Triple H Is Proving He’s The Best Choice To Run WWE Creative

It's hard to imagine a WWE that doesn't have Vince McMahon at the head of it pulling all of the strings. Even though the chairman wasn't an on-air character for his company until the latter half of the 1990s, Mr. McMahon has been responsible for WWE's product for a lot longer. It was his idea to start WrestleMania all the way back in 1985 and has been the main reason that since he took over from his father WWE has become a globally recognized product. At the time of typing this however McMahon is 72 years old. Despite what he may have you believe, the genetic jackhammer can't go on forever.

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That begs the question, what will happen once Vince McMahon is no longer with us? That could mean him stepping down as chairman or perhaps worse. Well at this point it seems pretty obvious. Barring a huge swerve the owner's son-in-law Triple H will take the reigns. It almost feels like the boss has been testing him to see if The Game is capable and he has excelled with what he has been given so far. Triple H has built NXT up from nothing into a brand with content that rivals what we see on Raw and SmackDown Live. Now it seems that The Cerebral Assassin is getting even more responsibility as McMahon has tasked him with saving a failing 205 Live.

Apparently The Game has been in charge of the cruiserweight division for a few weeks now which explains why it has been getting better since the turn of the year. Superstars that trust The Game and his judgement such as Hideo Itami and Roderick Strong likely don't see becoming a cruiserweight as a career dead end any longer. Plus the 16 man tournament to name a new Cruiserweight Champion has generated new interest in 205 Live. When it was revealed that Triple H was calling the shots, the WWE Universe collectively realized why the show has become a lot more watchable as of late.

Triple H wasn't merely handed the reigns to 205 Live by Vince McMahon because he has nothing better to do. The 14 time World Champion has proved via his work with NXT that he knows what the fans want and also how to put a wrestling show together. Every big WWE PPV weekend starts with an NXT Takeover event and the Saturday night show is almost always better than the one that follows it. Matches such as Sami Zayn versus Shinsuke Nakamura, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne's match of the year, all the way up to the instant classic between Andrade Almas and Johnny Gargano. Yes it's the talent in the ring but it's The King of Kings who is putting them there.

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The Game has not only created what is effectively a WWE Superstar factory with the Performance Center, but he has also gone above and beyond to make sure wrestlers who established themselves elsewhere wind up with the company. Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Asuka, all of them and so many more were brought in with the help of Triple H. Safe to say that WWE from top to bottom would be a very different place right now if it wasn't for The Game and NXT. In fact there has been a former NXT Superstar in the main event of every WrestleMania for the past four years.

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It's easy to tell that Triple H's reach on the main roster goes beyond him just signing stars and preparing them for life under Vince McMahon. He may not be in front of the cameras and in the ring very much but you can rest assured he is backstage for Raw and SmackDown Live just as much as the boss is nowadays, if not even more so. Even before he married Stephanie McMahon it has been made abundantly clear by those close to him that he was always cut out to be a big deal behind the scenes. The Game has always been interested in the intricacies of how WWE runs and that attention to detail has prepared him for the role he has today.


Now it appears that bit by bit Triple H will begin to take more control of WWE. It started with NXT and now he has full control of the cruiserweights and 205 Live. With his father-in-law about to branch off into the world of football by relaunching the XFL it's highly likely that The Game will have more responsibility behind the scenes at WWE sooner rather than later. McMahon has claimed that the XFL will have no effect on his day-to-day running of WWE but that is easier said than done. Clearly the company he built into what it is today will be in good hands once Triple H is the man at the head of it all. If he can transfer what he has done with NXT onto everything else then the future is bright for WWE and its fans.

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