Triple H TakeOver: 8 Wrestlers Who Will Benefit (And 7 Who Will Be BURIED)

One of the most important changes in wrestling history will take place when Triple H eventually replaces Vince McMahon as the person running WWE. Along with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H will be responsible for the major decisions that shape the future of the company. Vince is 72 years old and he has to let go of the spot sooner or later. Many fans are excited about the potential of change when Triple H has power of the on-screen product. Triple H has proven to be on the pulse with the NXT product providing some of the best content in WWE history.

The majority of wrestlers on the main roster have come up through NXT. Triple H has shown his support backstage for many of the stars we see on television. However, Vince is still the one making the big decisions that give us the final product on Raw and SmackDown. We'll take a look at just who exactly would benefit and who would suffer from the change of Triple H getting control of the company. Drastic changes would definitely take place with these names seeing new career paths. Triple H is bound to takeover WWE sooner or later. Here are eight wrestlers who will benefit from Triple H taking over and seven that will get buried.

15 Benefit: Kevin Owens

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The Kevin Owens Show DVD showcased the relationship between Triple H and Owens. Following his Performance Center tryout, Owens stated that the decision came down to Triple H offering him a job with WWE. Triple H revealed that William Regal attended a PWG show with Owens on the card specifically to scout him on behalf of The Game.

Owens has achieved a lot of success on the main roster winning almost every major title in a short time period. Triple H is reported to be his biggest supporter backstage. It was no coincidence that Triple H turned on Seth Rollins to help Kevin win the Universal Championship in 2016. Owens revealed that the moment meant more to him because he was able to thank Triple H in the ring. The confidence and belief Triple H has in Owens will see his career thrive even more once the change occurs.

14 Buried: Jinder Mahal

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One of the very few new top stars in WWE to make it without a strong run in NXT is Jinder Mahal. The current WWE Champion is on top thanks to Vince McMahon being his biggest supporter. McMahon was impressed with the physique of Jinder after signing him primarily to play an enhancement talent similar to Curt Hawkins and Mike Kanellis.

Triple H has praised Mahal but there is zero relationship there given they rarely worked together on a close level. The plethora of more talented performers that Triple H has seen blossom under his watch will take priority over Mahal. Given how poorly his title run is going, Jinder badly needs to stand out in a positive way or his career could fall apart when Triple H is in charge.

13 Benefit: Bray Wyatt

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The booking of Bray Wyatt may very well be the most disappointing thing in WWE over the past few years. Every Wyatt feud is the same. He'll start targeting one of the top faces, deliver cryptic messages in promos with no real rational and then lose every major match. It is hard to remember that Bray won the WWE Championship earlier this year and had a high profile WrestleMania match.

Wyatt is one of the characters Triple H takes the most pride in. The freedom Bray was given in NXT is what caused The Wyatt Family to become popular. Wyatt appeared bound to be a special character similar to The Undertaker and Kane. Instead, he is now a laughingstock in the current WWE landscape. Triple H running the show would save Bray’s career and give him the chance to finally fulfill his potential.

12 Buried: Zack Ryder

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Zack Ryder has had a few stints with popularity by rallying the fans behind him as an underdog story. The best point of Ryder’s career came when his vlog series became popular online leading to everyone chanting “We Want Ryder” at shows. At one point, Triple H made a peculiar decision to come to the ring and Pedigee Ryder for no reason at all. Both men were faces making it even more shocking unless Triple H just wanted to bury him.

Triple H was rumored to be one of the people backstage that didn’t have faith in Ryder during his run as United States Champion. The fact that Ryder went back down to NXT to rebuild his career and was placed in a tag team with Mojo Rawley says it all about how Triple H feels. Instead of using a former popular name as a singles star, Triple H placed him in a secondary team. Things will not improve for Zack if Triple H is in charge of WWE.

11 Benefit: Sasha Banks

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The main roster run of Sasha Banks has seen her become one of the most popular women’s wrestlers of all time and a four-time Raw Women’s Championship, but it still feels disappointing. Banks played an incredible heel character in NXT and had some of the best women’s matches in WWE history. Things have been different on the main roster as she struggles to stay on top.

All four of Sasha’s title reigns saw her lose it on the first defense. Banks is struggling for character depth as well playing a standard face. Fans still love her based off her NXT work but the potential of a special career seems to be lost. That is until Triple H takes over from Vince McMahon. It is common knowledge that Triple H loves the work of Banks to build the NXT Women’s Division around her, and it has been reported that Vince doesn’t believe in Sasha. The career of Banks will skyrocket if Triple H takes over soon.

10 Buried: Lana

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One women’s wrestler that likely won’t see much ring time when Triple H gets power is Lana. The work of Lana is a manager appears to be her strong suit thanks to her past success with Rusev and current project with Tamina. Lana wants to wrestle and Vince McMahon wants her to progress enough to be featured strongly in the Women’s Division.

Triple H initially started this women’s movement in WWE by giving the talented NXT ladies a chance to have great matches. The in-ring work has become more important to the women’s matches than the men’s matches in some respects. Lana being unable to keep up would see Triple H prevent her from wrestling. The role of manager would likely be Lana’s ceiling unless she drastically improves.

9 Benefit: Mauro Ranallo

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The signing of Mauro Ranallo was influenced by Triple H wanting to add a different style of commentator to WWE. Ranallo joining the SmackDown broadcasting team was meant to provide a different dynamic to the show. The bullying of JBL and the overall atmosphere on the main roster led to Mauro choosing to leave the job for the betterment of his mental health.

It appeared Ranallo was done with WWE for good following the story catching fire in the media. Triple H however decided to change the game, pardon the pun, by bringing in Mauro to be the new play by play commentator for NXT. Ranallo is doing great work for the NXT brand and is perfect under Triple H’s vision. This will likely continue when Triple H takes over WWE. Mauro should end up back on Raw or SmackDown calling the action every week.

8 Buried: Baron Corbin

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Baron Corbin was once viewed as one of Triple H’s top prospects as the biggest former NFL player to thrive in NXT. The Money in the Bank briefcase win for Corbin saw the support of both Triple H and Vince McMahon as he appeared bound for a World Title run. Corbin getting into a backstage argument insulting Doctor Joseph Maroon in front of the locker room ended that.

WWE decided to have him lose his title match in embarrassing fashion and get moved down the card. Triple H is reportedly the person that schedules the meetings with Maroon speaking to the talent about head injuries. Corbin essentially made a mockery of an idea Triple H came up with and thinks is very important. Triple H has most likely soured on Corbin to end his days as a top guy.

7 Benefit: Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn may be the most successful NXT star to do very little of note on the main roster. The in-ring work of Zayn is still among the best in the world leading to classic matches with Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Braun Strowman during his WWE tenure. Unfortunately, there are little plans for him in the short term as he is doing absolutely nothing right now under the watch of Vince McMahon.

That would clearly change if Triple H gained control of the main roster. Zayn was the first person to bring attention with his amazing matches and great story as the underdog character finally getting to the top. Triple H believed in Zayn and it helped put NXT on the map. Sami was also named by Triple H as one of the then NXT stars that he would love to wrestle. All of this bodes well for Zayn if Triple H gets control sooner than later.

6 Buried: Dolph Ziggler

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The WWE career of Dolph Ziggler appears to be at the end of the road. Ziggler is currently working a terrible gimmick imitating the entrances of legendary wrestlers. It is rather depressing given many fans and pundits thought Dolph would be at the top of WWE by now. One of the people that reportedly didn’t believe in Ziggler’s talents was Triple H.

Various rumors indicated that Triple H felt Ziggler was a mid-carder and would not work in the main event picture. Dolph has taken a few shots at Triple H in interviews over the years. While they were viewed as harmless, there is usually some realism to these moments. Things won’t get better for Ziggler regardless if Vince McMahon or Triple H is in charge.

5 Benefit: Asuka

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The call-up of Asuka has the potential to shake up the Raw Women’s Division. Asuka still has yet to be undefeated in WWE as she went undefeated during the entirety of her two year run in NXT. Triple H ensured she had the undefeated streak intact as she makes her way to the main roster. Vince McMahon has never been the best at utilizing foreign talents making it tricky to predict how things will go for her.

Triple H clearly saw something special in Asuka and protected her in NXT’s booking. Recent interviews have seen Triple H admit that he requested Asuka remain the one person Vince not call up from NXT in 2016, because he needed to build the brand around her. Asuka is the woman that would most benefit from the changing in the guard. Triple H knows how to get her over in a major way.

4 Buried: Brock Lesnar

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The attraction of Brock Lesnar may not be worth the money he gets from WWE for his limited schedule. Lesnar is the current Universal Champion despite only appearing on a small percentage of shows and a handful of PPVs per year. As the highest paid star in the company working the least dates, Lesnar does not appear to be bringing in enough to warrant it.

WWE Network subscriptions and television ratings typically remain the same with or without Lesnar. The live attendance numbers don’t see much of a spike unless he is on a live event. Triple H has put his creative vision into many of the new young talent on the roster. Brock will likely be taken down a peg or two before splitting once Triple H is running the company.

3 Benefit: Finn Balor

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Finn Balor would be considered the top NXT star of all time if you ask Triple H. The reason it took so long for Balor to get called up to the main roster is that Triple H invested in him as the face of NXT. It wasn’t until Shinsuke Nakamura signed that Triple H felt NXT could thrive as a touring brand without Finn as the face of the promotion.

Balor winning the first ever Universal Championship match a month into his main roster career proved Triple H vouched for him. However, the injury occurred in that match may have seen Vince McMahon lose confidence. Finn has been stuck in feuds with Elias Samson and Bray Wyatt since returning from injury. Fans still give him among the biggest ovations every night, and Triple H would likely build one of the shows around Balor.

2 Buried: Shane McMahon

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The backstage rift between Shane McMahon and Triple H is one of the most fascinating stories in WWE. Shane showed hesitation when Mick Foley asked for his opinion about Triple H last year during a “tell all” podcast. Triple H and Shane were rumored to have strong disagreements on how the WWE should be run. Vince McMahon giving future control of the company to Stephanie and Triple H is what caused Shane to leave in the first place.

Shane returning as an on-air character has many people wondering if he will eventually get a power of position backstage. Triple H will likely cut that off right away if he gets power. Don’t be surprised to see Shane leaving WWE once again when Triple H is in charge. Both men have different mindsets and an odd relationship. Triple H is known for backstabbing and burying anyone who gets in his way in the ring. Shane doing it backstage will be his demise.

1 Benefit: Seth Rollins

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The one person that would most benefit from Triple H getting control of WWE is Seth Rollins. Triple H choosing Rollins as the first ever NXT Champion showed just how much confidence he had in the young talent. Their on-screen relationship was another moment that showcased this when Rollins turned on The Shield to become the protégé of Triple H in The Authority.

Vince McMahon reportedly has faith in Rollins as well as seen by him getting the WWE 2K18 cover. However, Rollins has always been held back in the face role. Roman Reigns is the only top face WWE wants the fans to view as “the guy.” Guys like Rollins, Dean Ambrose and A.J. Styles have seen their booking limited. Triple H reportedly believes in Reigns as well but has equal faith in a few others. Rollins will finally get a chance to prove he’s “the guy” whenever Triple H replaces Vince.

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