Trish Stratus Praises NXT Divas, How Women's Wrestling Has Changed

There is much debate as to where women's wrestling stands. Some ignorantly suggest Divas matches are only useful for bathroom breaks, where knowlegable fans remember just how important a great women's match can be when the performers are given the time and investment to deliver. NXT is living proof of that, where the Divas get more time for matches and are given deeper storylines.

One opinion that holds higher ground than any of ours is the best Diva of all time, Trish Stratus. In an interview with the Miami Herald, she praised what the NXT Divas are doing, in light of another great performance at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable

"They are the next generation that will be something to talk about. We talk about the golden era that was my time. They may have the platinum era from what I have seen. They are doing amazing.”

Stratus also spoke about the evolution of women's wrestling and how the golden generation of Divas (her, Lita, Ivory, Victoria, Molly and others) changed the perception of women's matches.

"You are seeing the women have longer matches on TV. My whole thing is 10 or 15 years ago we were striving to have that match that wasn’t a chick match. I always said I didn’t want to fight like a girl. I wanted to fight like a man. Now I feel it’s more done. There is no such thing really of having a girly match. It’s just two athletes having a match. I read a cool quote from Triple H who talked about the first female trainer in Sara [Amato]. Then he goes on to say he doesn’t call her the first female trainer, but a trainer."

Stratus gives some other interesting comments regarding her rivalry/friendship with Lita and her retirement match back in 2006.

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Trish Stratus Praises NXT Divas, How Women's Wrestling Has Changed