Triple H Return Backstage Update

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of The Game Triple H, but a recent report suggests the superstar could show up on SmackDown Live

Triple H is readying himself for a return to television, and he may interject himself into the Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens storyline.

The last time we saw Triple H on WWE television, aside from corporate appearances on NXT and at the Mae Young Classic, was when he suffered defeat to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33. The Game usually takes an extended period of time off after competing at WrestleMania, but normally, he reappears around this time of year. Last year, he returned the week after SummerSlam.

Rumors have been circulating ever since Triple H's loss as to what would be next for him in the ring with a couple of ideas getting the most attention. One school of thought is that if and when Kurt Angle returns to a WWE ring, The King of Kings will be his first opponent. Another much talked about is a Triple H vs Shane McMahon feud. Well, the latest would suggest that The Game will be getting involved with Shane-O Mac, but not in the way you might think.


According to, Triple H's impending return will revolve around Shane and Owens' upcoming Hell In A Cell match. The website has reported that The Prizefighter has been penciled in to deliver the beating of Shane-O Mac's life to the SmackDown Live commissioner. After the match Shane will be off TV for a while, Triple H will take his place, then will exact his revenge on Owens on behalf of the McMahon family.


Triple H and Owens have seemingly been on a collision course for a while now. It has been over a year since The Game helped KO win the Universal Championship, and since then, there has really been no follow-up. Owens' reign with the belt revolved around him being unable to defend it without the help of Chris Jericho, and you'd have thought The Cerebral Assassin would have had something to say about that.


If Triple H is returning to TV in the next month or so, it certainly would be nice for him to return in the fashion detailed above. At this point, most fans are expecting him to come back as a heel and confront Kurt Angle for the power on Raw, or Shane for messing with Owens. To have him return as a babyface and attempt to avenge the damage done to Vince and Shane would be a refreshing twist, plus it would inevitably end in a dream match between The Game and The Prizefighter.

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Triple H Return Backstage Update