Triple H Responds To Notion That He 'Buries' People

Triple H has 'earned' the reputation, true or not, that he constantly buries other talents in the WWE to advance either his own personal agenda, or the agendas of his friends.

In a guest spot on the Tim Ferris Show, Triple H addressed fans' (IWC) claims that he buried (and still does) talents over the years all due to his massive ego.

“That’s one of the terms, ‘he buried him.’ It’s a show. Comic books, soap opera, TV drama, it never ends. They get so upset in the moment of thinking that it’s the end of the chapter. There’s another chapter tomorrow. They don’t understand the complexities of what goes on behind the scenes.”

via wrestlingnews.com

Over the years, his victories over the likes of Booker T, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, etc... have led people to jump to the conclusion that Triple H is a power hungry, greedy, slimy individual, who's a mediocre talent but made it to the top of the industry by sleeping with the boss's daughter. Boy, that's a lot to label on someone.

Anyway, the whole interview is worth a listen, as Triple H also talks about his relationship with Vince McMahon, moves he won't take in the ring and how he switched his training up following a bad injury a few years ago.

One thing I will say about Triple H- he is a smart man, who knew the insides of the business far better than most, and no, I don't think he's mediocre. He is.. that... damn... good.

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