Triple H Says 'It's Not Going To Be An Easy Go' For McGregor In WWE

Some of the hottest rumors in wrestling throughout the past year have tied UFC stars Conor McGregor, and Ronda Rousey to possibly joining the WWE in the near future.

UFC president Dana White said Rousey's career is "probably done" after losing her last two matches. As for McGregor, he's coming off an epic boxing bout against Floyd Mayweather, where he kept it close for a while before losing to 'Money'.

Could the WWE land two of the top MMA fighters on the planet? Triple H shed some light on the rumors. He sat down with Good Morning Britain earlier in the week to discuss the speculation. Here's what he said about the possibility of McGregor coming over to WWE.

"Conor McGregor has said a lot of stuff about WWE in the past—I don't have a problem with it because he said I was a Don, which is great—but he said a lot of stuff about our talent in the past. [If] Conor McGregor comes in, it's not gonna be an easy go."

Last year, McGregor took a number of shots at the WWE, calling some of the stars expletives and saying they're "messed up". After apologizing on his Twitter account, Roman Reigns fired back with this.


So Triple H has a point in saying there would be a lot of tension if McGregor came over to the WWE. But it's a different story regarding Rousey's possible career in the squared circle:

"She is very interested in our business, always has been a huge fan, that's where the 'Rowdy Ronda' came from. I think she's interested in the opportunity, I'm interested in offering her the opportunity, so we have some talking do."

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Rousey had a memorable appearance on WWE programming two years ago. During a confrontation with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 31, The Rock brought Rousey from out of the crowd. Rousey and Rock teamed up to throw Triple H out of the ring, while the UFC star put Stephanie in an armbar to force her out.

Considering her strong relationship with Triple H and other personnel, a career for Rousey in the WWE doesn't seem like such a long shot. With her UFC career likely over, perhaps it won't be long until she pulls a Brock Lesnar and goes from MMA sensation to a big-time wrestler.


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