Triple H Says The Attitude Era Started With The First Episode Of Raw

Triple H recently did an interview with For the Win, and talked about how the first episode of Raw started The Attitude Era.

Friday evening marked 25 years to the date where the very first episode of Raw Is War aired. As you know, the WWE will be celebrating Raw's 25th Anniversary on Jan. 22 at Madison Square Guarden - with a long list wrestling legends making appearances.

Of course, current WWE COO and superstar was just working for smaller promotions at the time - before a brief and forgettable stint in WCW as "Jean-Paul Levesque." And it wasn't until the arrivals of Triple H, The Rock and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin where the infamous "Attitude Era" began to truly take off.

But in a recent interview with Nick Schwartz of USA Today, The Game stated that The Attitude Era truly began when the first episode of Raw aired on Jan. 11, 1993. Asked about Austin's impact on Raw, here's what Triple H said:

"Oh man. In that timeframe, everything. I said earlier those first episodes of Raw almost had this feel of the start of the Attitude Era, but then the Austin timeframe and DX and all that….

It wasn’t the longest run on the planet because of injuries for Steve, but there was no bigger star ever in the business, probably. Just in that moment in time, it was huge. And anytime Steve is around, he just has a personality and an intensity that’s just hard to beat."


The Texas Rattlesnake began his wrestling career as "Stunning" Steve Austin in WCW. When that failed, he moved over to the WWF, and became the rebellious babyface that formed the iconic and epic rivalry with Vince McMahon.


WWE moved away from the family and kid-friendly theme of wrestling, using rule-breakers like Austin to make it a more appealing program for adults. The Attitude Era eventually helped the WWE topple WCW in the Monday Night Wars, as fans became enamored with the vulgar personalities and beer drinking of guys like The Rock, Austin and D-Generation X.

Austin has been confirmed for an appearance at the 25th episode of Raw, and rightfully so. In The Game's own words, that's when The Attitude Era started - and it was Austin who made it grow.


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Triple H Says The Attitude Era Started With The First Episode Of Raw