10 Wrestlers You Wouldn't Believe Triple H Actually Lost To

Like most other main event talents throughout WWE history, Triple H has only lost so many clean matches to mid-card talents.

Over his 20-plus year run as one of WWE's top superstars, the majority of Triple H's singles losses have come against other main event competitors. Think of guys like Batista, John Cena, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, among others.

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However, Triple H has also been the victim of some tremendous and unforgettable upsets to some non-main event talents. Here is a look at 10 wrestlers you won't believe actually managed to play - and conquer - The Game.

10 Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin faced Triple H on the March 29, 2004 episode of Raw. It was easy to predict another pinfall victory for Triple H, since Benjamin wasn't exactly an established main event talent.

But after Triple H was distracted at ringside (caused by Chris Benoit), Benjamin came in from behind and scored the roll-up pin on The Game to pull off the monumental upset. It was one of the most stunning victories in Raw history at the time - and it marked perhaps the most memorable victory of Benjamin's career.

9 Mr. McMahon

Triple H and his father-in-law have clashed numerous times on-screen throughout their careers. Vince actually defeated his son-in-law on the Sept. 14, 1999 episode of SmackDown to win the World Heavyweight Championship. But that wasn't his only pinfall victory over The Game.

Perhaps the most memorable chapter of their feud took place in 2006 when Vince and his son Shane tried putting a stop to the antics of the reformed D-Generation X.

Vince faced Triple H on the Sept. 11, 2006 episode of Raw in a no holds barred match. Obviously, the odds favored Triple H here. But thanks to interference from Shane and Big Show, Vince was able to beat his son-in-law to a pulp. He then scored the pinfall victory over Triple H - although DX would win a handicap Hell in a Cell match against those three at the ensuing Unforgiven pay-per-view.

8 Test

Test and Triple H feuded numerous times throughout the Attitude Era, and the former even had an on-screen relationship with Stephanie McMahon - although The Game managed to "kidnap" and marry her in a storyline.

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Triple H got the better of Test more often than not, but the latter managed to score a pair of pinfall victories over the wrestling icon. The first one occurred on the Nov. 29, 1999 episode of Raw. Test managed to defeat him once again on the May 28, 2002 episode of SmackDown.

7 Umaga

Umaga engaged in a feud with Triple H and Shawn Michaels while they were together as DX. Vince McMahon wanted to push Umaga from the get-go, and he did this by having the latter go up against Triple H in the early stages of his WWE career.

In his first match against Triple H, Umaga managed to pull off the big upset on the Aug. 7, 2006 episode of Raw. The two would rekindle their rivalry in 2007, although Triple H never lost another singles match to Umaga.

6 Bart Gunn

Bart Gunn's tenure with WWE spanned from 1993 to '99. You may recall The Smoking Gunns tag team he formed with future D-Generation X member, Billy Gunn. Bart also enjoyed a successful tenure in New Japan Pro-Wrestling after he left in WWE.

He was never used in the main event spotlight, but Gunn did come away with a couple of wins over Triple H in his career. This included one victory at a Nov. 19, 1996 taping. The second took place on the Feb. 17, 1997 episode of Raw Is War, where Gunn defeated The Game via count-out.

Triple H would return the favor by defeating Gunn via pinfall several weeks later.

5 Jim Ross

Former WWE commentator and current AEW play-by-play guy Jim Ross wrestled a handful of matches during his time with Vince McMahon's company. He was forced to clash with Triple H in a no disqualification match on the Apr. 18, 2005 episode of Raw, and it looked to be an easy and humiliating loss for JR.

However, Batista ran out to rescue Ross, and he proceeded to attack Triple H. The Animal then dragged Ross on top of The Game to score the giant upset. Good ol' JR can forever brag about owning a perfect 1-0 record against Triple H. How cool is that?

4 D'Lo Brown

D'Low Brown first joined WWE in 1997. Many best remember him for his work with the Nation of Domination faction. He also won four European Championships and one Intercontinental Title during his time with WWE.

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But did you know that Brown also defeated Triple H on one occasion during the latter's rise to main event status? It took place on the July 14, 1998 episode of Raw Is War - where Brown took down Triple H via pinfall to win his first of four European Championships.

3 The Godfather

During his run as a main event talent in both the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras, Triple H rarely lost to mid-card talents. But The Godfather managed to pull off quite the upset on the March 14, 2000 episode of SmackDown.

Of course, it helped that Big Show and Shane McMahon interfered during the match to attack Triple H. This helped Godfather pull off the upset - almost an exact year after Triple H had defeated him in their very first one on one match.

2 Curtis Axel

Curtis Axel faced Triple H in the May 20, 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw, and everybody expected just another easy victory for the Cerebral Assassin. However, Axel emerged victorious via knockout when The Game stepped out of the ring after suffering a kayfabe head injury.

The two men squared off again three weeks later on Raw. But Vince McMahon came out and called off the match, resulting in a victory for Axel via disqualification. An angry Triple H got the officials to restart the match, but Vince issued a "forfeit" decision.

With that, Axel's record against Triple H moved to 3-0. The Game has yet to defeat Axel to this day.

1 Brooklyn Brawler

Brooklyn Brawler and Kai En Tai met Triple H in a 3-on-1 handicap elimination match during the July 4, 2000, SmackDown taping. Even though the odds were against him, Triple H managed to eliminate two members. It was now one-on-one bout with Brooklyn Brawler.

However, Chris Jericho interfered and attacked Triple H, hitting him with the Lionsault. That allowed Brooklyn Brawler to pin The Game in what may have been the most memorable singles victory of his career.

There may be an asterisk beside this victory for Brooklyn Brawler, but it still shows up in the win column. That's all that really matters.

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