If you follow professional wrestling closely and if you know the Chris Jericho to New Japan story, you probably also know that there was concern that Jericho being a part of WrestleKingdom 12 meant the end of his WWE career. After all, WWE has not always been known to play well with others.

It was then learned that Jericho and Vince McMahon have a unique relationship and that Jericho had discussed his ideas of doing WrestleKingdom with Vince who was completely on board. Both sides agreed it was wonderful for Jericho and the business of wrestling in general. Since WWE had no current ideas for The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla, it wouldn’t hurt anything to have him out there working and generating buzz considering Jericho is and was known as a “WWE guy”.

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The question mark in all of this was, how would Triple H react? Clearly an important voice in the everyday operation of WWE business, there were rumors Triple H wasn’t terribly pleased with the decision. A recent interview with “The Game” might shed more detail on that topic.


During an interview with CBS Sports’ In This CornerTriple H was asked about the recent news that Jericho had gone to Japan to get in an altercation with his WrestleKingdom 12 opponent Kenny Omega and the videos went viral with many fans loving the drama. Triple H saw the video and agreed, it was an excellent moment for wrestling and everyone involved.

“I think it’s great. Good for Chris. It’s phenomenal. Good for Kenny, good for New Japan. We were aware. That was a conversation that was had. It’s great, it’s good for him. Chris is one of the greatest talents in the history of the business, so I think it’s great. Good product is good product. I’m happy for them, happy for Chris and happy for everybody.”

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As a fan, how do you take Triple H’s response? Is he being genuine? Is he really happy for Jericho and NJPW or is he saying that because he pretty much has to? Vince and Jericho have worked this out already and Triple H was allegedly not involved in the decision. It’s not good business to publicly go against the boss and second-guess his decision.

Hopefully, Triple H sees the value in what Jericho might bring back to WWE when he eventually returns.

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