Triple Threat: 15 WWE Love Triangles These Stars Want Left In The Past

WWE superstars are well aware that their career has put them in the public eye, which means that everything that they do outside of the ring also makes the headlines along with anything they might do inside it. Sadly, for a number of superstars, this has left them involved in the strangest love triangles that have defined their personal life for the past few years. The media attention that comes with a scandal of this kind means that these love triangles will probably be remembered forever.

Love triangles are only created when someone is caught cheating and then their partner finds out and so does the public. It's not the best situation, but it seems that it's something that has happened a number of times over the past few years. Because of the confined conditions that WWE stars are part of, it sparks a number of scandals between wrestlers and it doesn't seem likely that these backstage encounters are set to end anytime soon.

The following list looks at 15 of these love triangles that have been revealed to the public over the past few years, but the WWE stars who were involved wish that they could the scandal in the past. Some of them wish that it never became public knowledge to begin with, but that's one of the downfalls of being a worldwide star.


16 Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Nikki Bella

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John Cena and Nikki Bella have become one of WWE's biggest power couples over the past few years, which nicely led up to Cena's marriage proposal at WrestleMania 33 back in April. The problem with their relationship is the fact that Cena has been so indecisive about his future with the former Divas Champion for so long, that Dolph Ziggler has still been able to continue to harbour feelings.

Dolph has been the biggest victim of the couple's rise to power since he was the one who was always left looking stupid when he told Nikki that he could give her everything Cena wouldn't. It was harsh for Nikki to drag Dolph along since she already admitted she didn't have those feelings anymore, but probably enjoyed the attention she was gaining from both men at the same time.

15 Kelly Kelly, Chris Jericho And Jessica Lockhart

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Kelly Kelly is a former Divas Champion but her in-ring ability is not as memorable as her personal life. Kelly was well-known to be a female who would sleep her way to the top, with many current and former WWE stars coming forward to state that they had been part of a relationship with the former ECW exhibitionist.

One person who shouldn't have been part of these rumours was Chris Jericho, who was married at the time. Jericho and his wife Jessica married back in 2000 and have three children, but photos were leaked online of him in compromising positions with Kelly Kelly, which obviously led to some awkward conversations with his wife. Kelly left WWE not long after and Jericho's marriage has managed to last for almost two decades now, which means he obviously made the right choice in the end.

14 Sunny, Chris Candido And Shawn Michaels

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Sunny's stint in WWE has reached the point now where her off-screen antics are better known than her on-screen talent. It seems that while Sunny was happy to make her relationship with Chris Candido public (the same man she made her debut in WWE alongside when he was still known as Skip) she wasn't as forthcoming about her relationship with Shawn Michaels.

It seems that Sunny had her eyes set on HBK from the moment the duo met and later admitted that she always wanted to be more than friends. Candido was the only person in WWE unaware of Sunny's antics with other wrestlers backstage, he was still in a relationship with Sunny when she left WWE before she decided to make all of her affairs public knowledge.

13 Lita, CM Punk And Beth Phoenix

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Lita has been part of a number of scandals in WWE over the past few decades, some of which will be mentioned on this list, but the first one here surrounds her relationship with CM Punk. It seems that Lita was the victim of this triangle since she was unaware that Punk was also fooling around with former Women's Champion Beth Phoenix as well.

Lita and Punk had two lengthy relationships with a break in the middle, during their time out, Punk was in a relationship with Beth before it was made public knowledge by Punk that Beth never cared about him, she just wanted a boyfriend and didn't care who it was. Obviously, Punk later moved back in on Lita when he realised that Phoenix wasn't who he thought she was. Punk is now happily married to AJ Lee while Phoenix is married to Edge, so it seems that everything worked out well in the end.

12 AJ Lee, Lita And CM Punk

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Once again, Lita was seen as the victim here when it was revealed that CM Punk and his former on-screen love interest had decided to blur the lines between fact and fiction. Punk was in a relationship with Lita at the time, before it was revealed in AJ's book that she knew Punk was the one for her after he kissed her on-screen for the first time.

Punk and AJ then began a relationship without telling Lita, which apparently didn't make AJ any friends backstage. The couple later decided to tell the former Women's Champion and she didn't take it too well, since it was reported that she refused to return to WWE while Punk was still there and even went as far as to refuse to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014 if CM Punk was in attendance. Lucky for her that he left the company a few months prior to the event.

11 Sable, Marc Mero And Brock Lesnar

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Sable was one of the most controversial women in WWE for a number of years, but her entire career was due to her husband Marc Mero since it was him who introduced her to the company. Sable later became a bigger star than her spouse which led to a number of issues between them and then divorce.

Before her divorce was completely finalized from Mero, Sable had already begun looking for her third husband and managed to turn Brock Lesnar's head. Obviously, Mero wasn't going to step up to The Beast and tell him that he couldn't start a relationship with his ex-wife, but the overlap of the end of their relationship and the beginning of Lesnar and Sable's gives the impression that there could have been a number of awkward interactions between these three stars.

10 Ashley, Paul London And Matt Hardy

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Ashley Massaro came to WWE through the 2005 Diva Search and it didn't take her long to spark up a relationship with Matt Hardy following the fall-out of this first love triangle with Lita and Edge. The last thing Hardy needed after all of that public attention in his personal life was another woman to put him through the same thing.

Incredibly, Ashley did just that when she was drafted over to SmackDown and began a relationship with Paul London without ending her brief encounter with Hardy. This led to a very public social media argument between Hardy and London where London seemed to be the one who came out on top, only for Ashley to move on a few months later. Hardy luckily went on to marry Reby Sky a few years later, so it seems that Ashley's betrayal is now just a distant memory to him.


9 Christy Hemme, Triple H And Stephanie

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One love triangle that is just based on rumour and speculation sees Triple H up to his old tricks but with a different female wrestler this time instead of the bosses daughter. Christy Hemme will be remembered as the first official winner of the Diva Search that was given a WWE contract, but she didn't last very long on WWE TV.

There was some controversy surrounding her exit from WWE which has led many of the WWE Universe into speculating that Hemme was getting much closer to WWE COO Triple H than his wife Stephanie McMahon would have liked.  Steph would have had the power to have Hemme fired from WWE, which could have been why her release came out of the blue after WWE had only just decided to send her to OVW to continue to train with a focus on a future in the squared circle.

8 Victoria, John Cena, Lee Varon And Maria

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Victoria married her husband Lee Varon before she started wrestling with WWE, but it seems that the bond of marriage wasn't enough to stop her from straying over to former WWE Champion John Cena. Cena and Victoria were said to have been together while Cena was also married.

At this time it was also said that Cena was seeing Mickie James and Maria, somehow the former World Champion was able to juggle four women at the same time, with two of those women in other relationships as well. Victoria's relationship with Cena wasn't revealed until after his divorce and could have led to the breakdown of the former Women's Champion's marriage in 2015. It seems that John Cena's personal life was a mess for a number of years, turning this into more of a love square than a triangle.

7 Lita, Edge And Matt Hardy

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Lita's third entry on this list is the one where Lita was actually the one in the wrong. Lita and Matt Hardy were one of the most popular couples in WWE at the time, which is why fans reacted badly to the news that Lita had been having an affair with Edge while Hardy was off WWE TV recovering from an injury.

Edge was also married at the time and this adultery cost him his second marriage, one that he had only been part of for a number of months. Hardy didn't exactly react well to the news that Lita had cheated on him and was fired from WWE because of this before WWE realised that they could cash in on the real-life heat between Edge and Hardy. Lita never recovered from this betrayal on-screen and was always seen as a villain, while Matt has finally been able to move on with his personal life in recent years.

6 Triple H, Stephanie McMahon And Chyna

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Triple H may be one of the most powerful men in WWE right now, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have a number of past decisions that he had come to regret. When Triple H was first coming up through WWE, he was in a relationship with fellow DX member Chyna before WWE changed his storylines and put him in an on-screen relationship with Stephanie McMahon.

Once again, the lines were blurred between on and off screen and Triple H began to indulge in extracurricular activities with the Chairman's daughter. When their relationship became serious it seems that Triple H finally decided to tell Chyna and she wasn't exactly impressed. Stephanie then used the power that she had at the time to have Chyna fired. This was something that the former Women's Champion never forgave the duo for and something that Triple H and Stephanie will never be able to run away from.

5 JoJo, Bray Wyatt And Samantha Rotunda

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If you were thinking that many of these love triangles happened a long time ago and perhaps WWE had been able to control their stars over the past few years, you were wrong. This particular triangle happened earlier this year when Bray Wyatt's wife Samantha Rotunda revealed that Bray had been cheating on her with former Total Divas star JoJo Offerman.

Bray and JoJo are both now part of the Monday Night Raw roster and neither Bray or JoJo are ready to talk about their relationship publicly, even though his wife has already confirmed it as part of her divorce proceedings. There were no hints about this before Samantha was forced to reveal it to the public and it seems that Bray lost his push in WWE because of this.

3 Melina, Batista And John Morrison

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Melina and John Morrison met as part of Tough Enough before both stars were signed to WWE and aligned together as part of MNM. It was well-known at this point that Melina and Morrison were in a relationship in real life, but the duo took a break back in 2005.

Melina and Batista were part of a storyline on SmackDown around this time, a storyline that led to a brief fling while Melina was still in a relationship with Morrison and Batista was married to a woman called Angie. Batista later filed for divorce from his wife while Melina and Morrison patched things up for a few years before they ended their decade-long relationship in 2015, but Morrison and Batista definitely won't be exchanging Christmas cards this year.

2 John Cena, Mickie James And Kenny Dykstra

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John Cena could have been part of an entire list of his own, when it comes to all the women that the former Champion has been linked to throughout his career, but the major turning point was Mickie James.

Cena and Mickie were part of a storyline together back in 2008 and went on to become much more than just co-workers, despite the fact that Mickie was engaged to former Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra at the time. Kenny found out and obviously wasn't best impressed that Cena had moved on with his fiancee, so Cena managed to have Dykstra fired. Mickie was then moved to the SmackDown brand at the request of Cena and quietly released a few years later. Mickie and Cena are back in WWE together now, but Dykstra still holds a grudge almost a decade later.

1 Charlotte, Paige And Alberto Del Rio

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Charlotte Flair definitely followed in her father's footsteps when it comes to her personal life. The former Women's Champion has already been divorced twice with her marriage to former TNA star Bram being finalized back in 2015. Charlotte then moved on to a physical relationship with the returning Alberto Del Rio before he chose to move on to Paige.

This obviously caused friction between Paige and Charlotte who were forced to work together on-screen, but the biggest swerve in this story was the fact that Del Rio was still married to his first wife throughout these two relationships. Paige and Del Rio themselves came close to walking down the aisle themselves earlier this year before their toxic relationship finally come to an end and Paige returned to WWE after a 15-month absence. This is an encounter that both Paige and Charlotte would rather forget and move forward from.


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