Trish Stratus Gives Unfortunate Update On Paige's WWE In-Ring Career

Trish Stratus was a guest on Lilian Garcia's podcast this week and both women discussed talking to Paige about her recent retirement.

It was not very long ago at all that Paige made her triumphant return to WWE television after almost 18 months away. For a lot of that time, many fans had likely given up hope that the two-time Divas' Champion would be back at all. From neck surgery to her leaked photos, it was a tough time for Paige.

She did make it back though and she brought a couple of NXT Superstars with her. Then her career hit another speed bump. During a live event, Sasha Banks kicked Paige in the back, seemingly re-injuring her neck. In the weeks that followed, rumors arose that her latest injury means that Paige's in-ring career was over. Right up until the time of typing this though, there has been no official confirmation of that from either WWE or Paige herself.


Well, this week we were given another very big hint that Paige will never wrestle again. Trish Stratus was a guest on Lilian Garcia's podcast Chasing Glory to discuss all things concerning the seven-time Women's Champion's appearance in the first-ever female Royal Rumble. When the topic of injuries came up they naturally discussed Paige and Stratus spoke about being backstage and how the company is already looking for another role for her.

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Garcia also spoke about messages that she has sent Paige since the news of her potential retirement and if her and Stratus's comments are anything to go by, we will no longer be seeing Paige wrestle for WWE anymore. She is only 25 though and if she doesn't want it to be her career in the industry is far from over. At the moment, she is effectively acting as a manager to Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose and beyond that, WWE will undoubtedly find her other roles within the company.



If Paige's in-ring career is indeed done then it is very sad news. Although she can carry on working for WWE in a number of ways at first it likely won't feel like it's enough. Who knows though. Perhaps the injury is not as bad as it first appears and maybe it will be a Daniel Bryan situation where one day she will wrestle again. Yes, Bryan is technically also still waiting for that day but it really feels like a matter of when rather than if for the SmackDown Live GM now, whether it be in WWE or elsewhere.

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