Triple H Shares His Opinion On Cain Velasquez & Tyson Fury's Transition To WWE

Triple H has weighed in on MMA fighter Cain Velasquez and boxer Tyson Fury becoming involved with WWE.

Both of these personalities were part of rather surprising segments on FOX's SmackDown premiere earlier this month and they will both be competing at Crown Jewel on October 31, with Velasquez set to take on Brock Lesnar for the WWE title while Fury will go up against Braun Strowman at the Saudi Arabia event.

Speaking on the Not Sam Roberts Podcast recently, The Game described the moves as "great for boxing and MMA," adding that wrestling is the one sport that crosses every boundary.

“I also think it’s great for boxing and MMA. People forget that this is a global company, you talk about household names: Brock Lesnar, WWE Superstars are in many ways the biggest superstars athletically in sports out there because WWE kind of transcends language and nationalities,” he explained.

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“It’s kind of the one true sport that is everywhere so the aspect of this that crosses all those boundaries with Cain Velasquez, even in places where MMA is not necessarily as big or boxing is sort of everywhere, it’s that crossover that makes the appeal for everybody. It benefits us and benefits them. To me, it’s awesome to bring in this level of talent. Tyson Fury is one of the greatest boxers ever; Cain Velasquez, his career in MMA kind of represents itself well. There’s nothing you can say.”

Triple H claims that Velasquez has reinvented himself over the past year and has proven that he can do more than fight, while Fury has always been an entertainer.

“It’s a funny thing, as I spoke with Cain Velasquez about a year, year and a half ago he came down to the Performance Center and saw what we did and got in the ring," he revealed. "And obviously from an athlete’s standpoint he was there but it was a question of him as an entertainer, what can he do? But, he has sort of reinvented himself over the last year and has shown that he can do more than just be the fighter.

“Tyson Fury I think was born to be a sports entertainer who just ended up in boxing in a way because of his background. But if you look across boxing right now it is hard to find someone as entertaining, not only in promotions for fights, but actually in the fights. He is a consummate showman at all times. He is made for this and I can tell you just from the few times that I have seen him step into the ring already just doing what we do, it’s like a fish in the water. He is going to be awesome.”

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It's Great For Wrestling Too

It's great to see both these men getting set to do their thing in the ring, although some may harbor concerns about their Crown Jewel matches probably coming too soon.

Whatever the case is, it's quite an intriguing prospect and we can't wait to see how their respective performances turn out.

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