Triple H Says Kurt Angle's In-Ring Return Wasn't Planned

After being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year, Kurt Angle was named the new general manager of Raw - filling in for the "fired" Mick Foley. Thus far, Angle's return has been a major success. He has much better microphone skills than his predecessor, and even returned to the ring by helping The Shield defeat Team Miz at TLC.

Leading up to his return with the WWE, there were plenty of rumors of Angle returning - it just had to be the right time. Triple H recently did a conference call for NXT Takeover in Houston and discussed the events that brought Angle back into the WWE. Here's how it all went down (transcriptions via WrestleZone):

"It’s funny, we had just started a process where we were taking Kurt through the medical, making sure he was healthy and all of those things. Coincidentally, totally a coincidence, Kurt and I had those conversations that started that process and then all of a sudden there was this situation where there was a need and his results had just come in."


So with pure coincidence, Angle got his results back and was able to get back in the ring and do more than the GM role. Triple H added that he's "happy for Kurt" and said he would "absolutely" love to get in the ring with Angle again, provided "it's right for everybody."

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Angle left the WWE in 2006, needing to take time off to heal a series of injuries he had suffered. The Olympic gold medalist then went to Impact Wrestling - where he stayed until March of 2016.

But his return has been excellent thus far. Angle is set to lead Team Raw in their Survivor Series match against Team SmackDown this Sunday, and one has to believe he'll be competing once again at WrestleMania.

Thanks to pure luck and coincidence, Angle has had a memorable second tenure with the WWE - one we can only hope doesn't end any time soon.


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