Triple H Discusses Possibility Of Other WWE Superstars Joining Finn Balor At NXT

Triple H has indicated that Finn Balor's return to NXT could set the tone for other wrestlers from WWE's two main brands.

Balor's move has certainly sent a jolt through the black and yellow, with the show now on television and doing pretty well for itself.

And the Game, speaking as a guest on the first episode of Corey Grave’s After the Bell podcast, recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of other main roster stars heading to NXT in future.

“I do, yeah. I think now, this is sort of the template of whatever is on the table," he replied if he reckons more superstars could follow Finn to the developmental brand that's not really considered developmental anymore.

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"If you look at the roster, there’s going to be times when they’re like, ‘Look, until the next draft comes or whatever, this talent’s here, but they’ve kind of worked with everybody. And we’re going to finish up this program with them.’

"And then we almost inherently need to sit them down for three months, or six months or whatever that is just to clear this up, so we can get to the other side. Then when we do the switch it’s all new again. ‘Great, give them to me, I’ll take them.’ Like you mentioned the territories, I’ll take them. Here’s the window and here’s what I’m going to do with you in that window for the most part, barring all the other things that can happen. It’s a cool opportunity.”

Hunter would claim to be happy with NXT's current status, adding that a Wednesday Night War with All Elite Wrestling was never his intention.

“I’m excited [with] where we are," he declared. "It’s a funny thing. First of all, did you ever think we’d get to this point? … And all the steps that it took it along the way to getting it where it is, is very cool to see. But I’m thrilled with where it is. There’s a lot of speculation and a lot of conversation made about, ‘Oh, the Wednesday Night War and what they’re doing, what we’re doing.’ Look, it’s never been about that for me."

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The Possibilities Are Endless Now

Finn's return is truly as intriguing as it sounds and we're more than likely to see one or two more wrestlers leave the main roster for NXT.

This has become an even bigger possibility following NXT stomping over SmackDown on Friday and it appears that the brands could be operating jointly on a regular basis moving forward.

Source: After the Bell (h/t 411Mania)

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