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With three World Heavyweight Championships, one Tag Team Championship, and the most eliminations in a Royal Rumble match (12 in 2014), it’s hard to call Roman Reigns a failure at anything from a competition standpoint. But from the outside looking in, it’s a different story. WWE, Vince McMahon,

and Triple H (both as head of creative and a guy who has personally put Reigns over) all clearly want or have wanted him to be the next face of the franchise, but the fan and critical reception has been cold thus far for a number of reasons. Some say he’s still too new or undeserving, some have been generally turned off by WWE’s obvious and relentless love of the guy (save for his 30-day suspension earlier this year), and others say his personality just isn’t appealing enough - as either a likable face or a hated heel.

In the end, Reigns’ tenure thus far has amounted to a sort of reverse tug of war: WWE has pushed him hard, and the fans have pushed back with just as much force. Only time will tell at this point.

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