Triple H Says Vince McMahon Doesn't Get Enough Credit For NXT's Success

Triple H receives most of the credit when it comes to the rise and global success of the NXT brand, and rightfully so.

While Vince McMahon has called the shots for the Raw and SmackDown Live brands, Triple H has patiently built NXT up into its own grade-A brand. He's scouted and developed the next generation of elite WWE talents, ensuring a bright long-term future in this business.

Of course, Vince doesn't get a whole lot of credit when it comes to the NXT product. This is due in large part to the fact that he's refused to push a handful of mega talents after they jumped to the main roster.

Beginning this week, the NXT program moved to Wednesday night broadcasts under USA Network. The obvious plan is to compete with AEW's weekly Wednesday night program, which will begin on Oct. 2.

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With NXT reaching an all-time high in popularity and overall success, it simply made sense to give this show far more exposure. And in an interview with CBS Sports' State of Combat (h/t WrestlingInc.com), Triple H explained why he thinks the WWE Chairman doesn't get enough credit when it comes to the success of NXT.

"You know, one thing that people don't give Vince McMahon credit for is that none of this would happen without him," Triple H said. "The concept, the idea of it being an alternative brand doesn't exist without him and that is part of what makes it great, is his ability to make us do that and his ability to step back and say, 'This is what it is and I am not going to change that because it moves to a different platform, it is successful for a reason and I want that reason to continue to grow.'"

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Triple H also said that NXT has Vince's "fingerprints" on it, and he emphasized that his father-in-law will not be getting involved in running the show- since he has "enough stuff going on."

Vince may not do as much work on NXT as Triple H, but his patience and willingness to let the latter run the show cannot be praised enough. Vince stuck to his guns and allowed this brand to grow gradually, and now he's reaping the rewards. Now, we sit back and see how NXT will do in its Wednesday Night War with AEW.

Triple H Is Right, Vince Needs More Credit

It's easy for fans to be critical of Vince and his handling of NXT, especially considering how he hasn't given many of their stars big pushes throughout the years. But as Triple H pointed out, everything in WWE has Vince's fingerprints on them. The chairman has to take some credit to a certain degree - even if Triple H is doing most of the work. Thanks to these two, we fans have a third show to follow closely for the long run.

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