triple H battle again.

The more his star rises, the more valuable Cena’s WWE appearances are. While he has no problem putting over young stars, it seems like we should be getting the greatest hits at this point. We’d rather see him have a genuinely great match with an old rival, than an ok match for no stakes with a newcomer.


Lately, Seth and Hunter have been more like Luke and Obi-Wan, than Luke and Vader. Though something tells us those hurt feelings haven’t completely gone away. Since wrapping up his feud with Brock Lesnar, Rollins hasn’t had much serious competition.

Long before he was the Beastslayer, he was the Kingslayer. We can see a story where Triple H wants to get the one title he’s never held, and has to go through Seth to get it. With their full history as a backdrop, this could be an emotionally charged, personal rivalry, which are always the best ones.


Triple H has been making Vince’s life miserable for years. First in D-Generation X, then as Stephanie’s husband, and again in DX. We’re actually surprised they haven’t found a reason to feud in a while.

Fans love talking about how it’s time for Vince to retire and Hunter to take over, so why not just make that the story? What if Survivor Series became a triple threat match that included a team from NXT? If it’s billed as Triple H and NXT vs Vince and his guys, that helps multiple stars on every brand.

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Batman has the Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor and Triple H and The Rock have each other. Their wrestling careers paralleled one another, leading them to fight over nearly every possible title. They are without question, each other’s greatest rivals.

The Rock has made it clear he’d like to come back and have one last match. It’s obvious that match needs to be with Triple H. Not only would fans go crazy for it, it would draw all that mainstream attention WWE loves.

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