Twin Battle: 8 Pictures Of Nikki And 7 Pictures Of Brie: Who's The Hotter Bella?

The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, are two of the hottest Divas in WWE history. Both Brie and Nikki are extremely gorgeous, and they were both pretty solid in the ring (okay most of the time), hence why they've both had successful wrestling careers. Although the WWE are in a transitional period where the women are now being booked more based off of their in-ring performances versus their looks and beauty, there's still little doubt that beauty still does matter (especially as long as Vince McMahon is still the man in charge).

One of the most widely discussed topics regarding the Bellas now and throughout their entire careers, is the question as to who's the hotter Bella twin. Although "The Bella Twins" are in fact twins, they both have distinctively different looks and features. Some fans claim Nikki's hotter (many claim that with a very strong passion), and some other fans say the opposite, that Brie's the hotter Bella. Their personalities and attitudes are also significantly different, so that definitely affects their "hotness" to some people.

I'd say that Nikki's a bit more superficial and materialistic, where as Brie comes across as more "down to earth". It's clear that Nikki's had the far more successful WWE career, but was she (and still is) the hotter of the two? That's where this list comes into play. Today's list features 8 hot pics of Nikki, and 7 hot pics of Brie. Take a look at them all, and decide for yourself as to who's the hotter Bella. There's definitely no right or wrong opinion, as they're both extremely hot, so voice your opinion confidently! Make sure you share this article with your friends and family members on Facebook to see who they think is the hotter Bella. With that said, let's begin our list!

15 Nikki's Stunning Pose In Her Ring Gear

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Here we have the first picture of Nikki Bella on this list that could potentially convince you that she's hotter than her sister Brie. Nikki's shown here posing with a very seducing facial expression all while showing off her incredibly fit and flattering physique. It's definitely not hard to see why Nikki Bella was featured as basically the face of the Divas division. I'm certain Vince took one look at Nikki and said "We have our new Divas Champion dammit!" Although Nikki was far from being the greatest in-ring technician to ever grace a WWE ring, she was still a decent enough wrestler to fit the role as the top Diva.

Nikki & Brie Bella Fact: Both Nikki and Brie are of Italian and Mexican descent. They were born in San Diego California, however, Nikki and Brie were actually raised on a farm in Scottsdale, Arizona.

14 Fit And Fearless Brie

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This definitely has to one of Brie Bella's most flattering pictures on the Internet. Not only does she look extremely hot (as well as ripped), but she also has that look of confidence which only adds to her intrigue. Although some fans like to joke around by saying "hey, who's this one?", it's fairly obvious that both Nikki and Brie have pretty different looks and personalities, despite being twins. In my opinion, Brie is definitely the underrated Bella twin. When fans are discussing the question as to who's the hottest Diva in the WWE, I always her Nikki Bella come up in those conversations, but not so much Brie. Look at this picture and tell me honestly, don't you think Brie's hot too?

Brie And Nikki Bella Fact: Back in the day, both Brie and Nikki were "soccer enthusiasts", and they both played for various soccer clubs in Scottsdale, Arizona starting in the second grade.

13 Nikki's Pose In A Dazzling White Dress

Here we have a stunning professionally taken picture of Nikki Bella posing confidently (and sensually) in an eye-catching white dress. When you look at hot pictures of Nikki like this, it's hard to argue why so many fans bring up Nikki Bella as a legitimate candidate for WWE's hottest Diva. Considering she has had a far more successful WWE career than her sister Brie, it shouldn't come as much of a shocker that there are far more hot pics of Nikki online versus hot pics of Brie.

Since Nikki was the WWE's top Diva, as you would expect, she participated in tons of photo shoots as well as a plethora of other things related to the media. In all honesty, I'm still unsure as to why Brie wasn't anywhere near as successful of a WWE Diva as her sister. If you've since forgotten, Brie was actually the first Bella to become a WWE Divas Champion on April 11th of 2011. It wasn't until a year later, that Nikki would go onto capture her first Divas Championship on April 23rd of 2012 in a lumberjack match. I guess the WWE decided Nikki was more marketable, as she did have more "curves" than Brie.

12 Brie's Cabin Pose

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Brie is definitely the more "humble" and "down to earth" Bella twin. Although of course looks and appearances matter to some degree for Brie, she just comes across as someone who is happy with who she is and that she doesn't need to dress or look a certain way to prove something about herself to anyone, which is something I cannot say for Nikki. Nikki on the other hand, comes across as someone who is very self-important, is needing to prove she's "all that" and one who seems to be very materialistic or superficial oriented.

Although some fans think Nikki's hotter than Brie on the outside, can you say the same thing about the person inside? In my opinion, Brie's definitely "hotter" on the inside because her personality seems to be way more genuine and honest, not to mention being less superficial and materialistic. Whether you like it or not, personality is definitely a determining factor in how hot someone is. Yes looks are important too, but after a certain point, just having "eye-candy" will become boring.

11 Nikki's Eye Pleasing Curves

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One cannot help but appreciate Nikki's amazing curves and her physique in this picture. It's no wonder why John Cena fell for this Bella twin! I wonder if John and Daniel argue with each other as to who has the hotter Bella twin. Judging by this picture, I can start to understand why some fans claim Nikki to be hotter than Brie (of course when not bringing personality or attitude into the equation). Nikki definitely looked absolutely gorgeous in this white bikini, no doubt! If Daniel Bryan had been around when this photo was taken, I'm almost certain that he couldn't have helped but taken a quick glimpse at Nikki.

Nikki Bella Fact: Prior to dating (and now marrying) WWE superstar John Cena, Nikki Bella was in a relationship with fellow WWE star Dolph Ziggler, real name Nick Nemeth.

10 Brie Posing In A Stunning Red Bikini

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Despite being the more "down to earth" of the two, Brie Bella still likes to flaunt a "Diva" look and attitude every once in a while, which can be seen above in this flattering picture of Brie. In this photo, Brie is shown rocking a stunning red bikini while at the same time, enjoying a refreshing drink of some sort. I'd say Brie's the "total package" as she's obviously hot, down to earth and comes across as a very friendly person. However, your opinion may be different, and that's totally fine considering there's no right or wrong. I'm sure some of these pictures of Brie on this list so far are convincing at least a few fans that she's on par with her sister Nikki's hotness and beauty.

Brie Bella Fact: Before getting into a relationship with the "Yes Movement" superstar Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella was previously in a relationship with Richie Kotzen, a former guitarist for the band Poison.

9 Nikki Bella "The Bombshell"

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What word could possibly describe this picture of Nikki Bella more than "bombshell?" Nikki's alluring facial expression, her flashy vibrant green bikini and her incredible physique with the ocean as the background, truly makes this picture stand out as one of the hottest photos of Nikki Bella out there. In all honesty, it's not too hard to understand why the WWE chose to go the Nikki Bella route in the long run versus her sister Brie. Nikki seemed way more confident in a top Diva role, and she also had (and still has) the looks (mainly the defined curves) that the WWE (namely Vince McMahon) loved in a top Women's division star.

Nikki Bella Fact: In 2015, Nikki won both the No. 1 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50, and the Diva Of The Year award issued by Rolling Stone. In the WWE, Nikki Bella has won two Slammy Awards, both for the Diva Of The Year, one in 2013 and the other in 2015. However, the 2013 Slammy Award was awarded to both Nikki and Brie.

8 Brie's Sensual Expression

Without question, Brie Bella looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture. Her facial expression, her white lace bikini, her pose, her hair, makeup and of course, the lighting, all helps make this picture stand out from most other hot photos of Brie. This is definitely a picture that you would show to someone if you were discussing who's the hotter Bella twin, and if you thought Brie was in fact the hotter Bella. Although Brie's chest may not be as large as Nikki's (clearly) or she may not be as "curvy" as her twin, there's no doubt that she's still a bombshell in her own right, and a truly hot WWE Diva.

If Brie was the only Bella in the WWE, I can guarantee you that she would have received the push that Nikki had gotten. However, since Brie had a more physically attractive (to some that is) twin sister, Nikki was the Bella who received the big push. After Brie had lost her initial WWE Divas Championship, the focus clearly shifted to Nikki, and from Nikki's WWE Divas Title win in 2012 onward, Brie Bella was mainly utilized as "the other Bella", "Nikki's sister" or standing at Nikki's side in the shadow of her sisters successes. However, now a days they're both equal stars on Total Divas and Total Bella's, so I'm sure Brie is happy to be somewhat out of her sisters shadow.

7 Nikki's Eye Catching Selfie

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Here we have a picture of Nikki Bella posing sensually with a revealing white dress in one of her many selfies. It's clear that Nikki enjoys the "finer things in life," and with a rich future husband in John Cena, she'll get all of those said finer things. Tons of WWE fans jump to the conclusion that Nikki has become involved with Cena because he's absolutely loaded with the green, but are we forgetting that Nikki's also made her fair share of money from her time spent in the WWE? Sure she's nowhere near as rich as John, but she still has more than enough to buy tons of fancy luxuries.

I personally think Nikki and John are a couple because of how similar they are. Despite being over-dramatized, The Miz and Maryse's multiple mocking attempts were fairly accurate, hence why they were so funny. I think it's true that both John and Nikki are very much concerned with themselves over anyone or anything else. Probably the most accurate bit to come out of The Miz and Maryse's mocking, is the fact that both Nikki Bella and John Cena are indeed likely going to be spending a whole lot less time with the WWE, considering their budding acting careers.

6 Brie At The Beach

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This is definitely one of the hottest Brie Bella pictures out there, no doubt. Brie is pictured doing the "rock on" hand gesture, all while looking absolutely stunning in a red bikini at the beach. She definitely has an incredible physique and she doesn't mind showing it off, and can we knock her for that? I certainly can't. Regardless, as we continue to delve into all of these extremely hot Brie and Nikki Bella pictures, I'm sure many of you are starting to question who's the hotter Bella. If you're still not sure, don't worry, as there's still 5 hot photos left to come.

Brie Bella Fact: Throughout her WWE career, Brie is a 1-time Divas Champion and a 3-time Slammy Award winner. Two of those awards were for the Couple Of The Year in 2013 and 2014 with Daniel Bryan, and the other Slammy Award was for the 2013 Diva Of The Year, and she shared that victory with her sister Nikki. Brie Bella was also ranked the No. 16 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 in 2014.

5 Nikki's Tough Yet Seducing Pose

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This picture summarizes the fact that although Nikki's a super hot Diva, she also has that tough side to her. I must admit, Nikki looked absolutely "shredded" in this photo. As I've mentioned before, there's nothing sexier than a hot girl working out, and in this case, they really don't get any hotter than Nikki. One thing I can definitely praise Nikki for is her work ethic. She works hard, works out hard, strives to be her absolute best and represents the WWE in a positive way. She's very much a "company woman" so to speak, just like how her soon to be husband John Cena is considered by many to be a "company man". Both Nikki and Cena are on the same wavelength in that regard anyways.

Nikki And Brie Bella Fact: Aside from the WWE, both Nikki and Brie have appeared in various television shows including Meet My Folks, Clash Time and Ridiculousness. They have also appeared in two music videos, one appearance was for the music video "Right Side Of My Bed" by the band Atreyu, and the other appearance was for Trey Songz "Na Na" music video in 2014.

4 Brie's Hot Selfie

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Here's yet another hot picture of the highly underrated Brie Bella. She's definitely teasing the viewers of this photo by posing with such a sensual facial expression. If you were just to look at Brie's and Nikki's faces from a distance, they almost look identical. However, upon closer inspection, you'll be able to notice their slightly different facial features. Brie definitely looked breathtakingly gorgeous in this selfie as her makeup was on point, her outfit was skimpily beautiful, her hair looked perfectly positioned, and we can't forget the most important factor in any great picture, fantastic lighting. If you ever wanted to make the argument to someone that Brie's the hotter Bella, then this should certainly be one of the first pictures you would show to that person to prove your point.

Brie And Nikki Bella Fact: In November of 2o16, Brie and Nikki created a YouTube channel "The Bella Twins", which features videos related to fashion, fitness, travel, beauty, relationships and daily vlogs.

3 Nikki's Irresistible Attitude

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One of the main reasons why so many fans love Nikki Bella is because of her snobby yet irresistible attitude. Although she put on that "I'm above you" attitude far more when she was in her heel Diva days with the fitting "you can look but you can't touch" theme music, Nikki definitely carries that attitude into her personal life as well. She acts in a very similar way on both Total Divas and Total Bella's (of course a little extra considering they're both entertainment shows) and although it does come across as snobby, that attitude only makes her come across as hotter to many fans, similar to fellow WWE Diva, Maryse.

Nikki Bella Fact: Despite winning Slammy Awards in the WWE as well as the PWI Female 50 in 2015, Nikki has been reviewed pretty poorly from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (as was Brie). Two of Nikki poor Wrestling Observer Newsletter recognition's include the fact that she was ranked for the Worst Feud Of The Year in 2014 with the Nikki vs. Brie feud, as well as the Worst Feud of The Year in 2015 with the Team PCB vs. Team B.A.D. vs. Team Bella feud.

2 Brie's Sexy Bed Pose

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In this picture, Brie's definitely showing that she can be all about the looks too. Brie not only posed with an extremely sensual facial expression, but her actual pose in her black and white bikini was very revealing as well. This would also definitely be a photo to include in a list of pictures of Brie Bella that Daniel Bryan wouldn't want you to see, just based off of the shear hotness of it.

If you were only able to use one picture to prove to someone that Brie's hotter than Nikki, then this would without a doubt be that photo. Out of all the pictures included on this list so far (both Nikki's and Brie's) this is in my opinion, the hottest of them all. Sure, Nikki looks stunning in almost every picture that she has been in because of her incredible figure, but Brie definitely turned up that "sexiness" level to 100 in this photo.

1 Nikki And Brie Posing Side By Side In Stunning Outfits

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There's no better picture to compare the Bella Twins hotness than a side-by-side comparison. Both Nikki and Brie are pictured wearing absolutely gorgeous (and tight) black dresses with pink stiletto heels. As I'm sure you can also see, both Nikki and Brie have extremely seducing and sensual facial expressions. If I'm going to be honest here, the first Bella my eyes made contact with in this picture was Brie Bella (the left). Now don't get me wrong, both Nikki and Brie are extremely sexy, but I would definitely say Brie looked a tad hotter in this picture.

Well that concludes the list guys. Believe me, there's no right or wrong opinion when it comes to who's the hotter Bella, because you really can't go wrong either way. However, after posting and reviewing all of the pictures on this list, I'm going to go against the grain, and say that I believe Brie is the hotter Bella twin. Your opinion may vary though, as we all have different "types" and looks that we appreciate. Regardless, once you've decided for yourself, share this article with a friend or a family member on Facebook and see if the Bella that you thought was the hotter one matches up with your friends or your family members opinion.

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