Triple H On Vince McMahon's Involvement In Calling Up NXT Talent

One of the questions many in the WWE Universe asked since Triple H  became a prominent figure behind the scenes for the WWE is how his relationship with Vince McMahon works. There is a large contingent of fans who believe McMahon has lost touch with his audience and that Triple H is the brains behind some of the best stories and characters WWE currently offers.

While this may or may not be true, the primary avenue in which new characters are developed in the WWE is NXT and every avid wrestling fan knows, NXT is Triple H's baby. The question then becomes, more specifically, how does the dynamic work between Vince McMahon and Triple H when it comes to NXT and the roster?

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Triple H revealed some of those answers and more in a recent media call to hype Saturday’s NXT Takeover event.

In respect to Vince getting hyped about NXT prospects, Triple H stated that Vince often gets excited about particular talents.

"I think there’s excitement, there’s a lot of talent that [Vince] will say on an occasional basis, ‘Where are you at with this particular person? When do I get them?’" says Triple H in his media call. "It’s my job to then creatively work with the team both main roster and my own team to say when is the right strategic time to put the person into the right place that they need to go to so they have the best opportunity in front of them and to make sure they’re ready.”

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For Triple H, the idea of promoting an NXT talent is all about timing. If he feels that a prospect is mostly ready, but may still be missing that one ingredient, he's not prepared to move them if he sees another three months may help that talent overcome their obstacles. McMahon may see some things he doesn't like and he also knows that Triple H will tell him when someone is ready. It's a constant collaboration, but Triple H is the one calling most of the shots.

The ultimate end goal for both Triple H and McMahon is to have as many possible NXT prospects prosper on WWE's main roster as possible. Both understand that not everyone will main event a WrestleMania, but Triple H's role is to help provide the tools that give any talent the opportunity to one day close the grand-daddy of all wrestling pay-per-views.

Because McMahon doesn't get the day-to-day visual of the prospects that Triple H does, it is important that he relies on "The Game's"opinion. They have the same end goal in mind.

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