Watch Triple H's Hilarious Suicide Dive Attempt With The Shield

Triple H made a one-off appearance with The Shield but had second thoughts on a triple suicide dive.

It turns out, Triple H isn't a fan of doing suicide dives. WWE legend Triple H surprised many when he joined The Shield during a show in Glasgow this week. A number of Twitter users shared photos of the scene, which have gone viral on social media.

Unfortunately for The Cerebral Assassin, he may want to work on his team chemistry with The Shield. They may have won the match, but his suicide dive attempt didn't exactly work out.

You can't blame Helmsley for pulling away from that attempt. He is 48 years of age, has three children at home and obviously doesn't have the athleticism that younger guys like Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have. What's the point of putting his body on the line, anyway?


The main storyline here was how cool it was to see The Game unexpectedly unite with his long-term rivals. It was also great of him to suit up while Roman Reigns continues to be sidelined with the mumps virus.

Nobody should be surprised, however. Triple H's Twitter bio reads "Whether in the office or playing a bad guy on TV, I always do what’s #BestForBusiness." So joining The Shield on the WWE's stop in Glasgow may be deemed best for business here.


For those that may not remember, Triple H and The Authority feuded with The Shield in 2014. It led to The Game reuniting Evolution in hopes of taking down Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins once and for all. When that failed, Batista walked out of WWE while Rollins backstabbed his alliance to join the dark side.

The Game hasn't appeared on WWE television since losing to Rollins at WrestleMania 33. Triple H has been extremely busy building up the NXT division throughout the past year, which has prevented him from appearing on Raw more frequently.

But hey, we're just glad to see him at least "attempt" a suicide dive. He truly does what's best for business.


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Watch Triple H's Hilarious Suicide Dive Attempt With The Shield