Twin Magic: 15 Things You NEED To Know About The Bellas Personal Lives

Brie and Nikki Bella are perhaps the best known female wrestlers in WWE right now. Not only are both of the twins former Divas Champions, but they are also the stars of both Total Bellas and Total Divas.

As well as their careers skyrocketing at the moment, Brie is currently married to former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and current General Manager of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan while Nikki Bella has been dating 15-time World Champion John Cena for the past four years and the couple currently live together at John Cena's home in Tampa, Florida.

Brie retired from WWE earlier this year after bowing out at WrestleMania 32 when it was made obvious that her husband would never be allowed to wrestle again and her sister was about to undergo neck surgery.

Nikki returned almost seven months after successful neck surgery at SummerSlam back in August and has once again continued to dominate in the SmackDown Women's Division. Brie has mentioned many times that she could make her return to WWE after she has started a family with Daniel.

While these two stars are well known in WWE circles, and star in a reality show, there is not a lot known about their personal life, so here are 15 facts to bring you up to date.

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15 Nikki Is A Qualified Real Estate Agent

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Nikki spent much of the last few seasons of Total Divas studying and completing her qualifications so that she can now say that she is a qualified realtor. She has been seen helping many other women wrestlers find houses on Total Divas and could decide to pick this job up full time when her wrestling career dies down.

Nikki knows that she won't wrestle forever so she has made sure that she has something to fall back on when it's time to hang up her wrestling boots, or if she suffers another career threatening injury. The older Bella Twin must be much smarter than she is made out to be on both WWE TV and Total Divas because John Cena obviously pulls Nikki up on how silly she can be.

14 The Twins Are Half Mexican And Half Italian

While the Bella Twins were born in San Diego, California, thanks to their parents, they have much more exotic heritage. Nikki and Brie's mother Kathy Colace is of Italian descent while their father Jon Garcia is of Mexican heritage. The sisters sure have a lot of hertiage running through them.

This makes The Bella's representatives of dual heritage. Even though the twins relationship with their father is a strained one, to say the least, they can most certainly thank Papa Garcia for giving them the Mexican heritage that has obviously helped with their incredible skin tone and even more incredible beauty. it's too bad they never learned the Mexican Lucha Libre style of wrestling. That could have made for some interesting ring work in the Women's Division.

13 Nikki Bella's Soccer Career

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Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona Brie and Nikki used to play soccer from a young age for the Sereno Golden Eagles Club. Brie wasn't as interested in soccer as Nikki and stated that she gave up playing after a while but Nikki was the twin that showed real promise.

Nikki was set to gain a scholarship to play soccer at college but sadly she suffered a broken leg and was forced to re-evaluate her career. Obviously, she decided to make the switch over to modeling and promotion and was then picked up by WWE, so soccer's loss is definitely wrestling's gain. Nikki has since gone on to become the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history and continues to build her legacy as a member of the new SmackDown Live roster.

12 Their Mother Is Married To John Laurinaitis

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As already mentioned, The Bella's don't have a lot of contact with their father and he has only played a part in one episode of Total Divas, when they were evaluating their issues with him. Their mother and father divorced when they were quite young and their mother has since moved on with a familiar face.

Kathy Colace and former Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis have been dating for a while and decided to marry earlier this year. Their wedding is one of the key moments in the first season of Total Bellas. Kathy met John through The Bella's career with WWE and so has a lot to thank her daughters for. However, there must have bene some awkward moments when their mother first announced her relationship.

11 Brie Is An Animal And Environmental Advocate

Brie and Daniel Bryan have shown many times over the past few seasons of Total Divas that they are environmental advocates. They only eat certain foods and were exploring ways in which they could turn their own waste product into something useful.

Brie also cares a lot about animals and took Nikki to a chicken farm on one of the episodes to show her the kind of food she was eating. The couple owns a dog named Josie who has her own Instagram page and recently Nikki and John Cena brought a similar breed of dog and called him Winston. Environmental issues are obviously important to Brie and she has seemingly found the right partner in Daniel Bryan who shares the same opinions about the environment.

10 Nikki is 16 Minutes Older Than Brie

Yes, I am just as shocked as you are at this one, but Nikki is actually the older twin. Despite the fact that Brie is much more mature and seems to act like the older sibling, it is Nikki who is 16 minutes older than her sister. Both twins were born on the 21st of November in 1983 which makes them both 32-years-old currently.

The twins also have a younger brother called JJ, who plays a much bigger role in Total Bella's than he did in Total Divas as do Kathy Colace and John Laurinaitis. Despite the fact that Nikki is the older twin, Brie is the one who married her long-term boyfriend first and will be having a child first. Meanwhile, Nikki waits on John Cena.

9 Brie Got A Tattoo To Remember Her Ex-Boyfriend

Brie Bella seems to be a sentimental kind of person, so it comes as no surprise that when she was hit by a huge tragedy at just 18-years-old, she managed to overcome it and find a way to move forward with her life despite this.

The bear claws that Brie has tattooed on her lower stomach were done in memory of her ex-boyfriend who tragically died whilst he was still in a relationship with the former Divas Champion. Brie stated that instead of losing faith after his death, she managed to gain spirituality and that he will always have a special place in her heart, which is why she had the tattoo. So, for the rest of her life Brie will carry around a piece of her past while constantly moving forward.

8 Nikki Was Married When She Was 20

Nikki only recently revealed this to John Cena and the rest of her family, but when she was much younger Nikki Bella was married to her high school sweetheart, for three years! Somehow the older Bella twin managed to keep this from her entire family until she decided that it wouldn't work out and had it annulled.

Nikki was more scared about telling her current boyfriend that she had already been married, much like he had, but John was only concerned about the fact that she thought she needed to lie to him. Now both stars have been married and decided that their respective relationship wouldn't work out. Now we wait and wonder if Nikki and john will ever tie the knot or simply remain girlfriend and boyfriend.

7  7. Brie Is An Artist As Well As A Wrestler

As well as being a talented wrestler, in her spare time Brie likes to sketch and create art. She is a very creative individual so this does make sense. Brie has many more talents than many of the WWE Universe first believed and now that she is no longer wrestling, she can finally spend some time working on these.

She likes to draw pictures and sketch rock and roll artists. She used to date a rock star so it makes  even more sense since she was given a tour into that world while she was in a relationship with him. Now she's left WWE, Brie will have all the spare time she needs to draw or even paint and she could even find a way of adapting this into a job in the not too distant future.

6 Nikki Signed a 75 Page Agreement Before She Moved In With John Cena

John Cena and Nikki Bella are the WWE's power couple and many of the WWE Universe look at them as the couple to aspire too, but they don't actually have the perfect relationship that many people think they do.

John still has many insecurities about his failed marriage and the fact that she literally took him to the cleaners when they divorced (that's what you get for cheating). So now he doesn't take any chances with Nikki. Before he allowed his girlfriend of four years to move into his house with him in Tampa, Florida, he asked her to sign a co-inhabitants agreement. The agreement was 75 pages long and Nikki wasn't allowed to move in with her boyfriend until she had read, agreed and signed the official document.

5 Brie Used to Date Richie Kotzen

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A lot is known about Nikki's dating history, but not that much is known about Brie's. The younger Bella Twin hasn't dated anyone else in WWE other than her husband and for much of her WWE career she was dating Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen.

Brie and Richie dated for more than five years until they both decided that they were heading in different directions both creatively and figuratively and so they broke up. Luckily Brie has since gone on to meet Daniel Bryan and the couple looks like they might well have been soulmates so it's a good job Brie was single when she met him. Brie and Daniel are set to welcome their first child in the near future and build their happy little family.

4 Nikki Used To Date Dolph Ziggler

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Talking of Nikki and her dating record. The longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history hasn't always dated 'The Face who Runs The Place.' She dated Dolph Ziggler for many years before she decided to move on to the former World Champion.

It seems that Dolph hasn't fully moved on from Nikki either since the latest season of Total Divas saw Dolph tell Nikki that if Cena wouldn't give her what she wanted then he definitely would ('what she wanted" meaning marriage and children). When Nikki told John he wasn't even mad (good or bad sign?). He told her to decide what she wanted. Obviously, the couple has worked out their differences now and even Dolph has moved on and is currently dating Raw Superstar Dana Brooke.

3 Brie Bella Is Expecting A Little Girl

Brie Bella married Daniel Bryan back in 2014 and the couple has mentioned many times that they were hoping to start a family as soon as their wrestling career slowed down. Daniel was forced to retire from in-ring competition in February of this year and Brie followed her husband out of the door in April when she retired at WrestleMania. The couple has only recently announced that they are expecting their first child.

Daniel has obviously gone back on the road with WWE since he was offered the job as SmackDown General Manager, while Brie stays at home. Brie and Daniel announced at the beginning of the month that they are expecting a little girl and that she should be born in the spring of 2017.

2 They Made An Impression As Part Of WWE's Diva Search

Brie and Nikki have been a part of WWE now for 10 years. They have climbed the ladder in the company all the way from the bottom when they originally auditioned as part of the annual Diva Search. Obviously, they didn't win but they made an impression and WWE signed them to a contract.

It was Brie who made her debut first and after disappearing under the ring many times and coming out refreshed and able to win the match, it was revealed that Brie had a twin sister. Nikki was the one who was coming out and finishing her matches. This was when Nikki was unveiled and made her WWE debut. Although Brie debuted first, Nikki Bella has found greater success in WWE, although Brie has found the better parts of real life.

1 The Twins Own Their Own Clothing Company

As already mentioned, many WWE Superstars look to the future throughout their career to ensure that when their wrestling career is over, they always have something to fall back on. The Bella's came up with the idea for BirdieBee.

They pitched the idea to FUBU founder Daymond John on an episode of Total Divas and he absolutely loved it. The idea is for the Bella's to launch their own clothing brand, but after trying and failing to sow together any lingerie, Brie and Nikki decided that the better option may be to allow other people to do the making so that they can then concentrate on the business side of the company. When WWE is no longer there (in-ring and reality television-wise) Nikki and Brie Bella have set themselves up well.

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