Truly Weds: 5 Wrestling Couples That Were Really Married (And 5 That Weren’t)

Pro wrestling is a very unique form of entertainment in that the line between fact and fiction can often be blurred. In truth, the ability to make fans wonders what’s real and what isn’t is a big part of what makes sports entertainment so exciting. However, when it comes to wrestling most popular couples, fans are often left wondering which pairs are legit and which duos part ways as soon as the cameras shut off.

In an effort to provide some clarity, we are going to take a look at some of pro wrestling’s most high profile married couples and find out which couples are the real deal.

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10 Married: Macho Man & Elizabeth

A discussion about married duos in professional wrestling wouldn’t be complete without mentioning WWE’s original on-screen power couple, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Elizabeth. For years, Elizabeth accompanied the Macho Man to the ring and was a vital part of the main event storyline heading into Wrestlemania V, which involved Savage and the legendary Hulk Hogan. Heck, the couple even had their wedding at SummerSlam back in 1991.

Yes, Randy Savage and Elizabeth were really married. The two were together from 1984 to 1992. They had actually been married for several years prior to the memorable ceremony at SummerSlam.

9 Weren’t: Brooke Hogan & Bully Ray

During Brooke Hogan’s brief stint with TNA Wrestling (2012-13), she was part of a storyline involving her father Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray (aka Bubba Ray Dudley). As part of the angle, Brooke and Ray were having a secret relationship – despite the fact that it was unfolding on national television. The story came to a head when Bubba Ray purposed to Brooke and the two wed on an episode of Impact Wrestling. Afterword, Ray turned on his new on-screen wife and father-in-law.

Though it was a memorable ceremony, the wedding was complete fiction. Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan were never an item outside the world of TNA Wrestling.

8 Married: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Before she became an on-air authority figure, Stephanie McMahon was involved in several memorable Attitude Era storylines. One such angle involved the “Billion Dollar Princess” being taken to a Las Vegas drive-through by her soon-to-be on-screen husband Triple H. After the two were wed, it led to a showdown between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's father, Vince, at Armaggedon back in 1999.

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While the two weren’t actually wed during the storyline, they did begin dating behind the scenes. After a  few years, in 2003, the pair officially tied the knot. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are still married and have since had 3 daughters together.

7 Weren’t: Kane & Lita

Throughout the history of professional wrestling, there have been many on-screen feuds that have centered around love triangles. However, the storyline between Kane, Lita, and Matt Hardy has truly unique. In this instance, Kane quite literally won Lita’s hand in a match. At SummerSlam (2004), Kane defeated Hardy in a “Till Death Do Us Part” match. Afterword the two would wed on an episode of Monday Night Raw.

Since you can’t actually win a human being in a wrestling match, Kane and Lita’s wedding was not legally binding, and the two were never an item. However, Lita really did date the other member of the triangle, Matt Hardy, back in the day.

6 Married: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have competed together as a husband and wife duo on WWE television in the past. In fact, the pair even feuded with another couple, The Miz and Maryse. The teams squared off at Hell in a Cell back in 2018. That night, it was The Miz and Maryse who got the upper hand, and the rivalry died out soon after.

As anyone who watches the E! hit series Total Divas (or Total Bellas) knows, Bella and Bryan are legally wed and have been since 2014. In 2017, the couple welcomed their first child – a daughter named Birdie Joe Danielson.

5 Weren’t: Goldust And Aksana

Aksana didn’t end up become a major star in WWE but still had some memorable moments. One of her most noteworthy storylines came back in 2010 when she was still in NXT. This particular angle involved a wedding ceremony with none other than Goldust. Aksana would end up slapping Goldust at the altar and admitting that she only married him so she could stay in the United States.

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Given that Goldust got married with his face paint on, most people probably realized this wasn’t a real wedding. For those wondering if there was anything going on between the two behind the scenes, the answer is no.

4 Married: Renee Young and Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose, who now performs under the ring name Jon Moxley, recently parted ways with WWE in favor on the new upstart promotion AEW. However, during his time with World Wrestling Entertainment, commentators (usually Corey Graves) would refer to his marriage to Renee Young, who usually occupies the Raw announce table.

In truth, Moxley and Young have been dating since as far back 2013. The couple would go on to wed in April of 2017. With Moxley in greener pastures, fans are now left wondering if Renee Young could wind up sitting at the AEW commentators table at some point.

3 Weren’t: Al Wilson And Dawn Marie

The 2002 storyline involving Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson’s real-life father Al, was both controversial and unique. It began with Marie trying to seduce Al Wilson (who was roughly twice her age) in an effort to ultimately get with his daughter. In fact, Marie even offered to break off her eventual engagement with Al, if Torrie would spend time with her. Al Wilson and Dawn Marie eventually wed on SmackDown.

This love triangle was complete fiction. None of the parties involved were romantically linked in any compacity. However, this unique storyline would turn out to be the highlight of Dawn Marie’s run in WWE, in terms of the notoriety she received.

2 Married: Rusev And Lana

Rusev made his WWE main roster debut with his valet, “The Ravishing Russian” Lana. Initially, WWE didn’t comment on the nature of their relationship but implied that it was professional. However, once media outlets reported their real-life wedding, WWE decides to acknowledge it as well.

The relationship between Rusev and Lana has been featured on the popular hit television show Total Divas. The couple officially wed back in July of 2016. Since that time, Lana has decided to pursue her own career as an in-ring competitor. However, despite the career change, the popular couple is still together.

1 Weren’t: John Cena & Nikki Bella

Former WWE champ John Cena actually began dating Nikki Bella back in 2012. The couple’s high-profile relationship has documented on celebrity news outlets and on multiple reality series including both Total Divas and Total Bellas. The courtship eventually made its way into WWE storylines. In an act that blurred the lines between fiction and reality, Cena proposed to his longtime girlfriend at WrestleMania 33 in 2017. However, there was no on-screen wedding, and WWE stopped mentioning the couple on television.

Despite the very public engagement, John Cena and Nikki Bella never got married. In fact, they called off their engagement in April of 2018 and eventually broke up.

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