Triple H Credits NXT Star For Saving Andrade Almas' Floundering Career

Triple H recently discussed how and why Andrade Almas has undergone such a dramatic and successful transformation over the past few months.

Very few NXT Superstars are afforded the opportunity to hold the developmental brand's top championship. Up until this moment, only 12 different Superstars have been NXT Champion. While performers like Seth Rollins and Finn Balor have been afforded that honor, the likes of Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt never had the chance to hold that gold.

The latest title change may feel like a bit of an odd one considering who previous champions have been, however. At the last NXT TakeOver, Andrade Alams managed to topple Drew McIntyre and win the championship. Up until recently, Almas's NXT run was a little lackluster, but that has all changed in the past few months.

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Triple H recently sat down with NBC Sports to talk all things NXT and one of the hot topics of conversation was Andrade's transformation. The Game believes that the addition of Zelina Vega to Almas's arsenal is what has brought him up to that next level. "With the way we presented it, she came in, gave him the confidence and put him back on track. It all led him to changing who he is as a performer," Triple H told NBC.

Interestingly, Triple H's explanation for Almas' poor start in NXT revolved around new signings often being taken aback when they arrive at Full Sail. "People talk about other promotions around the globe, but I haven't seen anyone who doesn't come in the door that doesn't feel a difference when they walk in," he explained. The Cerebral Assassin said that he saw the same thing happen with Ember Moon and Hideo Itami, established performers that had to adjust and get used to NXT's way of doing things.


Vince McMahon should really take a page out of Triple H's book when it comes to his booking of Andrade Almas. The Game explained that in order for Almas to turn his fortunes around they needed to give him a logical reason for that to happen. That reason was Zelina Vega making him more focused. If McMahon had done something like that with Jinder Mahal rather than just have him go from enhancement talent to WWE Champion for no reason then maybe fans wouldn't have been so against his recent run.

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