10 Ridiculous Ways Triple H Wasted Money

Triple H has become one of the most powerful and influential people in wrestling history. Longtime fans have seen the rise of Triple H from a struggling newcomer to a top star to a legend to an executive. All the stages in Triple H’s progression have featured him creating relevance as an icon in wrestling. The wealth and powerful position of Triple H have seen him make many huge purchases or at least pitch the idea of them.

We will look at both the personal and professional spending of Triple H that show he’s not a cheap person. Many of his choices have led to great purchases while some were complete wastes of money. Find out just how Triple H chose to spend his money and WWE’s money for huge decisions. These are the top ten ridiculous ways Triple H wasted money for better or worse.

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10 Motorcycle from WrestleMania 34 entrance for Stephanie's gift

Birthday gifts can be a tough task for someone that has everything. Triple H tries to provide extravagant and meaningful gifts to Stephanie McMahon despite her entire life taking place in a world of wealth. The 2018 gift featured him buying something that was an expensive prop for WrestleMania 34.

Both Triple H and Stephanie came to the ring on a powerful and expensive motorcycle ahead of their match against Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey. Triple H purchased the bike and gifted it to Stephanie for her birthday as it is now owned by the couple.

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9 Crown for WrestleMania 30 entrance

Triple H often has the most elaborate entrances at every WrestleMania event. The amount of time and money that goes into the planning shows how much he values it. WrestleMania 30 was arguably the best entrance of Triple H ahead of his match against Daniel Bryan.

One of the cooler elements of the entrance was the crown of Triple H. WWE had to pay for all the props involved in the entrance and that likely cost them a high price. The crown is currently at WWE’s warehouse, but it could be a great exhibit at Axxess or the eventual WWE Hall of Fame.

8 Signing football players to big contracts to train at PC

The Performance Center itself was a huge costing project to come from Triple H. However, his main intent for the location was to train athletes from other sports. Some have thrived with Alexa Bliss, Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman finding success.

The problem is that most of the NFL crossover athletes to earn big money in making the move have flopped. Independent wrestlers have been the common wrestler to benefit from the Performance Center. Projects like Mojo Rawley have not provided the success Triple H expected.

7 BMW M760 Li Sport car

Triple H owns quite a few cars and all of them are impressive ones that we’ll likely never drive. The home of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon has a huge garage for the various cars and motorcycles. One does stand out as a recent huge purchase to add to the collection.

The BMW M760 Li Sport is worth $200,000 on the market as Triple H wanted to drive the best of the best. Triple H does travel to the WWE offices in Connecticut every day in between the schedule that has him at Raw, Smackdown and NXT every week.

6 State of the art personal gym in home

Midnight social media posts have left fans wondering if Triple H and Stephanie McMahon ever get to sleep. The late hours feature them still working in their personal gym. Trainer Joe DeFranco is often there with them in the posts leading their workouts.

Triple H clearly wants to stay in peak condition for the part-time wrestling schedule and his general happiness. The couple spent big on putting together a state-of-the-art gym in their home. Given the WWE schedule and their touring, the workouts at home do make sense even if it costs a lot of money for such a home gym.

5 WrestleMania 31 entrance

The WrestleMania entrances for Triple H get more elaborate with each passing year. Triple H tied in the Terminator movie franchise into his entrance for a WrestleMania 31 showdown against Sting in Sting’s first-ever WWE match. The entrance featured a video appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger calling on him.

Triple H appeared with a mask and robot-style outfit along with endoskeletons surrounding him. It was a cool visual that clearly cost WWE a lot of money. Triple H is willing to spend the big bucks of the company’s finances if he feels his entrance will add to the WrestleMania experience.

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4 Lamborghini Hurricane car

Another car personally owned by Triple H that was quite expensive is the Lamborghini Huracan. Triple H may not get to travel much on his own for personal fun, but he does need to get around Connecticut in his daily life.

Unlike most of us, Triple H wanted to invest nearly $300,000 into his most prized car. The Lamborghini Huracan stands out as the likely highest priced and most valuable car owned by him and Stephanie. In the rare occasion that Triple H is driving, expect to see him in a sick automobile.

3 Vince McMahon dinosaur gift

One of the most unique visuals in WWE comes whenever cameras are in the office of Vince McMahon at WWE Headquarters. The giant dinosaur skull on display instantly stands out to make fans wonder what exactly led to this happening.

McMahon actually received this as a birthday gift from his son-in-law. The replica of a dinosaur skull was something that Triple H knew Vince would love. It led to him buying it and gifting it to McMahon. The boss loved it enough to display it on the wall at the offices he works at just about every day.

2 Sin Cara failure

Triple H’s first big signing for WWE featured Mistico coming over from Mexico to play the Sin Cara character. Mistico was among the biggest lucha libre stars of all time before making a huge move to WWE. Plans were made for a massive push with months of vignettes and a press conferencing adding to the hype.

Sin Cara unfortunately flopped right away with his learning curve for the WWE style exposing many weaknesses. The botches and injuries destroyed any momentum Sin Cara ever gained. WWE quit on the push and eventually released Mistico before passing the gimmick to another wrestler. Triple H clearly regrets making Mistico his first big signing.

1 WWE plane

The private WWE plane is not technically a Triple H purchase that only he uses, but he is the one that most is on board. WWE purchased their Bombardier Global 5000 that is valued at almost $50 million on the market with used ones going for $30 million.

The upgrade came when Triple H started traveling more to expand WWE’s business. WWE pays for it via a loan service due to the high price. Members of the McMahon family, business executives and wrestlers have used it at different times. Triple H is the one most seen boarding it for trips to the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and many other places.

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