Triple H Not Sure James Ellsworth Is A Man After Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Triple H was interviewed by Sky Sports in London this week, and one of the most prominent topics the two sides discussed had to do with the first-ever women's Money In The Bank ladder match, which saw James Ellsworth climb the ladder to grab the MITB briefcase for Carmella. Sky Sports inquired how Triple H felt about a man winning the first-ever women's MITB ladder match.

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Here are some of Triple H's words on the subject of Ellsworth winning the first-ever women's MITB ladder match:

"I wasn't there, but it doesn't seem right, although we are still trying to confirm that James Ellsworth is 100% a man. We are entertainment, but the thing that I don't want to get passed up in this situation is that the women are being given that opportunity just like the men, and that is what this is really about."

Although of course Hunter was scripting what he said on the matter for storyline purposes, it is not hard to imagine that Triple H was not very happy about the choice of finishing off a should-be revolutionary match in such disappointing fashion - especially considering Triple H has played a critical role in the "Women's Revolution" with all that he does down in NXT.

Nearly all the women that are now the focal points of RAW and SmackDown Live's Women's Division, such as Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Bayley and Alexa Bliss, all originated from NXT. Triple H was the man responsible for giving NXT's women the opportunity to make their matches in NXT regarded as more than just Diva segments, as well as helping change the overall perception of female athletes in the WWE.

To many fans, the ending of this match-up at the Money In The Bank PPV fell flat, and most believed it to be a typical WWE "cheap" finish which lowered the overall importance of the match. When it is all said and done, the first-ever women's MITB ladder match should have been a memorable and history making match that would go on to be remembered in Sports Entertainment history forever - instead, it was just another Women's Division match that was not executed very well and fell flat by most expectations.


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