Triple H Gives A Championship Belt To Police Officer Recently Injured In Terrorist Attack

Triple H made a surprise visit to a police officer who was wounded during the London Bridge terrorist attack that took place earlier this month.

Triple H returned to the United Kingdom this week, somewhere he is becoming increasingly familiar with as he spearheads the progression of a WWE UK division. While on his travels around the country, WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent took the time to meet police officer Charlie Guenigault. Guenigault intervened in the London Bridge terrorist attack that took place on June 3rd - despite being off duty at the time - and suffered stab wounds to his leg, neck, back, and stomach in doing so.

Guenigault is a huge fan of WWE and the meeting with Triple H was arranged without him knowing by his father and his co worker Sergeant Bill Lowden. As you can see from the video of the encounter between them on WWE.com, The Game surprised Charlie with his presence in a London hotel. As well as sitting and chatting with him Triple H also brought a few gifts for the national hero. Guenigault's favorite Superster is Sami Zayn – he was even wearing a Zayn t-shirt at the time of the attack – and Triple H awarded him with a t-shirt to replace the one that was damaged during the attack as well as showing Charlie a personalized message from The Underdog on his phone.

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That wasn't all. The Game also gave Charlie his own personal WWE Championship belt. As Triple H handed over the title he said that "the highest recognition a WWE Superstar can get is winning the WWE Championship, but this honor is also reserved for people in real life who go above and beyond."

A group of men wielding knives wreaked havoc in London earlier this month in a terrorist attack that left eight people dead. Police officer Charlie Guenigault, who was off duty at the time, witnessed the events unfolding and intervened in order to try and stop the already dreadful attack from becoming any worse. His heroic actions left him with multiple stab wounds and requiring emergency surgery, but who knows the countless lives he may have saved by putting himself in direct danger and putting his own life at risk in the process.. Sami Zayn put it best in his personal video message to Charlie, saying "for that to be your instinct to help others... that is a hero."


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