Troubled: 15 Things You NEED To Know About Paige's Personal Life

Paige has become one of the most successful female wrestlers in WWE over the past few years, and at the tender age of just 24, she could be destined for so much more. The British Superstar made his

Paige has become one of the most successful female wrestlers in WWE over the past few years, and at the tender age of just 24, she could be destined for so much more.

The British Superstar made history back in 2014 when she became the first ever female to hold both the NXT Women's Championship and the Divas Championship simultaneously. She was also the first female to win the Divas Championship on her debut and the youngest ever female WWE Champion.

This was less than a year after she became the Inaugural NXT Women's Champion back in 2013. The future looked bright for Paige heading into 2015 as she played a major role in the Divas Revolution, but this year has been much less memorable for the Norwich native.

Paige has instead been sidelined for the past few months after suffering a neck injury before she was then apprehended after an argument with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio following Money in the Bank back in July. This was all before she was suspended from WWE twice in the space of two months for violating their Wellness Policy after she tested positive for an 'illegal substance.'

Right now Paige's WWE future is up in the air with the company unsure how to move forward with the troubled Superstar. While the WWE Universe speculate as to whether she will make a return to the company after sitting out her latest suspension, here are 15 facts about Paige's personal life that should be brought into account.

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15 Her Brother Died When She Was Younger

Paige and her family are very private about talking about her younger brother Isak and the fact that he died almost eleven years ago. Paige was just 13 when he passed away and only revealed this fact when she was interviewed by Corey Graves on an episode of Superstar Ink back in August.

Paige has a tattoo dedicated to the memory of her brother which she revealed in an Instagram post earlier this year, she has the words 'If You Could Read My Mind, Love' tattooed over her ribs because they are the lyrics from the song that was played at Isak's funeral. The song is called If You Could Read My Mind by Johnny Cash (Original: Gordon Lightfoot) a song that she herself called a hidden gem.

14 Her Mom is Her Best Friend

Paige has been wrestling for more than a decade, and it was her mother and family that taught her how to wrestle and helped her to become one of the most recognizable female wrestlers in the world.

Her mother is the most important person in Paige's life. Saraya not only taught her daughter to wrestle and allowed her to make her debut at just 13-years-old (her first official match was when she was 14 but she debuted long before this) but she was her tag team partner for her first ever match and the duo even won Tag Team Championship gold together. Saraya appeared on an episode of Total Divas with her daughter as well and Paige has tweeted many times about how much she loves her mother.

13 She is Currently Dating Alberto Del Rio

Paige and Alberto Del Rio revealed that they were in a relationship back in May when the duo was photographed kissing whilE enjoying a day out at Disneyland. Since then the couple has been inseparable with Paige often Tweeting and Instagramming pictures of the couple together.

When they began dating they were both WWE employees, since then Del Rio has left the company and both stars have been suspended for violating the Wellness Policy. The couple were suspended on the same day back in August before Paige was suspended for a second time earlier this week. We have to wonder if Del Rio has been a negative influence on the promising young wrestler? Prior to her relationship with Del Rio, Paige had never experienced such issues with the company.

12 She Is One of The Highest Paid Females In WWE

This probably doesn't come as that much of a shock given how many records she has made and how much history she has been a part of over the past few years. Paige also played a huge role in the 2015 Divas Revolution and practically carried the Women's Division following the shock retirement of AJ Lee the week after WrestleMania 31.

Paige earned $250,500 in 2015 which lifts her above Charlotte, Eva Marie, Sasha Banks, and Summer Rae for annual salaries, but the likes of Natalya ($300,000) and Nikki (310,000) and Brie Bella (280,000) are still ahead of their fellow Total Divas co-star. Given how little Paige has been on WWE TV over the past few months, it is unlikely that she will remain this high on the list.

11 She Has Three Dogs And Three Cats

Paige is an animal lover. She has stated this many times on Total Divas and even wanted to become a zoologist if her WWE career didn't work out. She often posts photos on her Instagram account of her animals, she has three cats and three dogs at home.

Paige's dogs are called Goblin, Ludo, and Sooki and she states that she looks forward to these embracing her when she returns home from her hectic schedule with WWE. In addition to her three dogs, Paige also owns three cats and has stated that when her wrestling career winds down, she wants to open her own humane society. It's nice to see the softer side of the troubled WWE Superstar as we watch her current whirlwind of a life unfold.

10 Her Family Owns Their Own Wrestling Promotion

Paige can not get away from the wrestling business. If she isn't on the road with WWE then she will be spending time with her boyfriend, who is a wrestler or her family, who own their own wrestling promotion and are wrestlers as well.

The Knight Family own the WAW promotion in the UK and often put on some of the best shows in the country. Zac and Roy Bevis are said to run the promotion and merely days after his release from WWE was announced, Alberto Del Rio was one of the stars of their show a few weeks ago. It is thought that when Paige finishes her work for WWE, she will return to the UK and wrestle for her family once again.

9 She Owns A Coffee Company

For a 24-year-old Paige has already begun branching out with all the money she has earned from her wrestling career. In September 2015 it was announced that Paige had begun her own business venture when she co-launched a coffee company called The Dark Gypsy.

The company is also owned by Blackcraft cult clothing company owners Bobby Schubenski and Jim Somers. It's obvious that Paige is already looking towards what direction her life will take when her wrestling career winds down. The coffee company is definitely a unique idea and it seems a lot of her ideas have gone into the names of the coffees with the likes of 'Death Before Decaff' and 'Better than Blood' listed on there. It seems Paige has already been planning for the future.

8 She Has Two Tattoos Linked To Alberto Del Rio

Paige has only been in a relationship with Del Rio for around four months but she has already been inked with his name and a word that reminds her of him in this short time.

Paige revealed her 'Papi' tattoo on her finger merely days after the couple went public with their relationship back in the Summer before she then Instagrammed a photo of her ribs that were emblazed with the word 'Alberto' just days after his WWE release. She shared the photo with the comment "When you love someone so much you give it all for. Not the expression, no literally give it all for." These are the lyrics to an Eminem song.Which obviously means their relationship is for keeps. Or at least Paige thinks so.

7 Paige Could Be Bisexual

This entry alone will be the reason why many more male wrestling fans will tune into the next season of Total Divas, but Paige revealed that she had 'been with a woman' when she was asked about it by Rosa Mendez.

Rosa herself revealed that she was bisexual before she announced her pregnancy and later gave birth to her first daughter whom she named Jordan. But Rosa and Paige actually ended up kissing in this episode before Paige informed Rosa that she didn't see her that way, but the interesting point is that Paige could be bisexual. She rarely talks about her teenage years so there isn't a lot known about them, but it seems much like every other teenage girl, she 'experimented.' Who really knows for sure.

6 She Was Engaged To Kevin Skaff

Throughout her time on the latest season of Total Divas, Paige was engaged to A Day To Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff. The duo became engaged after Kevin proposed but Paige spent almost the entire season talking about the fact that she wasn't ready to marry Kevin and she didn't know why she said yes to him.

The relationship was revealed to be real and wasn't made to be a part of Total Divas, but Paige did break up with Kevin in February this year after she finally told him then way she was feeling. Well, if he'd watched Total Divas then he would have known anyway. Paige must have a thing for band members because before Kevin she dated Emarosa singer Bradley Walden, who was also featured on Total Divas.

5 She's Been In A Documentary

Given that she is on live TV every week now, this isn't that much of a big deal, but the documentary was actually released long before Paige made her debut in WWE. It follows the life of the Knight family members and shows how the family function with their obsession with wrestling.

The documentary is called 'Wrestling with My Family' and it looks at the lives of Paige, her mother Saraya, her brothers Roy and Zak and her father Ricky Knight. While her family runs their own wrestling promotion in Norwich, Saraya also owns her own wrestling promotion called Bellatrix that is a female only promotion also located in Norwich. The documentary reveals all about the UK's royal family of wrestling and was even shown on prime time TV in the UK.

4 Her Indy Name Came From Her Resemblance To Britney Spears

Paige is obviously not her real name. She was given the name when she made her NXT debut in 2013, but before this, she was known as Britani Knight from when she made her wrestling debut at the age of 14.

Paige's real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, the same first name that her mother is known for on the wrestling circuit, so Paige's father came up with the name Britani because when she was 14 Paige had long blonde hair and resembled Britney Spears at that time. The name stuck and it became her ring name for almost a decade before it was changed when she reached WWE. Would Britani Knight have worked in WWE? Probably not. The company seem to enjoy one name Superstars.

3 She Has Scoliosis

It has only recently been revealed that Paige suffers from scoliosis. This is the abnormal twisting or bending of the spine and sometimes it can be very painful for normal people to be able to move around, which means for a wrestler, it could be something of a hindrance.

Paige didn't know she had the condition until she had her medical evaluation with WWE and the doctor noted that her spine looked rather strange. So far it doesn't seem to have given her any problems but she has been out of action for the past two months with her mother stating that she needed neck surgery. It is unknown if this is linked to her condition that would more obviously affect her spine, but the surgery could allow her to make her WWE return much sooner.

2 Her Mother Still Wrestled While She Was Pregnant

It is perhaps one of the best-known stories about Paige, because while her wrestling debut may have been when she was 14 years old, her first actual match was when she was still in her mother's womb. Paige literally evolved inside a wrestling ring.

Saraya unknowingly continued to wrestle throughout her pregnancy with Paige up until she was seven months gone and then she realized that she was obviously pregnant. It is quite obvious that wrestling is in Paige's blood and the fact that she was wrestling while she was still growing into a human being showed that she was destined for the company she has made her name in over the past few years. Hopefully, this will continue and she will make her return in the near future.

1 Her Pregnancy

Paige has revealed a lot about herself on Total Divas and one of the biggest personal facts about herself that she shared was that she was pregnant when she was 18 -years-old and she lost the baby.

She was forced to undergo surgery to have some cysts removed and it seems that this could have caused some complications for Paige and she may not be able to have children in the future. She shared this information with Rosa Mendes when she announced her pregnancy and wanted Paige to be at her baby shower. Paige was finding it hard to be happy for her friend when she knew that she probably couldn't have that life herself but the two figured it out in the end. Here's hoping Paige finds everything she is searching for in life.

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Troubled: 15 Things You NEED To Know About Paige's Personal Life