Triple H Reveals Future Plans For 205 Live and NXT

Triple H has stated that 205 Live will become part of the NXT brand when it moves to the USA Network, adding even more talent to the NXT roster.

Triple H recently spoke with Newsweek and revealed that WWE 205 Live will begin to operate under the NXT umbrella soon. That along with NXT UK, it appears WWE will be shifting all three brands together, eventually making one larger roster big enough to easily fill a two-hour live program on Wednesday nights. Whether the names will disappear or not is unclear but it appears all brands will shift over to being simply known as NXT.

Triple H mentioned that he hopes 205 Live coming over will help "breathe" some life into NXT soon and felt bad that 205 Live was kind of the child everyone forgot about. He explained, "I think it always existed as an island onto itself, a little bit, and it's become lost in this limbo." He added that NXT will soon have a lot of talent and they may compete with the NXT roster or have a Cruiserweight Division within NXT.

The move should create more opportunities for more people but that callups and roster moves will still kind of be what they've always been. He said yes, but expects that more and more NXT talents will choose to stay in NXT. He also mentioned that as NXT grows larger and becomes more of a widely-known brand to the mainstream, Superstars from Raw or SmackDown Live might pay a visit and not be seen as a move "to the minors" or anything else.

NXT Will Become A Third Main Roster

With 205 Live, NXT UK and NXT all part of one collection, NXT will essentially become a third main roster. Eventually, people will see it as simply "a different brand with a different feel and a different vibe." His hope is that people can go there, refresh, rebrand and reinvent themselves.

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