WATCH: Triple H And Jinder Mahal Dance Together In India

WWE legend and current company executive Triple H ended up wrestling former WWE Heavyweight Champion Jinder Mahal during a WWE live event in Delhi, India this weekend.

The match finished with Triple H getting out of a Figure 4, but then Mahal ended up kicking out of a pedigree. Somehow Mahal ended up getting distracted by the crowd and that led to Triple H finally executing a pedigree, which led to a three-count for the win.

Mahal ended up losing to Triple H, but both wrestlers danced together in the ring afterwards along with the Singh Brothers.

Check out the video below.

Despite the loss to Triple H, Mahal says it was the best night of his life.

Mahal recently lost his title to AJ Styles back on November 7th, right before Survivor Series. You have to wonder if that’s why ticket sales for the WWE’s tour through India have been so disappointing.


You would think that more people would have been inclined to show up and watch Mahal if he was still the champ. But then again, the Indian market could be one that’s still growing and just isn’t where WWE hoped it would be by now.

I imagine that the fans weren’t happy to watch Mahal lose to Triple H in his native country, but did they really think he was going to be able to take down a legend?

The good news for Mahal though, is that he’ll have a chance to reclaim his title against Styles at Clash of Champions next Sunday. I’m not sure whether he’ll get his title back, but I think the match will end with a controversy.

Mahal made his first WWE debut in 2010 and then he left for the independent circuit in 2012. But after coming back in 2016, he quickly won his first championship. I’m sure there are many more to come.

Comment below and let us know whether you think Mahal will defeat Styles next Sunday night.

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