Triple H Burying Daniel Bryan?

My oh my, as much as WWE would seemingly LOVE for Roman Reigns to get over and for Daniel Bryan's burning popularity to fizzle out, it seems the Yes Movement cannot be stopped.

We all know Triple H has a reputation amongst the IWC for 'burying' people, warranted or not, and thus a series of memes has been created, implying that Triple H carries around a metaphorical shovel for said burying. Triple H has even played up to this notion on screen.

Daniel Bryan is not WWE's kind of top star, but that hasn't stopped him from earning the adulation of fans. Despite the fact that adding Daniel Bryan to the WrestleMania XXX main event clearly worked and saved the show, the WWE was once again hesitant to give him a top spot this year, with original plans seemingly calling for Bryan to be in a throwaway midcard match. Once again, it seems the fans have forced WWE's hand.

Triple H's (or Vince McMahon's) alleged shovel seems powerless against the bearded warrior.

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Triple H Burying Daniel Bryan?