Two Feuds Being Discussed For Samoa Joe's Main Roster Debut

If all the rumors and reports are true, then it is almost a guarantee that Samoa Joe will be on the main roster soon. Four3Four.com is saying that it will definitely happen before the end of the year. But more interesting than his debut - which we all know is coming - is who is he going to feud with when he gets there?

Well, it looks like there are two feuds being discussed for his debut on the main roster and they are both huge.

One of them is Brock Lesnar. There is no indication of whether or not that feud would lead to him actually defeating The Beast Incarnate, but there is no doubt that would be a way to boost Joe up right away.

The other possibility being discussed is to have him get into a feud with John Cena on SmackDown. Again, another big time angle and one that could give him just as big a push right out of the gate.

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