Why Triple H Doesn't Want NXT To Be On Par With Raw And SmackDown

Triple H, along with other WWE executives have done an amazing job when it comes to developing NXT Wrestling, their developmental brand that helps feed both Raw and SmackDown new talent.

Things are going so well, that USA Network is airing a one hour long NXT show on their network.

Airing NXT one night a week for one hour on cable television sounds like a no-brainer to me. The product is entertaining enough and there are enough wrestling fans who will tune in to get their fix for a third straight night after watching Raw on Monday and SmackDown on Tuesday.


During an interview with CBS Sports' This Corner Podcast, Triple H was asked if NXT can be on the same level as both Raw and SmackDown.

"It can be; at this point I don't know," he said." "What I do know is it was a hell of an opportunity. If you look at NXT over the last few years, it has grown into something where NBCUniversal - USA [Network], the No. 1 cable channel in America - came to us and said we would like to take an hour of primetime and give to NXT. That's awesome.

"To me, that says a lot about the brand, where it's at, and the value of it. I'm really excited about that. We put together a hell of a show and hopefully it will be a lot of people because not everyone has been exposed to it."

It would be great if NXT could be on the same level as both Raw and SmackDown, but I think that's unrealistic given the fact that it's purpose is to develop wrestlers and it sounds like Triple H understands that.

"In some ways it will always be some kind of developmental because you are always going to have new talent trying to learn their craft in that brand," Levesque said. "But over time, it will become what I think it is now - an alternative, a third brand. This is just another step forward in that."

Another thing that Triple H mentioned was how NXT has helped the women's revolution evolve on both Raw and SmackDown, which of course has been great for the sport.

Triple H also said that not every wrestler that signs a contract with NXT is good enough to make it onto either of the two main rosters within WWE. And he's right, that's why it's a developmental brand. It's a way to weed out the best from the rest and it serves it's purpose.


Triple H admits that it's been addicting for him to help wrestlers discover their greatness. He says that he now has WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels addicted as well, now that he's working as a NXT trainer.

While Triple H is a legend when it comes to his own wrestling career, he's done a heck of a job developing the NXT Wrestling brand into what it is today.

Feel free to comment below and tell us whether or not you would watch one hour of NXT Wrestling on a Wednesday nights. Also do you think the brand will ever be on par with Raw and SmackDown?

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