10 Triple H Pet Projects That Have Won Vince Over (And 10 Who Haven't)

Triple H is gaining more and more control in WWE every year and since he was given the full control of WWE's developmental system The Game has done some incredible work, turning the old FCW system into what fans now know and love as NXT. Nobody can deny the work that Triple H has done, not just creating a show of NXT's quality but in making the Performance Center and now expanding WWE's developmental system to a global brand with the start of NXT UK.

Triple H has helped change the landscape of professional wrestling, providing a bridge between the independent world and WWE's main roster which has allowed the likes of Sami Zayn and Finn Balor the chances to make it to the big leagues. Even veteran talent like Samoa Joe who fans never thought they would see inside a WWE ring has been able to transition over to the main roster because of Triple H's work and when he has his eye on someone he really goes all out to try and establish them as a star.

However, while he has full control of what goes down in NXT he doesn't have that same luxury when it comes to Raw and SmackDown. Vince McMahon very much still determines who gets over as a star on those shows and that has seen some of NXT's biggest stars flop and some surprises rise to the top.

Not all of Triple H's pet projects have got over with the WWE Chairman and some have surprised fans by how poorly they have worked on the main roster, while others have thrived just as much and in this list, we will look at 10 examples of each.

20 Won Vince Over - Becky Lynch

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It might have taken her longer than some of the other Triple H pet projects to win Vince McMahon's important seal of approval, but it seems like The Man has finally cracked the WWE Chairman and made him a fan.

While she was the first ever SmackDown Live Women's Champion, it was her second run with the title and her subsequent feud with Ronda Rousey that has really pushed her over the edge in the eyes of Vince. Lynch has become The Man and is the most over person in the entire company, something that Vince has certainly noticed which is why she is being penciled in as the main event for WrestleMania.

19 Haven't - Bayley

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Triple H decided to keep Bayley in NXT the longest out of all the Four Horsewomen in a bid to give her even more time to learn and improve, and that is exactly what she did, becoming the biggest female babyface in WWE.

There was plenty of hope for her main roster debut and subsequent career, but for some reason things just didn't click and Bayley has struggled to continue the huge momentum she had and a lot of that is down to how she has been booked. The hugger has been made to appear like a loser a lot of times and hasn't been given the same protection she once was, likely because she hasn't won Vince over in the same way she did with Triple H

18 Won Vince Over - Drew McIntyre

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He might be one of Triple H's newer pet projects in the grand scheme of things, but Vince McMahon has clearly (once again) been won over by Drew McIntyre, hence why he has been booked so strongly on the main roster. The former NXT Champion was once hailed as the Chosen One by Vince during his initial run with the company but in the end, it was Vince's call to release him, a decision that has had only positive effects.

Vince has clearly been impressed with the way McIntyre responded to being let go, returning with an improved skill set and a fantastic look. He is now poised for a huge future that is surely going to include World Championship glory.

17 Haven't - The Ascension

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The Ascension was the first tag team project that Triple H really invested in with the duo absolutely dominating the scene in NXT, helping to build the fantastic tag team division that still exists in the company today.

The former NXT Tag Champions were seen as a big deal in NXT but have been anything but that on the main roster with Vince McMahon immediately throwing them to the bottom of the card and having them become jokes. Despite the fact both men are very talented wrestlers who could be a fun team on the roster, Vince clearly didn't understand them or their look and just washed his hands with them.

16 Won Vince Over - Alexa Bliss

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To say that Alexa Bliss was never the NXT Women's Champion, or ever even competed in a match at Takeover, she has done incredibly well for herself on the main roster, all of which is down to the fact she has got over with Vince McMahon. A solid hand in the ring, it is her fantastic ability on the microphone and the ability to work a character that has helped her win over Vince McMahon, allowing her to become one of the top stars in the company.

Having dominated on both SmackDown and Raw it is clear that she has managed to convince Vince that she is an asset to the company and is likely going to have a major future with WWE.

15 Haven't - Bobby Roode

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It is quite surprising that Bobby Roode hasn't been able to win over Vince McMahon as he has all the attributes of someone that the WWE Chairman typically likes, with a great look, good microphone skills and plenty of personality. However, instead of treating him like a big star and as an arrogant heel, where Roode is best used, Vince decided to become more obsessed with his 'Glorious' theme song than anything else and the WWE fans quickly tired of that act.

Instead of understanding that it was the gimmick of just using the word glorious and not Roode that the fans didn't like, Vince simply gave up on the former NXT Champion and he has now fallen into a rather odd tag team with another former NXT talent in Chad Gable.

14 Won Vince Over - Pete Dunne

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He might not have made it to the main roster just yet but there is no doubt that the WWE UK Champion, Pete Dunne has already impressed Vince McMahon with his fantastic work in NXT and carrying the UK division. The fact that WWE has created an entire division with Pete Dunne as the face of the brand shows how much faith Vince has in the Bruiserweight, even though he isn't in charge of NXT UK, it is Vince that is funding the entire thing.

If he didn't believe in Dunne then it is unlikely that Vince would have taken that gamble as it isn't exactly a cheap risk. There is no doubt Dunne has a huge future ahead of him and it likely won't be long before he makes his mark on Raw or SmackDown.

13 Haven't - 205 Live

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While Pete Dunne impressed enough to create a brand new show, Vince McMahon is probably regretting funding the entire 205 Live roster, which is why the show simply piggybacks off SmackDown Live; rather than having its own tapings.

Sadly, the show hasn't caught on in the way that many people thought it would and Vince clearly hasn't been won over, taking the cruiserweights away from Raw and very rarely featuring them on PPV's. The fact that he gave up control of the show to Triple H (which has seen a major improvement in 205 Live as a product) is a telling sign of how little Vince cares about the show or the talents involved.

12 Won Vince Over- Enzo Amore

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This might seem like a strange entry given the fact that WWE released Enzo Amore, but that was due to a situation in Amore's personal life where the former Cruiserweight Champion was punished for his own actions. However, prior to that, there is no doubt that Amore had won Vince over with his gift of the gab and was set for a major future with the company. Triple H clearly saw plenty in him and Vince did as well.

He was quickly made the Cruiserweight Champion when he was split from Big Cass and Vince clearly didn't have a problem giving him massive segments, main eventing Raw on several occasions, something 205 Live hadn't done prior, nor has it done since.

11 Haven't - Tye Dillinger

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Triple H spent a lot of time working on Tye Dillinger in order to get the Perfect 10 as close to perfect as possible before deciding to push him to the main roster, but it seems like all that effort has gone to waste. Dillinger went through various gimmicks and ideas in NXT before landing on one that got him over with the fans but after getting huge responses from the WWE fanbase, Vince McMahon opted to not push him, even as a mid-card act.

Instead, he has fallen to the point where he isn't regularly used on television and it's clear that Vince McMahon thinks he is anything but a Perfect 10 and he now seems destined to spend the rest of his career in the same spot on the card.

10 Won Vince Over - Bray Wyatt

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He might have had his fair share of ups and downs on the main roster due to inconsistent booking, but Bray Wyatt has always been a focal point of the shows from his Wyatt Family days to teaming with Matt Hardy. Vince McMahon loves a character and that is exactly what Wyatt brings him, something different to the rest of the roster which Vince can have plenty of wacky ideas for in order to do things outside the box.

Having Wyatt walk into WrestleMania 33 as the WWE Champion was a big sign for Wyatt that he has earned Vince's respect and

9 Haven't - Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews was rushed from NXT straight to the main roster at the first available opportunity because Triple H was that confident in his ability to be a major star that he didn't want him stuck in Full Sail for too long.

That was certainly the wrong decision as Vince McMahon clearly didn't have the same feelings as Hunter and decided to place Crews as a low mid-card act who is barely featured on the show, and when he is it tends to be to put someone else over. While he has plenty of in-ring ability, Crews is really lacking in the personality department and that is one of the major elements that Vince wants to see and because Crews hasn't brought that to the table, Vince hasn't bought into him.

8 Won Vince Over - Elias

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Elias is a strange case because while Triple H clearly saw huge things in his future, the WWE Universe in NXT did not. Fans resented  Elias in NXT and not just because he was a heel, but because fans didn't think he was very good. However, since he was placed on Monday Night Raw he has gone from strength to strength and become one of the biggest names in the entire company with his incredible promo work catching on with the fans.

It isn't just the fans that his songs have impressed either as Vince McMahon clearly wants to Walk With Elias as well, giving him major segment after major segment and he now has a very bright future ahead of him.

7 Haven't - Finn Balor

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It seems like a simple injury was enough to totally derail Vince McMahon's faith in Finn Balor as a top WWE Superstar, despite the fact that so many other big names have suffered injuries in their time. Balor was pushed immediately on the main roster and became the first ever Universal Champion but ever since returning from the injury that forced him to vacate that title just a day later he hasn't been anywhere near the main event scene.

While Balor is still used regularly and makes every PPV, he isn't even considered a top guy anymore which seemed to be the direction he was initially going in, especially after being the face of NXT.

6 Won Vince Over - AJ Styles

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Just because he went directly to the main roster, that doesn't mean that he isn't one of Triple H's projects. Styles came alongside Shinsuke Nakamura and The Club, all of which were picked out by The Game as major talents. Styles was pushed directly to the main roster because Triple H had faith in his name value, while it has been speculated by Chris Jericho that Vince didn't even know who AJ really was until he started making his name in WWE. Eventually, reports came out of Vince lamenting that he wished he had signed Styles 10-15 years ago.

The fact he has had two lengthy reigns with the WWE Championship and is the face of SmackDown Live should show just how highly Vince thinks of him and there's no doubt that he has won him over.

5 Haven't - The Revival

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The Top Guys were a dominant force in NXT where Triple H clearly loved their old-school approach and the fact that they were a throwback with simple but effective moves and their in-ring psychology of cutting the ring in half. However, Vince has not been wowed in the same manner as his son-in-law and now The Revival has gone from being champs to chumps as their future looks to be in doubt as far as ever becoming champions.

The Revival hasn't even come close to championship glory on the main roster and are lucky to even appear on an episode of Monday Night Raw, let alone actually win a match as Vince simply doesn't get the gimmick.

4 Won Vince Over - Charlotte Flair

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Being the daughter of Ric Flair, Charlotte was always going to have a solid WWE career due to the respect and love between the Nature Boy and the WWE Chairman, but with the guidance of Triple H she has gone on to a different level. Nobody expected Charlotte to be as incredibly skilled as she is, but The Queen is going to go down as one of the greatest female wrestlers in history. Charlotte was the top performer in NXT and was treated as the number one female athlete and that hasn't changed on the main roster.

Vince McMahon clearly sees money in Charlotte, hence why she has been on top of the division from the moment she debuted, with six Women's Title reigns already to her name, it's fair to say Vince is certainly a fan.

3 Haven't - Shinsuke Nakamura

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Sure, Shinsuke Nakamura has been given opportunities on the main roster; holding the United States Championship and winning the Royal Rumble, but when you really break it down it is clear Vince isn't sure about the King Of Strong Style. Nakamura was one of NXT's biggest ever stars but on the main roster, he simply hasn't been treated that way. His U.S. Title run has been insignificant, spending most of the time off the show and it has become clear that his lack of English is hurting him on the main roster.

Instead of pushing him for his fantastic in-ring qualities, Nakamura has been kept off the show or restrained to simply saying "knee to face." He is a shadow of his former self and it is seemingly something that isn't going to change anytime soon.

2 Won Vince Over - Kevin Owens

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From the moment Kevin Owens first appeared on the main roster, calling out John Cena, all the way to being involved in Vince McMahon's first physical segment in years, Owens has been pushed and given major segments. Vince has clearly been won over by KO and that was obvious from the fact he managed to beat Cena on his first PPV match and from there on out he has been a major player in WWE, becoming Universal Champion and feuding with Goldberg as well as his incredible run with Chris Jericho.

However, it's the fact Vince McMahon got himself involved in a segment, took a headbutt and a Frog Splash and then put his own son into a HIAC match with Owens that was the real seal of approval from the WWE Chairman.

1 Haven't - Tyler Breeze

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Tyler Breeze has a very specific gimmick which was never going to be easy to get over on the main roster, but somehow he managed to do just that in NXT where he became one of the top stars on the show. Breeze was never NXT Champion but was always heavily featured and had tons of in-ring ability, but that wasn't enough for him on the main roster as Vince McMahon clearly didn't understand the gimmick.

He attempted to work the same gimmick and it simply didn't get over, and it was then changed to work as a tag team with Fandango which only lasted so long as well, mainly because he didn't manage to get over on the long-term with Vince.

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