Truth Or Fiction? Top 15 Shocking Myths In Wrestling History

Some of these wrestling myths might be too shocking to actually believe!

The world of wrestling may be highly entertaining from the outside, but a wrestler has to make a lot of sacrifices and do some unthinkable stuff to get ahead in the industry as in-ring talent isn't enough to get him to higher places. A wrestler also has to improve his reputation with the bosses of the company, as some of these wrestlers love to stick it to the Man for their own benefit and sometimes take the more explicit route to success in the industry.

While there are a lot of urban legends about a lot of things in the entertainment business, the world of wrestling also has its share of myths, some of which are more or less true while others might be a little bit far-fetched. Most of the myths date to the much competitive 90s wrestling and how some superstars used to commit a lot of explicit stunts in order to get ahead in the wrestling world.

Some of these wrestling myths might be too shocking to actually believe, but many are allegedly true as these shocking myths will definitely give you another perception of how the wrestling industry works on the inside. Let's take a look at the top 15 shocking myths in wrestling history and determine whether they might be true or fictional.

15 Gangrel And Luna Vachon Were Swingers


Gangrel and Luna Vachon were both pretty bizarre, "unique" characters in their own right in the 90s, as they were also married in real life but were quite the unconventional couple at that as well. Apparently when they were both in the WWE, they started to act like swingers where they would swap with other couples in the company as well. They loved to fool around with the people, as this apparently started when Gangrel saw Luna making out with Lita in the backstage area in the company. Although this is a very weird myth to actually take seriously, it goes onto show how crazy the WWE really was back in the Attitude Era as this can also be taken seriously because of how crazy of a couple Gangrel and Luna were back in the day.

14 Sid Vicious' Squirrel Goes Berserk Inside His Pants


Sid Vicious might have been one of the most intimidating, psychotic characters in the 90s, but he wasn't really that scary in real life where he was actually a cool dude. He also had a pet squirrel that he loved so much that he literally carried it with him everywhere he went, as this would also result in a cruel turn of events for him. During one such event, two wrestlers bet Sid that he couldn't keep his squirrel down his pants for a whole minute. Sid would accept the challenge and actually put the squirrel down his pants and after around thirty seconds, the squirrel bit a rather sensitive area. Sid went down howling in pain and crushed the squirrel, later having to take a rabies shot and stitches to his very sensitive, private area. This event proves how Sid definitely doesn't have much of a brain, something which has been the butt of many jokes due to his infamous botched WCW promo.

13 DDP "Loaned Out" His Wife To Eric Bischoff In Order To Get A Push In WCW


We've talked about how wrestlers in the 90s used to do just about ANYTHING to get into the good books of their bosses; in Diamond Dallas Page's case, he apparently knew no limits when it came to getting pushed in WCW. He'd do just about anything for it, as he apparently even gave his wife Kimberley Page to Eric Bischoff just so that he could get a sustained push in the main event scene in WCW. Bischoff also agreed to this and would apparently love to see her get it on with other women. This is quite the shameless, heinous thing to do and even though it is still quite an unconfirmed myth in wrestling, it goes onto show the desperation of even the "nicest" of wrestlers and how they know absolutely no limit when it comes to sucking up to their bosses in order to get a promotion in their work.

12 Sunny Had "Fun" On The Phone With Wrestlers


Sunny was one of the people who is considered by many to have ushered in the Attitude Era and was definitely the hottest thing in wrestling during that time. She was also an amazing manager who is considered to be one of the best of all time, but her downfall would be hard and cruel after her short-lived fame wore off in the end of the 20th century. She was hardly making any money in the new century and had to take some explicit routes in order to make a living, as she started to fool around on the phone with Independent wrestlers. Sunny apparently had phone sex with a lot of Independent wrestlers in the past, as she often made some money off this and also loved to do it. This type of desperate stuff goes onto show how much her self-respect has degraded over the years and considering that she has actually ventured into adult entertainment, this "myth" isn't that far-fetched either.

11 Mae Young And The Fabulous Moolah - More Than Friends?


Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah were the driving force of women's wrestling way before it was actually a big thing in the industry, as the two put in a lot of work together to inspire more women to wrestle when wrestling was only getting popular. Young and Moolah were the best of friends in real life as well as in the ring, but there have been reports of their "friendship" being closer than you can imagine. There is a "myth" that Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah were actually a lesbian couple, as they stayed together all the time and even moved in together after their relationship got really close. Now this might not be entirely true due to both of them being married during that time, but knowing exactly how close they were in the wrestling industry, it can't really be ruled out either as there's a glaring possibility that the both of them had feelings for each other and displayed those feelings behind the curtains.

10 Were There Two Ultimate Warriors?


The Ultimate Warrior still remains as one of the most iconic characters in WWE history, as the legendary wrestler was a big fan-favorite for everything he stood for back in the days. But as The Warrior got the exposure of fame, he started to change and got greedy, as he started to blackmail Vince McMahon into paying him more money or else he wouldn't wrestle. It all escalated at SummerSlam 1991 after which he was suspended by the WWE, as he'd be off television for many months before making a shocking return to save Hulk Hogan from getting beat up at WrestleMania VIII. But there's a myth that a different person dressed as The Ultimate Warrior had returned, as there has been the theory of there being two Warriors in the WWE. While this is intriguing, it was actually Jim Hellwig himself with a less muscular figure and shorter hair who returned to the WWE, as the myth of there being multiple Ultimate Warriors in the WWE is false.

9 Lita Slept Around To Get Pushed In The Wrestling World


Lita might have been one of the women who were responsible for the growth of women's wrestling in the WWE during the Ruthless Aggression era, but she took a hard, raunchy road to her success in the company. Lita was quite penniless when she jumped into the world of wrestling and couldn't pay for her training in cash, and did so by sleeping around with the people who trained her. She also used to be a stripper (which she said in her own book) and took her promiscuous side to the WWE, where she supposedly slept with A LOT of people to make sure that she was pushed in the right direction. While the myth of Lita sleeping around with a lot of people just to get her way in wrestling might not be entirely true (as it can ruin her reputation), there have been reports of her being that way and goes onto show how even someone as great as Lita took a rather explicit, shameless way to success in wrestling.

8 JBL's Cruel Hazing Acts In The Locker Room


JBL was recognized for being quite the stiff, hard-hitting wrestler in the ring who had the gimmick of being a bully towards his opponents, as he loved to watch their despair. But it turns out that he was a bully in the locker room as well, as he made life in the WWE a living hell for many wrestlers after gaining some power backstage. His hazing incidents might still be a myth because of none of them being confirmed by anyone, but the stories show how he used to terrify the wrestlers in the locker room area. In an incident, he apparently tied up Brian Christopher in the shower and poured him with baby oil, threatening to assault him if he didn't say sorry to him, as he has also bullied a lot of new talent in the company in the past. JBL is a certified bully and this doesn't seem to be something which can be made up, as the arrogant man should used to pick on helpless talent and horribly bully them for his own pleasure.

7 Sable Was A Pole Dancer Before Wrestling


Sable was the ultimate WWE "Diva" who raised the bar for women in wrestling with her raunchy antics during the Attitude Era, as she'd also do ANYTHING to get herself over with the fans. While her "romance" with Marc Mero seemed sweet back then, the story of them "meeting for the first time" which they said was quite bogus. Apparently when Mero was on the road with WCW, he met Sable at a strip club where she was a dancer and would give "extras" on the side for money. Mero was so impressed by her that he took her with him on the road and would even offer her to other wrestlers, later marrying her after she allegedly got pregnant. But when that situation was "handled", Sable would fool around with other wrestlers behind Mero's back. While this is more than likely all false, knowing how Sable would do anything to get noticed, this doesn't really seem to be completely false either as she did do a lot of raunchy stuff to make herself into the icon she was back in the day.

6 Andre The Giant Racially Abused Kamala, Who Fought Back

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Andre The Giant might have been the behemoth who dazzled many in the 80s wrestling and helped it get more popular, but he had the reputation of being a very friendly giant outside wrestling and being cool with his co-workers. But in an incident, Andre would be taught his place when he racially abused Kamala by calling him a derogatory, racist term Now racially abusing a person is horrible and is never a cool thing to do, even if it's with your co-worker as Andre would be shocked when Kamala pulled a loaded gun on his face when he racially abused him. Although the tensions were cooled down after a point of time, Andre would still be terrified of that stunt as he apparently started to act nicely towards Kamala after that incident and was the taught the lesson of never racially abusing a person, even if you are a 7 foot giant who can crush most of his opponents.

5 Hulk Hogan: The Leader Of D-Generation X?


Hulk Hogan might have been the greatest thing in wrestling during the 80s, but his stock definitely fell in the 90s when he saw himself out WWE and in a risky move by going to WCW. But when he had a persona change in Hollywood Hulk Hogan and the leader of the New World Order, many wanted him back in the WWE as the Hulkster was making NWO the greatest stable in wrestling in WCW. Apparently Hogan was heavily sought after by the WWE at the time as they wanted him to be the leader of D-Generation X after watching his impressive work as the leader of the NWO. Now this is quite the shocking myth, as Hogan as the leader of DX could change the perception of the raunchy stable and even though this urban legend is yet to be confirmed by anyone reliable, one can only wonder how crazy things would've been had the Hulkster come back to the WWE and led DX.

4 Shawn Michaels Loving "Golden Showers"


Shawn Michaels is undoubtedly one of the greatest of all time, as the show-stopper was the complete entertainment package when he was in the ring and won over a lot of fans with his amazing work. But when fame engulfed Michaels in the 90s, he got massively addicted to the wrong kind of drugs and would be high on drugs almost all the time. He loved to fool around with the women in WWE at the time, as he would apparently urinate in the possessions of female workers who refused to sleep with him at the time. There's also an incident where HBK apparently took three women to his hotel one day, told them to get on their knees and began to urinate in their mouths. This is something which is known as "Golden Showers" as the horribly drug-addict Michaels was deeply into this stuff and even though this might be a myth because of no evidence of it, knowing just how deeply Michaels was into the bad stuff at the time, this doesn't really seem that far-fetched at all.

3 Vince McMahon Sent Nash And Hall To Destroy WCW


When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left the WWE to join WCW in 1996, many were intrigued to see exactly what "The Outsiders" would do in the company to stick it to the WWE for letting them go. They went onto do great things, which included creating the NWO which almost ran the WWE to the ground but the greed of Nash and Hall was also the thing which destroyed WCW in the end. This has sparked the myth of Vince McMahon himself playing a part in sending Nash and Hall to destroy WCW from within, as many have spoken about how Nash and Hall would play as double agents and were actually working for Vince. While this seems to be crazy-talk at first, Nash and Hall had a lot of creative control towards the end of WCW and were highly responsible for things which led to its death, so you can wonder about whether this shocking myth is actually true and knowing exactly how devious both of them are, it could be.

2 Goldberg's ACTUAL Undefeated Streak In WCW


Goldberg recently returned to the WWE and has attained the same popularity upon which he rode during his WCW days, where he enjoyed an amazing undefeated streak which according to the company stretched to 173-0 before Kevin Nash broke it. While many fans believed this to be true because of how widely it was advertized by WCW, there have been many reports about how it was actually a myth itself. According to the much reliable ProFightDB, Goldberg's winning streak was actually around the 99 victories mark, much less than it was actually advertized. Other fans who tried to keep a count on his victories said that it was around the 144-0 mark, while others have said it to be around the 120-0 mark. Nobody really knows exactly how much his actual undefeated streak stretches it too, as one of the biggest streaks in wrestling history might be the biggest myth in itself.

1 The Montreal Screwjob Was Actually A Work


The Montreal Screwjob still remains as the real-life stunt which rocked the wrestling world so hard that people are still talking about it today, as Vince McMahon "screwing" Bret Hart was something which will be talked about forever. The Montreal Screwjob was something which completely took everyone by surprise because of how badly Vince screwed over Bret, but there have been some theories on how it might have actually been a work. Apparently Vince, Bret and Shawn were all into it as it was shaped like that to make Vince the authority heel he thrived at later on, Bret the biggest face in wrestling and Michaels the most hated heel as well. In terms of "getting over" everyone involved, it succeeded at all these things which leads many people to think it might as well have been a work. While there isn't much evidence to really support this myth and everyone states at how it was very "real", if one is thinking from the perspective at how it profits everyone involved, it could sound to be a work in the ears of some fans.

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Truth Or Fiction? Top 15 Shocking Myths In Wrestling History