Triple H Reveals A Wrestling Legend Named His Finisher

Triple H's finisher, The Pedigree, is one of the most iconic finishers in WWE history. Now, he reveals who named the move.

Triple H has been using the Pedigree for over 20 years, but where did the iconic finishing maneuver originally get its name?

Triple H is one of the biggest and best Superstars in WWE history. The King Of Kings made his WWE debut over 20 years ago now and since then he has done just about everything there is for him to do in the business. A 14 time World Champion, three matches with The Undertaker at WrestleMania, plus he is looking more and more likely to be the man who takes over from Vince McMahon when the boss retires.

It wasn't all rainbows and butterflies for The Game in WWE though. Before he was The Cerebral Assassin he was Hunter Hearst Helmsley, The Connecticut Blueblood. Then just as Triple H looked as if he was about to get the backing of the office, he and The Kliq performed their infamous Curtain Call and he found himself descending back down the card. Through all of that though there has been one constant, his finisher.


Whether he was The Blueblood or The Game, Triple H has always used the Pedigree to finish off his opponents. It's a devastating and iconic move and one that is as synonymous with Triple H as D-Generation X and sledgehammers. Where exactly did it get its name though? Well, WWE's Executive Vice President opened up on exactly that during an interview for Facebook Live in Mumbai, India. He admitted that even though he came up with the move, it was Michael Hayes that named it. "He thought it felt like handing someone their pedigree and that became the name," Triple H explained, "so Michael Hayes of The Freebirds, thank you very much."

While many moves and finishers and recycled and imitated, the Pedigree is one that has remained sacred for the most part. Seth Rollins is the only other man who has adopted Triple H's finishing move as his own, and that was only because The Architect was working as The Game's under study. Now that the two have gone their separate ways, Rollins no longer uses the move as his go-to finisher.


It's always interesting to hear how exactly certain aspects of a Superstar's character came to be, especially when it's someone like Triple H. Many fans likely take things like coming up with a wrestler's finishing move for granted, but it's something that a lot of thought goes into and rightly so since it can be something that sticks with them for decades, just like Triple H and his Pedigree.

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Triple H Reveals A Wrestling Legend Named His Finisher