Triple H Reveals Vince McMahon's Reaction To NXT Debut On USA

Triple H held a conference call after the NXT debut on USA Network and specifically updated media on Vince's reaction to the show.

There's been a lot of speculation as to how much Vince will be involved in the presentation of NXT on USA moving forward. The most recent reports suggests he won't step in and The Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, and Creative for WWE, Triple H will still run the day-to-day and creative for the product.

According to Wrestling Inc., Triple H spoke on a media call after Wednesday's debut episode. He discussed how often Vince was in touch with him throughout the day and leading up to the show. "I received a bunch of texts from [Vince McMahon] throughout the day excited, and excited to see it, and wishing us luck especially as it got close," Triple H said. He added that Vince kept sending little messages all the way up to showtime and during to say how much he was enjoying the product.

Despite rumors and joking that Vince has never really watched NXT, Triple H said he watched this episode. "He watched the entire thing," he said.  He added he was sure he was at the office, probably in a meeting while it was on, but he said Vince relayed that he enjoyed the show, he thought the talent did a hell of a job, thought they knocked it out of the park.

Thank Goodness Vince Was Good With It

There are, of course, mixed reactions to the show. Some suggested it was fantastic, others saying it could have used more star power. People, including wrestlers went back and forth on social media for 24 hours after it aired. The person that probably matters is Vince and he was happy.

Triple  "It's a funny thing because people don't give him the credit - he embraces the difference!" Comparing it to liking different kinds of music, Vince appreciated the show, sent a congrats to everyone.

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