Triple H Interested In Signing Kenny Omega?

New Japan Pro Wrestling star Kenny Omega is one of the many hot names rumored to be joining the WWE at some point. But unlike Kurt Angle and The Hardy Boyz, Triple H has given a clear-cut answer about whether or not WWE was interested.

Talking to ESPN (via WrestleZone), here is what Triple H had to say when questioned about the possibility of Omega coming to WWE:

"As far as a Kenny Omega goes, I’m just interested in talent, period...If they wanna come work for us and they’re very talented, then I’m interested in talking to them, and that’s across the board... so, yes, I’m interested."

The timing of these words couldn't come at a better time, with the Royal Rumble and road to WrestleMania coming right up. It appears to be only a matter of time until WWE lands another hot name to the roster.

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