Triple H's New Workout Partner Is Absolutely Adorable

Though he plays a badass on screen, Triple H is a softy at heart, and his latest workout video proves just that.

It's pretty evident that Triple H always squeezes in time to train, and apparently, that's a trait he has already passed down to his children.

There are a few people in pro wrestling right now who would be considered deserved nominees of the award for the busiest man in the business. Vince McMahon is likely still up there despite being in his 70s, Chris Jericho's workload is certainly not to be sniffed at, but as of right now the man who would probably take home that award is Triple H.

Triple H seemingly manages to do it all. He plays a big part in the day to day running of WWE's main roster, is the mastermind behind NXT and the brand still gets a large chunk of his time, plus he continues to fly around the world championing the brand, seeking out new talent and even still competing from time to time. All of that and just like his father in law, he still somehow finds the time to work out and stay in phenomenal shape.


Clearly, Vince McMahon's almost unmatched work ethic is one that he has instilled in The Cerebral Assassin and also his daughter Stephanie McMahon. Well, The Game already seems to be imparting that very same work ethic on to the next generation. Over the weekend Triple H posted one of his patented work out videos to Instagram. This one was a little different though as he had a unique work out partner alongside him.

The Game's work out partner for the evening was his own daughter, and it's a pretty adorable video. The two of them are doing squats together, Triple H with chains around his neck and his daughter without them, naturally. The King of Kings' trainer is informing the pair that they need to do ten squats and the pair pull it off with ease. Unsurprising considering the genes in play.


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have three daughters together and clearly, it seems highly likely that we will see them in WWE one day. They may be a little young right now but rest assured, there will be another generation of McMahons following the ones we currently see on screen. Between the aforementioned daughters and Shane McMahon's three sons, you'd have to imagine that at least one or two of them will want to follow in their illustrious family's footsteps.

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Triple H's New Workout Partner Is Absolutely Adorable