Triple H Reveals Origin Of The Rock's 'People's Elbow'

Triple H recently revealed how exactly The Rock's finisher, The People's Elbow, came about, as well as his thoughts on the move during a radio interview.

Triple H continued his latest trip to the UK this week by appearing on Radio 1 with Greg James on Wednesday afternoon. One of the main topics the two of them covered was the origins of The People's Elbow, a wrestling move invented and utilized by wrestler-turned-movie star The Rock. Before describing the manoeuvre as the 'the hokiest looking move ever' The Game went into detail about exactly why Rock started using it as one of his finishers.

Triple H explained to Greg and listeners that originally the move was never meant to stick, and was never meant to be seen by more than a few thousand people. He told a story of how he, The Rock and a few others would use un-televised wrestling events as an opportunity to try and make The Undertaker break character and laugh while in the ring. The first ever use of The People's Elbow was simply that as everyone included in the prank, including The Rock himself, knew how ridiculous a move it was and show stupid it must have looked.

The Game has been making a whistle stop tour of the United Kingdom this week as he furthers his mission to expand WWE's presence on British shores. Earlier in the week he appeared on Sky Sports news to talk everything from Money In The Bank to Mayweather versus McGregor, and his latest stop saw him talk in much more detail with proud WWE fan Greg James. Greg actually hosted a documentary last year based around WWE, during which he spoke to the current Mr. Money In The Bank, Baron Corbin.

The People's Elbow was never exactly the most devastating finishing move, at least not on first appearance. Following its use as a joke to make The Undertaker laugh, Triple H cited that Mick Foley dared Rocky to use the move on a televised show. The Rock took him up on that challenge and one great reaction from the crowd later a legendary finisher was born. An elbow drop as a way to finish off an opponent is hardly ground breaking, but clearly when performed by someone like The Rock it becomes the most electrifying move in sports entertainment.

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