Triple H Declares NXT's Doors Will Be Wide Open This Wednesday

Triple H brought his NXT contingent to Raw yet again this week and as a brawl ensued at ringside, the COO issued an open invitation to both rosters this Wednesday.

After a few weeks of build, Survivor Series is almost upon us. A Survivor Series which will be unlike any fans have ever seen before. That's because even though it will once again be all about brand supremacy, this time, NXT will be a part of the festivities. It could even be argued that the black and gold brand has constantly had the upper hand during the build to the PPV.

From the initial invasion the night after Crown Jewel to NXT's presence on Raw this week, Triple H's army has rarely been made to look silly during this war. The only occasions NXT Superstars haven't impressed is when they have been blindsided on their own turf. First by The OC, and then last Wednesday by Bayley who appeared to be working alone.

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This Wednesday will be the last episode of NXT before Survivor Series, and Triple H appears to be prepared for anything this time around. So much so that as wrestlers from all three brands did battle in and around the ring on Raw, he sent the other two rosters a clear message. That the door to the NXT Arena will be wide open on Wednesday night, and he and his roster welcome any invaders who dare to step to them.

If nothing else, that statement from Triple H will almost definitely ensure one thing. A boost to NXT's ratings this week. It did exactly that after NXT Superstars first invaded rival shows. The promise that those wronged stars will be walking through the NXT Arena's open-door this week almost guarantees more eyes on the product.

As for who might answer the call, that's one of the reasons why fans will need to tune in. Our guess would be Kevin Owens at the very least. The Game tried to get inside The Prizefighter's head on Raw this week, similarly to how he tried to coax Seth Rollins to the black and gold side a couple of weeks ago. One thing is for certain, this week's NXT will be can't miss.

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