Trying To Make Sense of Bray Wyatt's Fall From Grace

Remember when Bray Wyatt was the hottest thing in the WWE? From his arrival on RAW in July 2013 up until this year's Royal Rumble, Wyatt was arguably the most entertaining Superstar on the main roster. In an era not known for great stables, Bray Wyatt was the head of one of two great stables to emerge in this decade (so far), The Wyatt Family and The Shield.  He went on to have great feuds with Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan and, most importantly, John Cena. It was easy to believe that Bray Wyatt was destined for great things, and that still might be the case, but it's starting to seem like he's become lost in the shuffle. The danger of being lost in mid-card is that when new wrestlers come up, you can be relegated to Zach Ryder status.

So, what exactly happened here? After his incredible feud with John Cena (where they won Match of the Year for 2014 according to PWI) and his good, but lengthy feud with Dean Ambrose, he put on the best performance of his career in the Royal Rumble match. After an impressive showing, the only bright spot in a terrible Rumble match was cast aside by two over the hill wrestlers (Kane and Big Show) who didn't need to even be in the match. He was then forced into a feud with The Undertaker that saw him cut promos each week, with no response from The Undertaker, leading to the least hyped WrestleMania match of Taker's career.

Then, there was a spark. An entertaining match with Ryback at Payback seemed set to commence an interesting feud between the two that could springboard him back into relevancy. I even said to expect more from these two going forward in my review of the PPV. Instead, we haven't really seen anything from Wyatt since the PPV, while Ryback has been included in the Intercontinental Championship match at the Elimination Chamber PPV. So, what was the point of that mini feud?

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It's been since years since the WWE has had a character as different and interesting as Wyatt. The fan response when he emerges at an event is electric and his in-ring work has garnered praise from pundits around the globe. So, how is it possibly acceptable that the WWE has no plan for an upcoming Superstar that the fans adore?

I'll give WWE the credit that no one else wants to give. They've spotlighted the two members of The Shield that deserve it. They've started to re-establish the Tag Team Division. They've brought in characters to NXT that we asked for (like Samoa Joe). They're creating promising Divas in NXT. There a lot of positives about the current WWE product, but the one huge disappointment has to be their development of Bray Wyatt. Realistically, what can they possibly do to fix this? Here's our suggestions:

- Include Wyatt in the IC title picture and have him win the title. Picture the promos that Wyatt could cut about how he's come to destroy the title and those who have worn the belt in the past. They could bring out past champions and have Wyatt demolish them. He could crush opponents, much like Rusev did pre-Cena, and establish the title as important once more.

- Engage him in a proper feud with a mid-card talent that needs a push as much as he does and who has ability on the mic. Does anyone scream out at you?  Well, if you watch WWE television, you should be thinking of Dolph Ziggler. The storyline writes itself. The Show Off against the man who wants to wipe the grin off his face. Once Ziggler's feud ends with Sheamus, this would be a great feud that would give us incredible matches. If booked properly, this could elevate the two superstars and have them pushing for more in the future.

- Bring back The Wyatt family and have them run over the roster again. It worked once and it could definitely work again. Like great stables of the past (think D-Generation in 1999), The Wyatt Family could emerge out of nowhere and ruin matches for seemingly no reason, as a show of power. The booking potential is enormous, as they can be used to end fights that they don't want a superstar losing clean.

That's what we think, but what do you think WWE should do with Wyatt?

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