Triple H Shares Thoughts On WWE Superstars Requesting To Be Released

Over the past several months, a handful of WWE superstars have made it clear that they wish to be let go from the company.

Luke Harper went public about it on Twitter back in April, but WWE never granted his wish. Mike Kanellis and Sin Cara have recently followed suit, and Oney Lorcan also asked to be let go several weeks ago.

There aren't any indications that WWE is willing to release any of these superstars, even though they've often granted these requests in the past. So right now, it appears as though the four disgruntled wrestlers will have to stay put for the time being.

Triple H discussed this topic during a conference call, per Ryan Satin. The Game simply suggested that it's better for superstars to come talk about their desires to be let go, rather than make it public.

Despite what Triple H is saying, it was reported that he simply ignored Harper when the latter approached him about his desire to be let go. If Harper couldn't have success in talking to The Game, then the other superstars may feel little reason to do the same.

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At any rate, Triple H and WWE officials have to decide if they want the publicity of keeping around disgruntled superstars, or if they should just let these talents explore different opportunities.

WWE Needs To Let The Unhappy Superstars Go

There is little reason for WWE to keep these disgruntled wrestlers around. If they're worried about losing these wrestlers to other promotions? Well, WWE can replace them through the NXT brand. It's not like WWE is giving any of these four wrestlers major pushes, either. They've been underused more often than not, so WWE shouldn't feel the need to keep them if they're dissatisfied.

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